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Haute Box: 8 Must-Have Holiday Gift Sets

Published on December 12, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Still stumped on what to get the cannabis lover in your life even after perusing Leafly’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide? Luckily, shopping for 420-friendly gifts is a lot easier thanks to these limited edition products and special sets just for the holidays.

The Leafly 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

From numbered flower jars presented in Hermès-orange packaging to a box set of Shine’s all-time favorites, below are eight ways to say happy holidays. Love another product not included below? Share it in the comments!

Canndescent Limited Edition Gift Set, $120 (2-pack) or $300 (5-pack)

(Courtesy of Canndescent)

Give the gift of organically grown cannabis strains from California’s first official municipally permitted cultivator. Each named for effect (Calm, Connect, Cruise, Create, and Charge), the numbered, limited edition gift sets also include hemp wick, rolling papers, and matches—all wrapped in the prettiest packaging we’ve seen yet.

Availability: select California dispensaries (

Beboe Gift Box, $100

(Courtesy of Beboe)

A Haute Box pick for rose gold accessories, this petite three-piece vape pen set introduces its elegant microdosing experience with Beboe’s best THC and CBD blends.

Availability: select California dispensaries (

Daily High Club’s December El Primo, $30

(Courtesy of Daily High Club)

This monthly subscription service’s holiday edition box is stuffed to the brim with $80 worth of hand-picked, festive favorites—snowman bubbler rig included.


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Dixie Elixirs Synergy Gift Set, $69

(Courtesy of Dixie Elixirs)

Score the most popular products from this leading edible and topical company at a steal this season: Each handcrafted, etched wooden gift box is reusable as a stash box and stocked with a Synergy Relief Balm (which works wonders for chronic pain) and Milk Chocolate Bar. It’s shopper’s choice from the CDB:THC line for the third item.

Availability: select Colorado dispensaries (

Lowell Farms Tasting Flight, $300

(Courtesy of Lowell Farms)

This limited edition, handcrafted wood case features eight strains from the celebrity-cult favorite cultivator of organic flower—each individually packaged in vacuum-sealed glass jars.

Availability: select California dispensaries (

Haute Box: 9 Statement Rolling Trays for Hand-Rolled Joints and Blunts

Shine Gift Box, $40

(Courtesy of Shine)

Shine Papers are the perfect holiday party trick, hostess gift, or just a way to add a little shimmer to your own sessions this season. The special-edition gift box includes a pack of signature 24K gold rolling papers (made with a hemp blend base for the smoothest burn), a king-size 24k gold cone, and a branded Clipper lighter.

Tokyo Smoke Holiday Kit, $78

(Courtesy of Tokyo Smoke

The Toronto-based coffee-shop-meets-head-shop has curated a special collection of minimalistic must-haves. Included in the “Friendly Trip” kit is a Tokyo Smoke-branded Abscent Banker Bag, gold grinder card, rolling paper pack, rolling tray with clip, Tsubota lighter, Shine cones, and Van der Pop’s doob tube.


420 Science Mega Pack, $49.99

(Courtesy of 420 Science)

For the daily smoker in your life, head to the OG of online head shops and order the special bundle of more than 15 of 420 Science‘s best-selling small products—including everything from 420 Wipes and Grav Labs glass filters to hemp wick and a Wax Wallet—at a major discount (valued at $120).

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