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These Tweets Perfectly Depict the Wild Ride That Is ‘Edibles Regret’

November 22, 2017
Tweets That Perfectly Depict the Wild Ride That Is 'Edibles Regret'(merc67/iStock)
Oh, edibles. Has there ever been a more humbling introduction to the potent effects cannabis can deliver than an infused treat that crane kicks a falsely cocky individual into the stratosphere?

Most of us have undoubtedly banked our own “regrettible” experience where we underestimated the dose we ingested to comical (and often worrying) effects. For those of you who, like me, are initiated members of the “I’ve Made a Huge Mistake” Club, you can relate to this collection of tweets detailing how various individuals have felt when that edible finally decided to get to work and deliver face-meltingly powerful effects.


Respect the Goldfish: An Edibles Cautionary Tale

First Comes the Waiting Game

Then We Get a Little Cocky…

…Until It Hits Us Full-Force


Sometimes It’s a Blissful Experience


(But Mostly It Feels a Bit Weirdsies)


Our Thoughts Wander…

high thoughts about death row and Red Robin

…And Sometimes We Know We’re Making a Mistake, Yet Doom Ourselves, Anyway

What’s your memorable “regrettible” experience? Commiserate in the comments!

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  • Bree

    Ohhhh yeah. Edibles were my first cannabis experience, ever(!). Friends had prior experience and decided to half the amount it took them to start me off on. 1 piece of baklava. Nothing. An hour later, friend decides that the liquid dropper will be easy and so gives me an entire dropper-full. Nothing. Until an hour later, heart thuds hard, hearing gets really weird and hollow, my eyes are glazed over, I’m not blinking, not responding, first response to someone after I can get control is tears, nothing else happens. Can’t speak, can’t think, can’t move, and collapse onto the floor being walked to my bed – where I start flipping out, wailing, thrashing, slamming my legs over and over onto the floor, face is all liquid, tears, snot, drool, bahahaha, couldn’t feel any of it as it was happening. Spent about 7 hours laying in bed screaming/thrashing/crying/freaking out as it finally died off and I’m dreaming up all the massive buffets I want to eat at, everything’s hilarious, yadda yadda, spent the day really fuzzy and off, haven’t touched edibles since. I was beyond terrified when it happened, friends thought I was having seizures, boyfriend was crying & apologizing for making me disabled and promising to take care of me forever, lol. Edibles….. maybe I’ll try one again sometime. Fifteen years down the road. Maybe thirty.


      Wow! That’s tough. That would scare almost everyone away for good! However, the legal marketplace has made edibles way more exact in dosage so it’s easier to tirtrate. I hope you feel comfortable giving them a chance again.


    Well, I love edibles. Thw value is tremwndous. I like that we are in the age of precise dosing and consistent effects. I enjoy the longer duration and dicreteness, as well. They allow me to microdose at work and no one knows.

  • k55f

    Hash oil and hot knives. Some friends made oil from their harvest and we smoked a bunch of it. I laid down on my bed, got the whirlies, and then a little red devil with a little pitchfork started jumping on my stomach until I sat up in bed and projectile vomited with such force hat it cleared the foot of the bed and painted the wall and floor.