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Leafly’s Faves 2017: Flower

Leafly’s Faves is a series providing a glimpse into the strains, products, and brands that our team of cannabis aficionados is buying, consuming, and enjoying the most every year. Some are entirely new to the market, while others are simply perennial favorites that we can’t recommend enough. Below, find our crew’s favorite cannabis flower products of 2017. How many have you tried? What was your favorite flower of 2017? Share with us in the comments below!

Chocolope by Gabriel

Available in: Washington

Chocolope’s bright and dreamy sativa effects are magnified by the exceptional grow practices laid out in Gabriel’s airtight facilities. Their cultivation rooms are sealed from the outside, offering perfect environmental control that is carefully manipulated to stimulate the growth of the best quality flower.

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Kosher Kush by Santa Cruz Veteran’s Alliance

Available in: California

The high-THC indica Kosher Kush is the perfect strain to crush symptoms of PTSD, and the Santa Cruz Veteran’s Alliance—owned and operated by military veterans—produces this pain-relieving strain for those suffering. We love that members are offered free cannabis grown by fellow veterans in rooms meant to exude peace as the cannabis flower blooms.

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Dutchberry by Artizen

Available in: Washington

With around 27% THC to 8% CBD, the cheerful hybrid Dutchberry boasts one of the highest cannabinoid contents of all time. To house such a powerhouse strain, Artizen moves in tandem with their flower from growth to packaging—and delivers some excellent buds. We love that they slow down and take a little time with their cannabis crops from start to finish.

Pineapple by Fire Bros.

Available in: Washington

A Seattle favorite, Fire Bros. works with their own phenotypes to produce the most effective cannabis flower for consumers. For an uplifting hybrid strain such as Pineapple, stress-relieving characteristics are an important facet enhanced by Fire Bros.’ hand-selection process.

Hybrid Blend by Lowell Farms

Available in: California

Lowell Farms, which works exclusively with flower, offers seasonal blends of their best strains, and we can’t get enough of their hybrid pre-rolls. We appreciate that they’re thinking outside the box in focusing on balanced flower mixes rather than strain-specific products. Grown in organic fertilizer free of pesticides, Lowell takes pride in their dedication to all-natural cannabis as well as in providing good wages for their workers.

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Zkittlez by Royal Choice Farms

Available in: Arizona

Arizona does not require pesticide testing for cannabis, so it’s all the more important to find a grower you can trust. Royal Choice Farms chose to be an all-organic operation built on a whole lot of love and no pesticides. By instating natural grow methods, Royal Choice keeps our minds at ease when we’re lighting up their sweet indica Zkittles.

CBD Blue Shark by Marley Natural Red

Available in: California, Oregon, Washington*

With a full cannabis operation dedicated to Jamaica’s rich culture, Marley Natural hits it out of the park with their hand-selected flower line—notably, the anti-inflammatory and CBD-rich hybrid CBD Blue Shark. Cultivated by independent growers, we love Marley Natural’s dedication to craft cannabis, their commitment to sustainable growing practices, and their RISE UP social justice program.

Black Cherry Soda by Royal Tree Gardens

Available in: Washington

Having built a facility from the ground up, Washington’s Royal Tree Gardens is a company steeped in perseverance. Licensed since 2014, Royal Tree Farms has been producing fantastic cannabis ever since, and their sativa-dominant Black Cherry Soda is no exception. We’ve been packing our bowls with this strain for its potent relief, particularly for the medical patients among us.

Do-Si-Dos by Matrix NV

Available in: Nevada

One of the best in medical-grade cannabis production, Nevada’s Matrix NV keeps their focus on the people who will consume their products, and that’s why we love them. Their flower, including the deliciously heavy indica Do-Si-Dos, is cared for by a team of passionate people who use purified and organic products to cultivate their hand-trimmed flower collection.

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Orange Blossom by Falcanna

Available in: Washington

A small medical operation turned Tier III licensed producer, Falcanna has seen it all when comes to cannabis—from the garden to the shop. Their dedication to the herb started as a dream between founders Bethany and Justin Rondeau and turned into a full grow facility delivering exceptional cannabis across Washington State. Their bright, floral hybrid Orange Blossom is as tasty as it is elevating and provides a perfect example of their dedication to quality flower.

White Tahoe Cookies by Archive Portland

Available in: Oregon

With multiple awards under their belt, Archive Portland boasts a team of growers with over 35 years of collective cannabis growing experience. That dedication to quality trickles down to the buds, where the exceptional indica White Tahoe Cookies takes on a smooth sedative high that keeps us coming back for more.

Lemonder by Seattle’s Private Reserve

Available in: Washington

We save Seattle’s Private Reserve flower for special occasions; grown in a facility that is tightly sealed and meticulously controlled, the euphoric hybrid Lemonder has found its way into our stash boxes and smoke circles throughout 2017. SPR’s rigorous testing of all their cannabis products lets us consume with full peace of mind.

Lead image by Nastasic/iStock

*Editor’s note: Leafly and Marley Natural are owned by the same parent company. Also, Marley Natural Red is available in California, Oregon, and Washington but may be a different high-CBD strain in each market.

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