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More about cannabis clones

Browse our selection of high-quality cannabis clones from a range of weed strains to find a licensed dispensary or grower near you online or in these states. Growing cannabis using a clone, or weed cutting, is considered one of the easiest ways to grow a cannabis plant. For beginner growers, check out Leafly’s guide to growing marijuana for some great tips and tricks on growing clones to help you maximize your first harvest.

Frequently asked questions about cannabis clones

What are cannabis clones?

Cannabis clones are trimmings from a cannabis plant that are propagated to create a 'clone' of the original plant. Using clones is considered to be easier than traditional growing processes.

Are cannabis clones legal?

Cannabis clones are legally considered to be the same as any ordinary cannabis plant. This means that if cannabis plants are illegal in your state, so are cannabis clones.

What are the benefits of growing a cannabis clone?

Cloning cannabis plants is an incredibly easy process. Not only does propagation simplify the growing process, but it makes it incredibly consistent. Cannabis cloning is a good way to know exactly what kind of plant you will end up with.

Are there any risks when growing cannabis clones?

Because cannabis clones are exact copies of the original plant, they become especially susceptible to disease. This means that if one cannabis clone contracts a disease, it can quickly spread across any nearby clone.

Where can you buy a cannabis clone?

You can shop cannabis clones online through Leafly. This page will display our full listing of marijuana clones for sale at a shop near you.

How old must you be to purchase a cannabis clone?

In states where growing personal cannabis plants are legal, adults must be over the age of 21 in order to purchase and cultivate a cannabis clone.