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Strains to support parents through back-to-school season

Published on September 2, 2020 · Last updated November 17, 2020
exhausted dad watching his child do homework at the kitchen table

Wayside School is closed for COVID-19 or whatever Louis Sachar said.

When COVID-19 hysteria began, I assumed things would settle down quickly. But once my state announced quarantine mandates, my partner and I withdrew our 2-year-old son from childcare and temporarily enrolled him at the only school I knew could keep him safe. The enrollment fees cover all meals and field trips, which is fair. And the class size is small – just one student.

But the staff at the school does have me worried. There’s only two of them, and they go by Mom and Dad. 

Parents need love too

The first days of our academy at home were cute, but now we’re months into it, and the parents aren’t alright. Summer is almost over, and we’ve accepted this will be the norm for a while, but given our new reality, we’ve had to make a lot of adjustments as parents.

I realized I needed a variety of resources to navigate the toll of our typical responsibilities, plus take on the role of teacher, principal, bus driver, gym coach, and more. A solid support network, therapy, and consistent routines are some of my favorite tools, but I can’t lie. Cannabis is, too. 

Here are the strains I suggest for my fellow parents making the most of back-to-school season during a pandemic, and having parent-teacher conferences with themselves during screentime: 

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is the ultimate wake and bake strain. It pairs well with coffee, and tasty breakfast treats like cinnamon rolls. It gives me energy, focus, and an uplifted spirit just like coffee does, but without the jitters or crash.

This strain is a favorite because it gives this mama a clearheaded, productive high, and is suitable for daytime consumption. You can also pretend like you’re alone at a coffee shop when you enjoy it.

Remember that feeling? Being alone without your children? Ha!

What It’s Like to Be a Parent Who Medicates With Cannabis


After herniating a disk in my back earlier this year, Harlequin has become the friend I didn’t know I needed. Harlequin is a low-THC, high-CBD strain. It’s a great option to try if you’re a parent who needs a mood boost, help with anxiety, or is managing pain. It’s potent, but the low THC content keeps most psychoactivity at bay.

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Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is a go-to evening strain when you’re not ready sleep, but you’ve already tucked your kid in for the night.

After putting my son to bed, I finish work, try to get a bit of time with my partner, and also get a little time for myself. This strain allows me to decompress while giving me the mental energy to complete my to-do list. I love this strain because it’s smooth and doesn’t impact my sleep as long as I consume it at least an hour before I want to rest. 

CBD Critical Mass

As the name hints, CBD Critical Mass is another powerful CBD strain in my arsenal. It’s known around the medical cannabis community as a mood-boosting strain that can ease pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation. This strain comes with more pronounced psychoactivity than a strain like Harlequin and often puts me to sleep.

We Need to Destigmatize Parents Who Use Cannabis


Breathwork is a new favorite of mine. This strain is for the moments when I can’t stop the wheel of thoughts from turning, and want to find some peace. It allows me to turn off my negative thoughts while also relaxing my entire body. I enjoy stretching when I consume this strain and always sleep well – waking up ready for a new day with my son.

Bonus tip: get a weed journal

close up of woman writing her journal

Having a weed journal or simple notebook detailing your experiences with each new strain serves as the best compass to determining what strains are best for you. After you journal your experiences, bring the journal to the dispensary with you, and show it to a budtender you trust. 

Experienced budtenders can look through your notes and make additional recommendations based on the cannabis profiles you like best.

There’s no doubt this year will be a challenge whether your child’s attending school in person, online or have an education plan similar to the one I’m making up as I go along. All we can do is take it one day at a time, do our best for our kids, and find the strains that will help us make this school year’s challenges more tolerable.

Remember: always keep cannabis in a secure, childproof container out of kids’ reach.

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Brittany Parker
Brittany Parker
Brittany Parker is a marketing & communication consultant with a background in elementary education, cannabis, and tech. She enjoys diving into the intersections of cannabis and parenting, social justice, career development, and topics that make some want to clutch their pearls. You can find her on IG and Twitter @naturalbrii.
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