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Spring into action with the MAC 1 strain—March’s Leafly HighLight

Published on March 1, 2023 · Last updated March 2, 2023
Each month, Leafly spotlights a top 200 national strain you should know—we call it Leafly HighLight. This March, the MAC 1 strain puts the smackdown on winter’s end.
Each month, Leafly spotlights a top 200 national strain you should know—we call it Leafly HighLight. This March, the MAC 1 strain puts the smackdown on winter’s end.

Hang in there, tired, wet, and cold Leafly Nation. Mid-March promises a vibe shift. 

The days become longer than the nights—signaling Spring. Patches of ground show beneath the thinning snow. Fresh challenges await, and one solid ally remains the award-winning modern hybrid weed strain MAC 1.

It’s a national best-seller of 2022. And eight years after its debut, it beat all newcomers to win the Ego Clash 2022 for best flower in December in America’s weed heartland, Mendocino County, CA. It’s grown from L.A. Made in downtown L.A. to Bountiful Farms in Massachusetts. MAC 1 wins as buds, pre-rolls, dabs, carts, and garden-melting new seeds. Let’s circle back and give breeder Capulator his flowers—we crown MAC 1 our Leafly HighLight for March 2023.

A macro of MAC Caps Cut from L.A. Made just sleeted with trichomes over a greenish purple, orange-haired mega-nug. (David Downs/Leafly)
The best MAC: MAC Cap’s Cut from L.A. Made—2022. If you want to try MAC1 straight from Capulator and his team, Head over to Peace of Green in downtown LA. 1155 East Pico Blvd, the same building the MAC1 was created back in 2015. (David Downs/Leafly)

Bred from Miracle x Alien Cookies, the hybrid offers a kaleidoscope of genes, terpenes, and effects—making it tremendously versatile. Released in 2015, MAC 1 scores an average of 4.7 points out of 5 after 383 reviews on Leafly. Smokers report butter, vanilla, and citrus notes that Capulator describes as “sour black cherry Yoplait.”

The high THC scores are more objective: 20%+. Some growers coax it to 30%. That much THC and terps guarantees an uplifted, euphoric, and energetic high. Capulator smokes it during the day for creative and chatty vibes. 

One Leafly reviewer says: “All the things you love about a haze, but not that racing energy that some people find disconcerting. Still gives you an energy boost, but the relaxing is always there.” 

Another says: “Great for cruisin’ around town on a bike at sunset with jack shit to do.”

About a fifth of reviews report help with their anxiety or depression: “MAC 1 is proof that you can buy happiness. As a user who suffers from depression, I wish I could always have this strain on me.”

THC novices should approach the icy, dense, potent nugs with respect, though.

“I was about to boil pancakes. That’s how high I am right now.” 

MAC 1 reviewer on Leafly

How much does MAC 1 cost?

(Photo by Resinated Lens; Courtesy of LOWD)
MAC1 from LOWD will flatten a tourist. (Photo by Resinated Lens; Courtesy of LOWD)

MAC 1 prices range from commodity-cropped $100 ounces in California up to top-shelf extracts like $40 live rosin badder grams in Oregon.

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Generally, the Western US meets its demand for MAC 1, while Florida and Illinois are literally smoking shake. Chicago stores charge $55 for seven grams of MAC trimmings (called “shake”). Here are some average prices for MAC 1 flowers and dabs in the US.

Low-gradeMid gradeHigh-grade
1 gram of flower$5$8$12
3.5 grams flower$17$35$50
1 gram live resin$18$36$51
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MAC 1 seeds

MAC Tyson on Decibel Farm, Oregon. (Courtesy Decibel Farm)

MAC 1 comes built for expert smokers as well as growers.

“MAC is considered by many to be a magnum opus of cannabis breeding,” writes Purple City Genetics.

Capulator bred Miracle #15 to Alien Cookies F2 to make Miracle Alien Cookies, aka M.A.C. So where did MAC 1 come from?

“MAC1 is just a clone from MAC seeds,” Cap said.

Since then, MAC V2 and many other hybrids have matched MAC’s success. Capulator sells new seeds directly through his web outlet Goat Gas and MAC V2 is in stock. Cap’s seeds sell on Neptune Seedbank, SeedsHereNow, and others.

You can jump into the MAC movement with Orange Apricot MAC, Orange Cookies x MAC, Granny MAC, MAC & Cheese, and MAC V2. Look for a keeper in seed packs of Miracle Glue, Miracle Burn, or Miracle Cookies.

The world’s best cannabis seeds and clones to grow in 2023

MAC 1 awards

MAC marijuana strain
MAC from L.A. Made sold at Peace of Green. (David Downs/Leafly)

MAC’s trophy shelf strains under the weight of greatness. The MAC family has won all over the world since 2015 in hybrid, sativa, extract, recreational, medicinal, and overall categories. The Connoisseur Cup, Errl Cup, Oregon Cannabis Grower’s Fair, California State Fair—you name it. MAC’s wild. In December, a MAC 1 grown in Maine bested the best to win the industry-judged, one-day Ego Clash 2022 invitational. An uproar ensued.

All of 2022’s Cannabis Cup winners and where to buy them

MAC 1 terpenes

MAC 1’s most dominant aroma molecules are limonene (citrus), pinene (pine), and caryophyllene (pepper, or fuel), according to lab samples. That sounds about right in terms of MAC being loud and strong-tasting. Peanut Butter Breath shares those three dominant terpenes, as does MAC, Dirty Taxi, and Banana Cream Cake.

Three more Strains on the March

Mac & Geez

Oh geez—MAC makes Gelato louder with Talking TreesMAC & Geez—a cross of MAC x Gelato #33. Don’t confuse it with MAC & Cheese; the Alien Cheese cross.

Animal Face

Fig Farms Animal Face. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Fig Farms Animal Face. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

March into March with your Animal Face on—grrr. This award-winning hybrid crosses FaceOff OG to Animal Mints for a ferocious menthol, mint, and diesel bite. It’s got a strong initial rush of almost uncomfortable euphoria that settles down into a hungry, lazy buzz. Fig Farms won the 2022 Emerald Cup with these Seed Junky Genetics.


Award-winning Gushers by Connected Cannabis Co. (David Downs/Leafly)
Award-winning Gushers by Connected Cannabis Co. (David Downs/Leafly)

You can do you, but we’re trying to get limber and strengthen our core for some Spring Break surfing. Lots of people use weed to power through the boredom of exercise and we’re crunchin’ on Gushers. This popular, versatile hybrid cross of Triangle Kush x Gelato ends up having a chewing, gooey, sweet, tropical berry syrup smell and pretty awesome daytime hybrid effects. 

And that’s it for our monthly popular Leafly HighLight. See you next on April 1; no fools.

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