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A Traveler’s Guide to Cannabis in Nevada’s Border Cities

Published on August 23, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Las Vegas has plenty of options as far as dispensaries go, but for voyagers coming in or out of Black Rock City, Zion National Park in Utah, or the Grand Canyon in Arizona, locations along the Nevada border are clutch.

Unless you’re flying into in Las Vegas, you’re probably road tripping through the Silver State. So keep in mind that laws in Nevada state that in order to legally transport cannabis, it must be in a sealed container and away from the driver and passengers, and may not be driven across state lines. Driving under the influence of cannabis is prohibited, and so is public consumption.

Now then, let’s shove off.

Nevada’s Border-City Dispensaries at a Glance

Where are you headed? Check out the cannabis dispensaries along the way as you road trip through Nevada. (Elysse Feigenblatt/Leafly)

Lake Tahoe, Reno, and Carson City

Murals outside the Mynt dispensary in downtown Reno. (Stacey Mulvey/Leafly)

If you’re visiting Lake Tahoe, it’s good to know that the only dispensary options on the California side of the border still require a medical card. Lake Tahoe locals and visitors wanting to make a recreational cannabis purchase therefore come through downtown Reno and Carson City, Nevada.

Dispensaries along the way:

Stopping by Sierra Well in Downtown Reno

The striking visuals at Sierra Well make this dispensary worthy of a destination on your trip through northeastern Nevada. As your eye travels up the beautiful vertical displays, don’t forget to look down at the concentrates displayed at the dab bar! If you’re looking for flower, cannabis consultants Crystal and Eric told me they typically have over 50 strains in stock at any given time.

Ready to Try a New Strain?

In case you’re heading up to Black Rock City, noteworthy products that offer convenience and discretion are Dixie Elixirs Cherry Limeade, MarQaha’s Fruit Punch flask, and Kenny’s chocolate covered espresso beans. Sierra Well even offers infused popcorn, honey, and clarified ghee—but those products are stored in the back, so be sure to ask when you don’t see them on display!

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Cannavative is another Nevada brand you can’t miss, and the shelves of Sierra Well are packed full of their gummies, vapestix, and honeycomb concentrates. In their lab, they not only derive their own signature terpene blends from cannabis, they also create unique products like the Motivator, an infused pre-roll. Their gummies are industry-renowned, and come in uncommon flavors like root beer, creamsicle and watermelon, and are offered in CBD-only, THC, or blended CBD:THC options.

Check out Sierra Well’s Full Menu

Stopping by Mynt in Downtown Reno

Another must-see downtown Reno attraction is Mynt. The brand behind this dispensary is Kynd, which was voted one of the top cannabis growers in the Reno along with Cannavative.

The surrounding buildings are painted in eye-popping murals, setting the tone for the artistic and urban feel of the retail experience inside. I mentioned to my client specialist Brendon that I was feeling sore from car travel, and he steered me to Kynd Healing Balm—which I now believe is of divine origins, not only for its heavenly scent, but for the miraculous effect it had on my pain.

This product, and their Alien Dawg flower are considered “Best Cannabis Products” in the area, according to people in the region. If you happen to get some Alien Dawg while heading south to Area 51, consider yourself lucky! It’s so popular, they sell over 10 pounds of it a week, and can barely keep it in stock.

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Stopping by Kanna in Sun Valley

If you’re heading north, your last chance to stop at a dispensary is Kanna. Consider it an opportunity, because the spa-like surroundings match the special care provided by their staff. Pick up some of Kanna’s Urban Farm Exclusives Lucky Charms flower, or an RSO+Go Liberty OG cartridge that will produce less of an aroma.

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Stopping by RISE in Carson City

In the opposite direction, RISE is your best bet before pulling out of Carson City and driving south towards Las Vegas through the vast and unpopulated geography of central Nevada. Frequented by vacationers at Tahoe, they have a local reputation for their great customer service and huge selection.

Here, you’ll find plenty of choices for pipes and glassware (they’re also a smoke shop) and seemingly endless options of flower, concentrates, edibles, and topicals. My patient care specialist Jeff recommended the Carson City-based CannaBella Cherry Drop lozenges.

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I-15: South Eastern Nevada, Bordering Utah and Arizona

If Zion National Park isn’t on your bucket list of places to see before you die, it should be. Las Vegas is the ideal place to embark on your journey there, and Mesquite is your last stop on I-15 before reaching Utah. You can aim to hit Deep Roots Harvest on your way back or make the most of all the cannabis options Las Vegas has to offer.

If you’re looking for a Spring Break scene, Lake Havasu is a destination with the party vibe and natural beauty to boot. Stop at Nevada Made in Laughlin before it’s too late.

Arizona may sell more cannabis than Nevada, but the legal market is only for medical card holders. Unlike Nevada, they do not allow visiting out-of-state patients to purchase from dispensaries. Since Arizona authorities won’t seize the medicine of qualifying patients, be sure to have your medical authorization on-hand, or stick to a CBD elixir from CannaHemp, with nearly 1000mg of cannabidiol.

Check Out Nevada Made’s Full Menu

Death Valley

Entering Pahrump near Death Valley. (Stacey Mulvey/Leafly)

The tour buses will occasionally stop at The Grove, allowing their Europeans passengers a chance to shop on their way to and from Death Valley National Park. My budtender Deric said the gummies made by The District are his favorite, because they won’t melt as quickly in the heat. If you are pressed for time on the way back to McCarran International Airport, you could always use their online ordering, available to recreational shoppers.

Check Out The Grove’s Full Menu

I-80 and Northern Nevada

Green Cross Farmacy in Fallon, NV. (Stacey Mulvey/Leafly)

Driving west along I-80 from Utah, one might expect to find a dispensary in Wendover, the border town that straddles the state lines of Utah and Nevada. Wendover is where Salt Lake City dwellers have a tradition of going to gamble, drink, and escape the judgy vibe of the Beehive State. So far none have been able to open, so the first option you’ll have is Green Cross Farmacy, which won 1st Place in the 2017 Jack Herer Cup for Most Unique Dispensary, proudly serving the local medical cannabis community in and around Fallon, NV.

The space is in a historic old house, built in 1908. Luckily Nevada law allows state dispensaries to extend reciprocity to out-of-state medical card holders, so those with a penchant for sublinguals will want to pick up a Trokie or Strainz tincture. Both are sublingual products, meaning you’ll feel the effects more quickly. They’ve thought of everything here, and also sell devices like glassware for consumption.

Fernley, a town between Fallon and Sparks is rumored to have a Silver State Trading dispensary opening soon, and hopefully the sole recreational license holder in Wendover Deep Roots Harvest, will be allowed to proceed with their plans for that border town. Until then, head South to the the other their location in the South-Eastern corner of the state in Mesquite Nevada.

Enjoy Your Visit to Nevada’s Border Cities!

No matter what the reason is for your travels within Nevada, I recommend making a point of stopping in at least one of the border town dispensaries. The city of Las Vegas and the dispensaries there are undoubtedly an experience unto themselves, but the shops and cultivation facilities in the more rural areas of Nevada are special in their own right.

While I was visiting, the staff at Cannavative, Sierra Well, Mynt, Rise and Green Cross Farmacy were all one hundred percent sincere about their love for cannabis. They took the time, asked me questions about my needs, and showed genuine concern about either creating or connecting me to the perfect cannabis product.

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Stacey Mulvey
Stacey Mulvey
Stacey Mulvey, Leafly's Nevada Product Specialist, is a Las Vegas-based cannabis entrepreneur and advocate, besides being a yoga and Pilates teacher. She founded Marijuasana, which teaches the integration of cannabis with mindful movement and creative practices, and has been featured in Newsweek, Forbes, and The Boston Globe.
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