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5 strains to help you reach your goals in the new year

Published on December 28, 2017 · Last updated December 1, 2022
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New Year’s resolutions are an excellent way to jump-start your goals and keep you focused for the year ahead. But they can also be difficult to maintain as time moves forward—motivation wanes and life gets in the way. We get it, so to help you accomplish your goals, we gathered a few cannabis strains that will keep you on the right track (long past January).

Whether you want to get fit, obtain a healthy weight, increase your productivity, get more sleep, or lower your stress levels, there’s a strain that can help you stay on top of these resolutions and enhance your overall well-being. Head to your favorite dispensary to load up on these picks before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st.

What strains do you use to stay motivated? Tell us about them in the comments.

Up your fitness game with Green Crack

If your goals include running a 10K, bench pressing your partner, or simply increasing your confidence, there are plenty of reasons why working out is such a popular New Year’s resolution. It can be hard to stay motivated when it comes to fitness, so choosing a strain that offers an abundance of energy is a great way to boost morale and steer you away from winter hibernation.

Strain Recommendation:Green Crack is the perfect strain for spiking your energy, holding your focus, and warding off fatigue. With a fruity, sweet flavor that pairs perfectly with a healthy breakfast, this bright sativa will kick you into high gear and stick with you on your morning run.

Embrace self care and get more sleep with Northern Lights

It’s a busy world, and too many of us get so wrapped up in our responsibilities that we forget about one of the most important things we can do for our health: sleep. Lack of sleep increases your risk for a variety of health issues, while quality sleep can improve focus, concentration, memory, and physical well-being. The first step to a great day is a good night’s sleep; to ensure you are performing at your best, avoid strains that will keep you wired into the late evening and opt for ones that promote a healing slumber.

Strain Recommendation:Northern Lights is the optimal strain for bedtime bliss. This pure indica melts into the body and calms the mind. Make a cup of tea, light up a joint, and sink into pure alleviation.

Stay focused and be productive with Durban Poison

If you’re like me, you’re constantly thinking about how to be a more productive person, but maintaining focus doesn’t always come easy. The New Year is the perfect time to reassess your productivity goals so you can be your best self in work, school, or any other important obligations. If this is your goal, reach for a strain that complements and enhances a sharp mind.

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Strain Recommendation:Durban Poison is the cure for de-motivation. Known for its energizing properties and aid to creativity, this sativa will uplift your mood and give you the push you need to become a productivity machine.

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Obtain a healthy weight with Remedy and Banana OG

One of the top goals on everyone’s New Year’s resolutions lists is to lose weight. But for some, it can be equally important to maintain or put on a few pounds. Whatever your goal, reaching a healthy weight can seem a daunting task that is especially difficult to sustain. With a little help from cannabis, you may be able to cross this resolution off your list sooner than you think.

Strain Recommendation:Remedy is a great strain for avoiding the munchies. A high-CBD indica, this strain has trace amounts of THC, but packs a powerful punch against pain, anxiety, and superfluous hunger. Its sweet, floral, and citrus notes will leave you free to indulge in a tasty treat—without all the calories.

Banana OG steps up to the plate for those who need a little help stimulating their appetite. If you have a hard time keeping weight on or maintaining your weight without the scale dropping, Banana OG will open you up to the munchies and keep you feeling comfortable in indulging. This strong hybrid suits its name with powerful banana flavors and a 25% THC content that will get your stomach rumbling in no time.

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Lower your stress levels With Blue Dream

When looking back over the past year, with all of its trials and tribulations, you may feel that all you did was stress. You’re not alone, and that’s why the promise of a new year can bring renewed peace and tranquility for so many. If your New Year’s resolution is to stress less and live more, then you’ll want a cannabis strain that can take the edge off.

Strain Recommendation:Blue Dream is a legendary strain for a reason, and when it comes to conquering stress, few do it as well as a bowl packed with this long-time favorite. This buzzy hybrid works wonders for embracing full-body relaxation without a sedating mental fog—replacing stress with euphoric calm.

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