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8 of the Best Stash Jars for Cannabis Storage

Published on February 28, 2018 · Last updated November 12, 2021

Stash jars are an often overlooked (yet essential) accessory for keeping your recently bought cannabis both potent and organized. The typical plastic baggies often used by growers won’t cut it when it comes to maintaining freshness as they’re often porous, leading to dry-out and damage to the efficacy of your green.

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Consider picking up a few jars to save your full-bodied strains from a watered-down high. Below, check out our favorite stash jars that are both creative and functional, so you’ll get double in design and freshness until the very last toke.

Octopus Stash Jar by Water Bongs Glass Pipes

Weed Stash Jar #1: Octopus Stash Jar by Water Bongs Glass Pipes

(Courtesy of Water Bongs Glass Pipes)

Hand-blown Pyrex glass makes up this ocean-inspired Octopus Stash Jar by Water Bongs Glass Pipes complete with cork lid. It’s perfect for a gram or two, featuring a stunning glass sea creature to keep your flower fresh and safe.

Price: $26.30

8oz Re:stash Jar by Re:stash

Weed Stash Jar #2: 8oz Re:Stash Jar by Re:stash

(Courtesy of Re:Stash)

Keep your stash from little hands and sunlight with this covered, childproof stash jar by Re:stash. The lids are made with 30% re-purposed flax fiber and the jars are large enough to hold a few fragrant grams or a round of terpy joints.

Price: $18

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Bauhaus Box by Object & Totem

Weed Stash Jar #3: Bauhaus Box by Tetra

(Courtesy of Object and Totem)

From the artsy, designer-forward smoking shop Tetra comes the geometric Bauhaus Box by Object & Totem. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece with each box varied slightly due to the handmade process by artist Julianne Ahn.

Price: $110

Egg Storage Adventure Jar by Happy Valley Pipe Company

Weed Stash Jar #4: Adventure Egg by Happy Valley Pipe Company

(Courtesy of Happy Valley Pipe Company)

Handmade pottery goes into this rustic Egg Storage Jar by Happy Valley, constructed from locally-sourced clay. Mix and match your favorite stash jars and pipes with the entire Adventure Collection.

Price: $35

Here’s How to Pack the Perfect Stash Box

Pink MeltMonster Stash Jar by Kevin Herdemen

Weed Stash Jar #5: MeltMonster Jar by Kevin Herdemen

(Courtesy of Kevin Herdemen)

Artist Kevin Herdemen offers a funky eye to the typical glass stash jar with his Pink MeltMonster creation. Follow his other designs on Instagram, and load up on your favorite MeltMonsters for the full, colorful line.

Price: $40

Large Pop-Top Jar by 420 Science

Weed Stash Jar #6: Large Pop-Top Jar by 420 Science

(Courtesy of 420 Science)

Nothing beats a classic, which is why we love 420 Science’s go-to Large Pop-Top Jars. In addition to fun decals like the chill astronaut above, these air-tight jars can hold up to a half-ounce.

Price: $25.99

Magnifying Stash Jar by Smokus Focus

Weed Stash Jar #7: Magnifying Jar by Smokus Focus

(Courtesy of Smokus Focus)

Want a closer look at your most potent strains? Check out the Magnifying Stash Jar by Smokus Focus. It’s rechargeable and pocket-sized so you can take your herb wherever you go (and show it off along the way).

Price: $49

Steampunk Industrial Jar by LeftHandAsylum

(Courtesy of LeftHandAsylum)

Artist JT Blake makes unique stash jar creations through his Etsy shop, LeftHandAsylum. Among myriad monster jars, like this Mini Cthulhu, he also dives into the Steampunk world with his charming Industrial Stash Jar. Items are limited, but you can always request a custom order for your own individual JT piece.

Price: $48

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