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Leafly’s Faves 2017: Brands

Leafly’s Faves is a series providing a glimpse into the strains, products, and brands that our team of cannabis aficionados is buying, consuming, and enjoying the most every year. Some are entirely new to the market, while others are simply perennial favorites that we can’t recommend enough. Below, find our crew’s favorite cannabis brands of 2017. How many have you tried? What was your favorite brand of 2017? Share with us in the comments below!


Based in: Washington

The brainchild of Bethany and Justin Rondeau, Falcanna was born after Bethany was recommended medical cannabis to treat her crushing cluster migraines. Inspired by the positive benefits she experienced, she and her partner made it their goal to start a medical cannabis grow to help patients like themselves. In 2013, they opened their first dispensary, and have been delivering quality meds ever since. 

1964 Supply Co.

Based in: California

We love 1964 Supply Co. for their clear passion for craft cannabis and all things art. The brand was named after the year of the discovery of the THC molecule, and the team works with artists around the world on things like their packaging (all of which is designed by the artists after consuming the strain in question).

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Based in: Colorado

Family-owned and -operated, Lush’s cannabis is cultivated 100% in-house, which means they always have an up-close and personal hand in the attributes and selection of their products. We love their dedication to quality and always make a pit stop when passing through Denver.


Based in: Washington

Founded by Jody Hall (the mastermind behind Cupcake Royale), this collective of artists, makers, and bakers burst on the scene in 2014 and now their products are stocking shelves in over 100 dispensaries across Washington State. Quite aside from making some of the best infused jellies and chocolates on the market, The Goodship hosts community events like Higher Education, a series of interesting and intelligent people lecturing while stoned to an equally elevated crowd.

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Editor’s note: Goodship and Leafly are owned by the same parent company.

Lazy Bee Gardens

Based in: Washington

The crew at Lazy Bee Gardens prides themselves on their sustainable farming practices, and we love that too. The company’s terpene-rich cannabis is grown with locally sourced mulches and soils which feed the ground and keep the environment—and the cannabis plants—healthy. This passion for organic and sustainable farming gives us peace of mind as we drift away on their powerful strains and quality products.

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Smoke Cartel

Based in: Georgia

If you’re looking for unique, high-quality glass from badass producers you feel good about supporting, look no further than Smoke Cartel. One of the largest and most well-respected online head shops in the cannabis space, Smoke Cartel offers everything you could possibly need for your stash plus a little more.

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Oleum Extracts

Based in: Washington

A winner of multiple awards and accolades for their incredible concentrates, Oleum Extracts is second to none when it comes to clean and potent dabbables. Founded in 2013, Oleum uses hydrocarbon extraction for a pure cannabis extract process that is found in all of their products from tasty sugar resin to the extremely potent crystalline “wizards’ stones.” We save their concentrates for special occasions because we know they’re always going to take us to new and powerful heights.

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Gold Leaf Gardens

Based in: Washington

Gold Leaf Gardens is passionate about growing incredible cannabis to provide maximal benefit to all of their consumers. We support Gold Leaf’s dedication to organically grown cannabis, as well as their patience in the curing process which gives us some of the best cannabis we’ve ever smoked.

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Lowell Farms

Based in: California

Dedicated to transparent, accountable business practices which include providing a comfortable living wage for all workers, Lowell Farms is the gold standard in California cannabis cultivation. By utilizing only natural pesticides and organic fertilizer, their cannabis flower is free of harmful chemicals, and we love that Lowell is constantly innovating, whether that means turning cannabis flower crowns into a thing for Coachella or selling cannabis-nug-studded holiday wreaths.

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Soulshine Cannabis

Based in: Washington

It’s all about environmental care and sustainability at the Soulshine Cannabis grow. We admire their dedication to recyclable and compostable packaging as well as partnerships with causes they care about, such as Emerald City Pet Rescue. All in all, it’s hard not to feel good about purchasing from Soulshine.

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Based in: Nevada

If you’re passing through Nevada, make stop and pick up some potent Cannavative products. From flower to oil to edibles, Cannavative is deeply entrenched in the growth and process of each and every plant at their pharmaceutical-grade facility.

Optimum Extracts

Based in: Washington

A leader in the Washington cannabis extracts market, Optimum Extracts utilizes only 100% CO2 extraction across all products, and crafts concentrates from flower that has won numerous awards.

House of Cultivar

Based in: Washington

With an in-house grow that is carefully monitored for the highest standards in quality control, House of Cultivar takes commitment to cannabis to incredible heights, and backs it all with a rigorous scientific approach. Their cultivation process is thorough and fully translates to exceptional cannabis products.

Kushy Punch

Based in: California

Flavorful and bursting with color, Kushy Punch’s bright and playful brand exudes all the joyous and fun elements of cannabis. We sink into their organic edibles and vape pens for a feel-good end to a long day.

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Based in: California

Cookies’ Seattle-based brick-and-mortar store opened not so long ago next to one of the busiest cannabis shops in Washington (Have A Heart in Belltown), and they brought a taste of their Bay Area signature brand to our corner of the Pacific Northwest. One of the greatest case studies on brand loyalty, influencer clout, and marriage between ‘stoner culture’ and the today’s consumer trends, Cookies proves that exclusive consumable cannabis products (e.g.: their limited-edition flower releases) can be revered on the same level as a sneaker drop at Nike.

Lead image courtesy of Goodship

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