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The best-rated weed dispensaries in Oklahoma for 2023

Published on June 2, 2022 · Last updated August 17, 2023

Since medical cannabis dispensaries opened in October 2020, Green Country has taken on a whole new meaning. And despite the fact that the battle for cannabis in Oklahoma has been a long road, today the Sooner State boasts nearly 3,000 medical dispensaries that span from the panhandle to Grand Lake, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and beyond. The ample number of medical dispensaries in Oklahoma is further proof that the demand for cannabis high and not going anywhere anytime soon, especially with cannabis consumers from neighboring states like Texas and Kansas taking advantage of Oklahoma’s medical cannabis scene.

With so many dispensaries in Oklahoma to choose from, let Leafly List help you find the cream of the crop. Leafly List uses dispensary reviews and our in-house dispensary experts to determine what the very best dispensaries in Oklahoma are, and why they made the 2023 Leafly List.

The best-rated weed dispensaries in Oklahoma for 2022

Highest-rated medical dispensaries in Oklahoma

Oklahomans value medical dispensaries with wide selections of popular strains as well as kind and knowledgeable bud tenders.

CannaMed Calera

14 Ruby Lane, Calera, OK — medical

My visit to CannaMed Calera was truly an amazing experience! Right from the moment we stepped in, we were welcomed like family. Our budtender made the entire experience outstanding by being incredibly informative and patient. They went above and beyond to take the time to explain the nuances between different strains, allowing us to fully appreciate the variety through multiple sensory experiences. I can’t thank them enough – they’ve definitely gained a customer for life! In my opinion, CannaMed is the ultimate destination for purchasing medical cannabis in Oklahoma. The staff stands out as the most knowledgeable and friendly group of individuals in the weed community I’ve ever come across. Their expertise is unmatched, and their welcoming demeanor adds a layer of comfort to the experience. And let’s not forget about their product quality – it’s simply the best available.


13692 OK-20, Claremore, OK — medical

I’m absolutely thrilled with UTOKEM! The atmosphere is fantastic, and the employees are incredibly helpful. Both my wife and I had a wonderful experience there. What’s even more impressive is that it’s not just the first visit that was great – every visit thereafter has been consistently wonderful, always accompanied by a smile. One standout feature is their commitment to customer satisfaction: they are willing to go the extra mile and order items if they’re not immediately available. This level of service is a refreshing change from waiting for online purchases that might not meet expectations. I also appreciate how their prices are on par with internet options, especially when you consider shipping costs and taxes. Frankly, sometimes it’s just better to pop in and have a positive in-store experience. An added bonus is their dedication to catering to all my growing needs. Whether it’s advice, products, or suggestions, UTOKEM is a one-stop shop for all things needed to cultivate a successful cannabis garden.

CannaMed Durant

318 N Katy St., Durant, OK — medical

CannaMed Dispensary has truly won my heart. Their helpful and friendly nature never fails to impress me. I’m particularly fond of their eco-conscious approach – the fact that they recycle their bags and offer credits for returning them is a thoughtful touch. This dedication to sustainability aligns with the positive vibes they emanate. When it comes to being a seed-to-sale store in the Durant area, CannaMed Dispensary takes the crown. Both of their locations are consistently manned by a team of welcoming and supportive individuals who genuinely make you feel at home. The staff at CannaMed Dispensary stands out as one of the best in the Oklahoma market. Their smiles and friendly demeanor are infectious, creating an inviting environment. It’s remarkable how they remember their patrons, which adds a personal touch to every visit. Equally noteworthy are their high quality products which are priced exceptionally well. In my opinion, CannaMed Dispensary has truly nailed the balance between stellar customer service and exceptional products.

Cali Clouds

6 12th Ave. NW, Ardmore, OK — medical

Cali Clouds Dispensary has left a positive mark on me. Their staff is not only wonderful but also incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. In a time when there are more dispensaries than ever, Cali Clouds has not only survived but thrived – a testament to their exceptional offerings. I consistently recommend them to others because their combination of prices and quality is truly remarkable. When it comes to cartridges and shatter, their prices are the best in the area. This, paired with their excellent service, creates an experience that’s hard to beat. It’s evident that they know their products inside out, and they make sure their customers are well taken care of. The people at Cali Clouds are truly awesome, going above and beyond to ensure you’re treated well and satisfied with your experience.

Goldleaf Dispensary

2728 Williams Ave Suite C, Woodward, OK — medical

Goldleaf has secured its place as my favorite dispensary in Woodward. The aesthetics of the place are spot on, and their selection is truly impressive. However, what sets them apart is their team – the employees are a goldmine of knowledge, always willing to assist and incredibly kind. It’s a refreshing change to interact with such professionals. The product quality they offer is rock solid, especially considering their local presence. The staff embodies the ideals of being friendly, professional, and highly informed about their products. It’s evident that they’re committed to providing the best of the best in terms of both quality and variety. Stepping into Goldleaf is truly an engaging experience; there’s an air of sophistication that adds to the charm every single time. Goldleaf Dispensary has mastered the art of combining top-notch products with a welcoming and classy atmosphere.

Okie Brothers Pharm

400 N Mission S Suite 420, Sapulpa, OK — medical

The folks at Okie Brothers Pharm come across as incredibly laid-back, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable. I appreciate that they maintain a menu of their available flower, complete with THC and terpenoid percentages for each variety. This transparency is commendable and adds a layer of trust to the experience. The tasteful layout of the dispensary is inviting and showcases their commitment to a welcoming atmosphere. Their selection is also worth mentioning – it’s clear they’ve put thought into offering a diverse range of products to cater to different preferences. Okie Brothers Pharm has managed to encapsulate excellent service, a comfortable environment, and an impressive selection all under one roof. Their team is composed of kind and knowledgeable people . I don’t even mind driving about 40 minutes out of my way because they have such a good selection of strains. Their prices are irresistibly good, making it hard not to stock up.

The Reefers – Tishomingo

907 E Main St, Tishomingo, OK — medical

Looking for the best dispensary in Tish? The Reefers is where you want to be. The staff here are friendly and local, giving you that homegrown vibe. They really know their stuff and only stock top-notch products. The atmosphere is equally notable – it smells great, and the budtenders are incredibly helpful. Plus, the prices are totally within my budget. I think I’ve found my new favorite dispensary! When it comes to finding high quality bud in Tish, this is the spot to hit. They’ve got an impressive variety of strains from top-notch growers like Thunderbird Buds, Urban Bud Co., and Green Canopy. And it’s not just flower – they’ve got carts, edibles, gummies, and prerolls too. Overall the vibe is excellent and I highly recommend this dispensary.


704 East Dewey Avenue, Sapulpa, OK — medical

ZenBudz Dispensary is my absolute favorite in Sapulpa. The entire team there is a joy to interact with – they’re fun, outgoing, and incredibly helpful. The atmosphere they’ve created is simply awesome, and their product quality is top-notch. Even though I’m not typically a fan of pre-rolls, I find myself heading there specifically for them. The people at ZenBudz are some of the nicest I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. What truly stands out is their genuine care for the patients they serve. As a medical patient, that to me is what truly matters. I wholeheartedly recommend ZenBudz for anyone seeking medicinal solutions – their dedication to their patients is commendable. The staff always goes the extra mile for me and takes the time to ensure my medical requirements are met, and that’s something that sets them apart. I can’t recommend ZenBudz enough.

VaporHerbs Dispensary

921 South Main Street, Sapulpa, OK — medical

In my opinion, VaporHerbs Dispensary takes the crown as the best in town. The customer service we received was absolutely outstanding. The staff at the front counter went above and beyond by helping us secure vape batteries and setting them aside while we explored the pharmacy. Our experience with our bud tender was equally remarkable. His knowledge and friendliness were noteworthy, and he took the time to address our questions about all the strains by conducting research. The entire team is dedicated to providing exceptional service. VaporHerbs Dispensary is undoubtedly a gem, and the staff’s efforts contributed to an exceptional experience. Their prices are also unbeatable, which is why I keep coming back to VaporHerbs time and time again.

Cannatopia Grow Supply and Dispensary

446039 OK-28, Langley, OK — medical

Cannatopia has quickly become my new favorite stop on my way to Grand Lake. Their array of edibles is vast, and the staff is both incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, creating an atmosphere of all-around good service. When it comes to bud tenders in Grandlake, Cannatopia takes the cake for being some of the friendliest I’ve encountered. It’s not just about the THC products – Cannatopia also shines as a place to find all the grow supplies you might need. The staff’s helpfulness and expertise in this aspect is remarkable. Their dedication to assisting customers goes hand in hand with their in-depth knowledge.

How to Find the Right Cannabis Dispensary in Oklahoma

Selection criteria for Leafly List Oklahoma

To calculate the highest-rated dispensaries in Oklahoma, our Leafly List team uses a methodology based on quantitative and qualitative review data of dispensaries listed on Leafly in Oklahoma. This list also uses quality indicators, like customer reorder rates and deals availability (in markets where discounts are legal). Our teams are dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of highly-rated medical and recreational dispensaries.

Remember, if you don’t see your favorite dispensary on the list, make sure you follow, rate, and review your favorite cannabis locations to let the world know where you find your favorite cannabis.

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