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5 scrumptious cannabis strains for people who love chocolate

Published on February 11, 2020 · Last updated December 16, 2022

Ever eaten a dark chocolate Hershey’s and thought “Wow, it’d be fire if weed tasted like this?” You’re in luck because just like citrus, diesel, and berry, many strains have a hashy chocolate flavor.

Perfect for a little treat to enjoy solo or share with someone special, here are five cannabis strains that taste a lil’ chocolatey.

Chocolate Thai


When it comes to chocolate-flavored strains, chocolate means the weed will have an overall hashy taste with a smoky, cocoa-like undertone. We can thank Chocolate Thai for many of these strains.

Chocolate Thai is an old-school landrace strain that touched the US in the 1960s and has since become pretty scarce. If you find this hashy treat, expect a pretty middle-of-the-road high that can have you feeling happy, relaxed, and uplifted.


Chocolope is one of the best sativa-dominant strains in the game. It has sweet, sticky buds with strong earth and sweet coffee flavors that will remind you of that classic Chocolate Thai feel with more cerebral zeal.

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Cannabis can make us all feel different, so suggestions are to be taken with a grain of salt, but if you want an uplifting strain that’ll put you in a great mood, Chocolope is a must-try.

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Duct Tape

Archive Seed Bank whipped up Duct Tape when they crossed Original Glue and Do-Si-Dos. The result is a strain with all kinds of mixed up flavors, including those dark chocolate, earthy influences from Do-Si.

Just like its parents, Duct Tape provides a potent high that’ll relax your mind, body, and soul. If you’re looking to be dominated by THC with a sweet tooth, this is the one.

Chocolate Hashberry

Chocolate Hashberry on the branch in Southern Oregon. (Courtesy Belushi’s Farm)

Don’t you just love when a strain tastes exactly like its name? Chocolate Hashberry is a coffee and Kush lover’s dream that was bred by crossing Chocolate Kush with Blackberry Kush.

It has that hashy flavor with the added sweet berry flavors from Blackberry Kush, and the high has a light stoney nature that typically enhances mood. Have you noticed a trend with these chocolatey strains yet?

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Mint Chocolate Chip

This is truly a strain you can have for dessert, or better yet, with dessert. Mint Chocolate Chip combines SinMint Cookies and Green Ribbon for a hybrid rich in creamy, chocolatey goodness with a piney twist.

Given its mix of relaxing and euphoric genetics, Mint Chocolate Chip fits right in with a long, fun day or a chill night in.

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