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The 10 Best Pineapple-Themed Products for Your Cannabis Stash

The 10 Best Pineapple-Themed Products for Your Cannabis Stash

A symbol of hospitality and enjoyment
, pineapples have been a favorite fruit throughout history, and right now, they’re having a pop culture moment. Cannabis culture in particular loves the pineapple, whose tropical aromas and flavors pop up in favorite cannabis strains from juicy Golden Pineapple
to the ever-popular hybrid Pineapple Express

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As such, you’ll find plenty of pineapple-themed products on dispensary shelves and in head shops, and we haven’t lost any love for this sweet, juicy fruit over the years. Load up a pipe with your favorite pineapple strain
and check out these cool pineapple-themed cannabis products below.

The ‘Pineapple Express’ Glass Spoon Pipe
by Stash Lab Technologies

(Courtesy of Stash Lab Technologies)

The perfect companion on a laidback night in, this Pineapple Express Pipe
lets you drift off to tropical lands as you light up. Break it out as a summertime staple or keep it on hand all year long to infuse some warmth into cold winter nights.

Price: $63.99 

Dried Pineapples
by EdiPure

(Courtesy of EdiPure)

Sweet and delicious, EdiPure’s infused Dried Pineapples
are an elevating snack that’ll make you feel healthy and high at the same time. Available in Colorado.

Price: $10

Pineapple Hooded Blanket
by ElectroThreads

(Courtesy of ElectroThreads)

The ultimate in comfortability with a hefty side of hygge
, this cozy Pineapple Hooded Blanket
is the perfect match to a warm cuddle session with a loaded bong

Price: $54.95–89.95

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‘Pineapple Paradise’ Mini Rig
by Empire Glassworks

(Courtesy of Smoke Cartel)

You’ll be swept to the beaches of Hawaii when you hit this colorful Pineapple Paradise Mini Rig
. Complete with glass fruit that looks good enough to eat and a classic cocktail umbrella, the rig is the perfect complement to a dose of sweet Maui Wowie

Price: $300

Artsy Pineapple Dab Mat
by Bioworkz

(Courtesy of Bioworkz)

Created with materials that have been upcycled to make these artsy and unique dab mats, Bioworkz’s Pinapple Dab Mat
is both stunning and environmentally friendly. Feel good with your purchase and celebrate your new gear with a well-earned dab of tropical Golden Pineapple

Price: $25

Aloha Palmer
by Ganja Grindz Coffee Company

(Courtesy of Ganja Grindz Coffee Company)

A breezy treat that will float you away, Aloha Palmer
by Ganja Grindz is pretty much guaranteed to make your taste buds sing. A mix of tropical green tea, pineapple juice, and solvent-free cannabis oil sold at 30–75mg THC, this refreshing drink is excellent on its own or easily dressed up with slices of fresh mango and coconut. Available in Arizona, California, and Oregon.

Price: $15–20 

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Rainbow Pineapple Grinder
by Swagstr Grinders

(Courtesy of Swagstr Grinders)

Coated in gold with a colorful pineapple on top, this four-chamber Rainbow Pineapple Grinder
makes a bright addition to your cannabis stash box

Price: $24.95

Copper Pineapple Storage Pot
by Oliver Bonas

(Courtesy of Oliver Bonas)

Fragrant cannabis deserves a good home. Reach for this Copper Pineapple Storage Pot
to house your favorite strains in an interesting container that keeps your stash discreet.

Price: $18

Pineapple Art Print
by ito alon via Society6

(Courtesy of ito alon)

A gorgeous and unique take on the pineapple, this incredible Pineapple Art Print
will be a conversation piece during your next group smoke session
. Its whimsical design will take you to imaginative lands, offering an artful escape as you exhale that next hit.

Price: $22.99–37.99

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Pineapple Flower
by Fire Bros.


This list wouldn’t be complete without the mood-lifting and ultra-relaxing hybrid Pineapple
. Fire Bros. from Washington produces an excellent batch—featured in our Leafly Faves 2017: Flower
 list—that’s packed with pineapple flavor with effects made for lazy mornings or chill evenings.

Price: Varies