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7 Cannabis Strains to Help You Relax After Tax Day

April 15, 2014

Today marks everyone’s least favorite day of the entire year: Tax Day. After countless hours of organizing pertinent paperwork, filling out tedious forms, searching for a good accountant, and playing everyone’s much-loathed game, “Do I get a refund or do I need to shell out more of my earnings?”, let’s just say things can get a little stressful.

Fortunately, the Leafly team is here to offer your some good news. We’ve compiled a list of seven uber-relaxing strains to help you de-stress. As soon as you e-file, drop your tax paperwork off at the post office, or successfully file an extension so you can procrastinate for another six months, you might want to pick up a few from the list below.

Leafly Trainwreck hybrid cannabis strain  1. Trainwreck

This strain was designed for those moments when you truly feel like an absolute Trainwreck. A potent sativa-dominant hybrid, this little lady is the perfect remedy for all of the headaches and anxiety that comes along with Tax Day.

Leafly Northern Lights indica cannabis strain  2. Northern Lights

One of the most popular indicas, Northern Lights is a classic choice when you’re looking for a little rest and relaxation. Known best for its creative and uplifting effects, this is a great option for getting those artistic juices flowing after a long day of crunching numbers and staring at receipts.

Leafly Master Kush indica cannabis strain  3. Master Kush

There’s no better way to celebrate the end of a terrible day than with a 90s throwback. Master Kush is a plucky indica that won the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 1992 and again in 1993, making it a truly old school masterpiece.

Leafly GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) hybrid cannabis strain  4. GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies)

Though the true stress-relieving qualities of this popular hybrid are only fully expressed when paired with frozen Thin Mints or Tagalongs, GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies) is sure to take your mind off of the fact that your new job pushed you up a tax bracket this year. Congratulations! We bet no other promotion has felt quite so bittersweet.

Leafly Skunk No. 1 hybrid cannabis strain  5. Skunk #1

Another oldie but goodie, Skunk #1 first debuted in 1978 and is sure to take you back to a time when the world was a little simpler: no computer freezing right when you’re about to submit your forms, low risks of identity theft, and no hidden fees taken directly out of your refund by online tax help programs.

Leafly Willy's Wonder indica cannabis strain  6. Willy’s Wonder

If any of you are like me, you’ve waited until the last possible minute to get your taxes sent in. Willy’s Wonder, an indica-dominant hybrid, is sure to help you get a good night’s sleep once you’ve finally figured out how to get everything submitted via Turbo Tax.

Leafly Mr. Nice indica cannabis strain  7. Mr. Nice

In an interview, Seattle attorney Kurt Boehl gave readers a piece of advice: “If you’re going to sell a Schedule One substance, don’t fail to pay your taxes, too.” Named after Howard Marks, one of the largest cannabis smugglers of all time, Mr. Nice is the perfect indica-leaning hybrid to help you celebrate your recent stint as a law-abiding, tax paying citizen.

What’s your go-to strain once you’ve finished filing your tax returns? Leave a comment with your favorite option!

Photo credit: John-Morgan via photopin cc

  • Jack Lynch

    skunk no.1 is the best hybrid i have tried to date, well not the best but my personal favourite. A relaxed fuzzy heavy eyelid high followed by waves of clarity and any problem becomes alot less daunting and not by choosing to procrastinate and not do it, but by the anxiety/daunting feels and replacing them with a fresh, uplifted view which usually leads to me resolving the once stressful whiile high without the lazy indica feeling holding me back more keeping me content and also easing the aches and pain i suffer on a daily basis from a computer based/bad posture inducing job in which i hope to once day quit and move to never in pursuit of starting my own first Australian owned cannabis dispensary in the US or working for any already established US dispensaries that are needing staff and build my way up from there. From the way things are looking, medical cannabis not being legalized in december (for chronic cancer/chemo pain only) the chances of starting one here before i have grey hair, are not looking good 🙁

  • Josh Derickson

    I’ve tried time and time again different strains of flower to help me “relax”. But, all I end up feeling most of the time is more on edge and paranoid than I was before hand. It’s super unpredictable and gives me terrible anxiety most of the time. I’ve heard that some cannabis oils exist that rid the problem of anxiety or feeling “stoned”.. Do you have more information on any of these oils or companies that make these? Thanks. It’s my last resort before I just kick the herb and go back to prescription

    • Elise Roche

      If you’re looking to get high, and not stoned. Looks like you’re looking for a polarized thc oil cartridge. You vape them and the thc is much stronger than the rest of the cannabinoids in the oil, so they reach your CB rececptors first and block out the rest of the molecules that cause the lazy, anxious, or paranoid feelings. It’s very interesting and futuristic stuff 🙂 you can learn more on their FB page hope this helps, you give one a shot.


      I understand totally , you are the same as me , , try a 80%+ indica , and take just a few short puffs . thats all i need tbh .

      Crown Royale from Crop king seeds is my go to for relaxation , but , too much and a body rush occurs , moderatin is key brother .

    • Laura Ertel

      I’ve heard of this Quanta company that has a machine that takes thc oil and mellows it out. They call it quantification. You can find out more on their fb or website.