Star signs and cannabis strains: November 2022 horoscopes

Published on November 1, 2022
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Well, hello there, all of you beautiful, caring Zodiac babes! Welcome to November, and step right up! We have full moon lunar eclipses, lots of rulers in retrograde, and we’ve got all the planets flocking to bold and risk-taking Sagittarius. That’s right, this is the month to celebrate adventure with your favorite Archer.

Take aim at something that scares you this November. You are stronger than you think and tougher than you know. Let’s get into it!

Your November horoscope


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Happy Birthday, Scorp! The late Scorpio season babies will especially appreciate this month. It’s full of adventure and the opportunity to become someone entirely new. On November 8, there is a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus. It presents a chance to embrace any tremors that hit your social/personal sphere. Sure, things might get dicey, but by embracing the ride you are learning to prioritize yourself.

Also on November 8,  Sun in Scorpio conjunct with Mercury in Scorpio offers an interesting and compelling chance to align your values and your words. Intentions matter early in the month. Don’t miss the opportunity to tell those who are important to you what you need.

As far as ruling planets go, this month is a bit of a mixed bag. Mars is in retrograde, but Pluto is in direct motion. If you feel a little bit torn between two opportunities (romantic, financial, career, or otherwise), meditating on it will be your secret weapon this month. The right answer will come to you with just a little bit of time spent in mindful communication with the present moment.  

November strain: Whether you’re turning 30 or 60, you’ve got a good month to look forward to, Scorpio. After all, some of it is still your season. Dirty Thirty is a relatively new strain in our library, but that doesn’t stop users from loving its oaky scent and mellow buzz. Give yourself the gift of a relaxing day spent on the couch or in your favorite movie theater seat. You are worthy.


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An archer pulls a bow in front of a fiery orange weed background with palm blunts and the word "Sagittarius"
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Happiest of Birthdays, Sag! This is your month to show all the Zodiac babes that adventure doesn’t have to be scary. Things start with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Don’t be scared off just yet! Sure, some consider this a negative lunation, but it’s also an opportunity to let the unknown guide you to better decisions and relationships.

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Your ruler (Jupiter) is in retrograde for the first three weeks of the month, returning to direct motion in sensitive Pisces. Be gentle with your heart, and don’t be so hard on yourself about any mistakes you make this month. Part of trusting the journey is screwing up once in a while.

On November 17, Mercury enters your sign, and clear communication will absolutely bloom between you, your partner, and your friends. This is a great time to make long-term travel plans, or put together the birthday party you’ve always dreamed of having. The sky is the limit this month.

November strain: Okay, reserve judgment, the name is a little intimidating, but that’s just because this bud means business. Hitman OG Kush is an 18 percent-THC hybrid with earthy scents and more sativa-like effects. Ironically, a lot of users report this gives them childhood giggles and good vibes. Hey, sometimes the best things in life are a paradox, right?


A horned goat and weed leaves on a green background with orange border and the word "Capricorn"
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You feel those leaves crunching under your feet, Capricorn? Winter is right around the corner—a time when people start to ball up into themselves and hunker down. Because you like to run in a smaller, more connected circle, this lack of socialization can be … a bummer. Utilize the warmth left in this month to connect with your friends and make plans so that no one becomes a honey badger and abandons the group when it gets icy outside.

On November 8, there is a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, presenting lots of opportunity to embrace the tremors life will continue to throw at us. Shake off any entanglements that have become problematic or harmful to you.

Your ruler (Saturn) is in direct motion this month, praise be. On November 23, there is a new moon in Sagittarius. This is a great time to share your intuitions and big goals with your closest, most trusted confidants. Get their input and advice, which will be hitting all the right notes.

The month ends with Venus in Sagittarius opposite Mars in Gemini on November 30, which means that passion and war will be butting heads. You’ve been working hard to avoid the drama this month and soak up the remaining daylight. Keep your head fixed straight, and you’ll be just fine.

November strain: Listen, sometimes you just need a little push to leave your social comfort zone. Palpatine has 26 percent THC and, as a hybrid strain, the effects are a good cross between cerebral and physical. Users report this one sneaks up on you though, so don’t overcommit before a work dinner at the boss’ house or anything.

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water pitcher and weed pipes on sky background with word "Aquarius"
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Happy November, Aquarius! You’ve made it to the final Speed laps of 2022. In fact, this month is a great month to embrace what is new and unknown. Leverage your creativity to help you see the bigger picture and light your own path into 2023. On November 8, there is a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus. Don’t be intimidated by this lunation! It’s here to teach us that solid ground is an illusion, which, if you think about it … is a pretty freeing concept.

Your ruler, Uranus, is in retrograde this month, which could leave you feeling a little off-kilter. If you find your words aren’t aligning with your intentions, start journaling before any big conversation you have to have. Take notes and be prepared, so your own mouth doesn’t catch you off guard.

November 23 sees a new moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter going direct in sweet Pisces. Lots of big emotions all at once. Channel those into your art. Make feelings into something tangible, and don’t be afraid to use a new medium.

On November 28, Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in your sign will encourage you to make long-term commitments that are likely to benefit you financially. This is an exciting month to embrace adventure and just a smidge of organized chaos.

November strain: Madonna once famously said, “Life is a mystery,” and she was not wrong. Mystery Machine gives you the best of both worlds with a mild 15 percent THC and a hybrid effects profile that ranges from cerebral to muscle-melting. Embrace the wonder this month, Aquarius.


two fish swimming in stars and cannabis leaves on a blue background with bongs and the word "Pisces"
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Pisces, you are the last sign in the zodiac, but not in our hearts. If anyone knows how to round out a tough year, it’s you. This November will see you shine as a beacon of spirituality and growth. Embrace the love and admiration people want to bestow on you. You’ve earned it! On November 8, there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. You can see this as a negative lunation, but the truth is it’s just here to teach us to let go of that which does not serve us. Embrace the chaos of this truth: we are all just winging it.

Neptune (your ruler) is in retrograde this month, but that’s okay. Things are already getting shaken up. If you learn how to better balance your commitments to others and your own needs this month, everything is a win. On November 12, Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces is a fun little mashup that will leave you feeling a deeper spiritual harmony and alignment with your intentions and your words.

On November 23, Jupiter goes direct into your sign, and everyone will be speaking your language of growth and prosperity. It’s a great way to end one of the last months of 2022—with everyone tapping into their higher selves thanks, in no small part, to your energy.

November strain: Ocean Beach is known for its intense winter swells. You might have a few of those headed your way this month, too. Ocean Beach is a 25 percent THC hybrid strain that users love to smoke before a kickback with their buddies or before watching a funny flick. The effects are strong and quick—definitely a favorite among heavy smokers.

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blunts and a ram with the word "Aries" on a fiery orange background
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Hey Aries, don’t forget to look up at the night sky on November 8. There will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Some might tell you this is a pretty ominous lunation, but you aren’t scared of a challenge this month. Chalk it up to all of that Sag energy.

One thing you will want to look out for is your ruler, Mars, being in retrograde this month. Keep your finances tight, and your reliable friends close. On November 15, the planet of love (Venus) enters Sagittarius. If the third week of the month has you feeling like you dove into your stash of good kush, it might not be the pot (okay, a little bit of it is probably the pot). Love is an unlimited resource just waiting to be tapped into, which is what this celestial pairing does for us.

On November 17, Mercury also enters the Archer’s domain. People at work might finally be direct with you—something you might have been missing the last few months. As the last leaves of 2022 crunch under your feet, keep your path forward. You have big things ahead.

November strain: This month is pretty low stakes for you, so take it mellow with a bit of Citradelic Sunset. This is a hybrid strain with 18 percent THC. Users report this is strain isn’t too jarring, but isn’t a featherweight, either. Many say this is their go-to daytime strain.

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Bull on a green background with cannabis on the border and the word "Taurus"
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Gorgeous, vibrant Bulls! This month starts out strong for you with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign. That’s right, this is a chance to let go and let Gaga … or however that saying goes. You are the captain of your own fate. Do not get too attached to anything in this season of life. Your wings are just starting to spread.

Your ruler Venus pays a visit to Sagittarius on November 15. Adoration, charm, wit … this is truly your moment to shine. Don’t waste your time on anyone who makes you beg for their attention. You’re too majestic for that. Bow down to no Tinder ghost.

The month wraps up well with a new moon in Sagittarius as well on November 23. Embrace the dark and weave yourself into it like a comfortable cable-knit sweater. Don’t get attached to anything, but especially the belief that you cannot grow in the dark.

November strain: Things are getting a little steamy for you this month. Embrace the gorgeous, tropical notes of November with Hawaiian. This is a doozy of a strain, so maybe don’t operate a phone, and certainly not heavy machinery. Users say this sativa hits hard and fast between the eyes. Don’t be caught off guard—take your first hit from the safety and comfort of your couch.

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two women looking at each other confidently on sky background with pipes in the corners and the word "Gemini"
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Twins, you’ve got a pretty solid month ahead. Mercury (your ruler) is in direct motion this November. On November 17, it enters Sagittarius. This will add a truly delightful bit of chaos into the mix. If your social circle has gotten stale, just wait. Things are bound to get a refresh.

We officially begin Sagittarius season on November 22. The transition between Scorpio and Sagittarius season can feel a tiny bit jarring to some, but Geminis are especially good at embracing adventure and the unknown. Be your true, passionate self this month, and you will attract all the right people.

November strain: Find the shoe that fits this month with a little help from Cinderella 99. This is a classic hybrid strain with 18 percent THC and an enticing grapefruit taste. User reviews state that this old-school strain kicks off fast and hard, even for long-time users.


Dab rigs and a large crab on a blue background with the word "Cancer"
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November is here Crabs, and so is a bit of a refresh for you in virtually every aspect of life. Feeling the power to clean? To give up old habits? Cancers love routine, so you should embrace this out-of-character desire to shake things up. It’s leading you to good places (especially in work and romance). Your ruler, the Moon, has a lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8. Some consider this lunation to be a bad omen, but it can also signal a big shift in some deeply held beliefs.

What’s not serving you anymore, Cancer? Is it time for a new job? A better partnership? More thoughtful friendships? It’s okay to ask the big questions this month, especially when we begin Sagittarius season on November 22. All of that Archer energy starts to peak around the new moon in Sag on November 23.

Let the good vibes wash over you. Accept that, yes, you are worth other people’s time and energy. Be brave enough to believe you are worthy simply because you are here on this spinning wet rock that’s darting through space. What an adventure.

November strain: Cancers are creatures of habit, so if anyone can appreciate the staying power of an old-school strain, it’s a Crab. Check out an OG strain like J1 (aka Jack One). This beautiful strain is top-of-the-line and offers a generous, uplifting, and cerebral buzz. Users especially like the sticky buds and delicious taste profile.

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Pink lion and joints on orange psychedelic background with the word "Leo"
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November is here, Leo. If you celebrate the best elements of Thanksgiving, your heart will be open to giving and receiving generosity and kindness like never before. Things kick off on November 8 with a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus. This combination of an eclipse, a full moon, and all of that Bull energy presents the opportunity to examine how strongly we have held on to beliefs that no longer serve us.

On November 15, the planet of love (Venus) enters Sagittarius. This is a great time to surprise your boo with a date that you wouldn’t traditionally plan. Maybe it’s rock climbing, or maybe it’s a paint night. Whatever you choose, consider what your partner might need most this month but isn’t expressing. Doing this will re-energize your connection and bring you closer.

On November 22, your ruler (the sun) enters Sagittarius as well. The Archer will help direct your spirit to bigger, bolder, and even kinder ideas. Embrace what this month offers, and you’ll have a renewed spark in those Lion eyes.

November strain: While the name is curious, rest assured that White Dawg Fire only brings positivity with its fire. This hybrid strain has soothing tea flavors, and users love it for its deeply calming effects and its balance, which maintains mental sharpness. Don’t shy away from the heat—you were born to dance in the sun, baby!


Woman reading a book with a flower in her hair on green background and the word "Virgo"
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Happy November, Virgo babes. Things start off with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8. Some people consider this to be a shaky lunation, but for you, it might be the chance to shake off some beliefs or habits that are no longer serving you well. In other good news, Mercury (your ruler) is in direct motion this month.

Speaking of Mercury, it enters Sagittarius on November 17. You might notice you’re coming up with some wild ideas around the third week of the month. Don’t discount them as useless. There might be a gem in there that can advance your career or your passion project in new and exciting ways.

On November 23, Jupiter returns to direct motion in thoughtful Pisces. Once again, you’ll have the opportunity this month to reflect on things that have been weighing you down. Shake off any rusty ideas, relationships, or career aspirations. You deserve to feel renewed this month, Virgo.  

November strain: The season of tropical fruits has come to a close for many in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on all the fun. Orange Pineapple is a delicious hybrid that scores high ratings across the board, and users report it’s the kind of giggly buzz that will have you laughing at absolutely nothing and everything. Sounds like a great time.


Scales on sky background with rounded pipes and the word "Libra"
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Sweet, warm Libra. This will be a month that aligns your values with your intentions. Things start with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8. Some people think this is a negative lunation. Maybe that’s true, but for you, it’s a chance to embrace the unknown a little. Shake off old, crusty relationships and negative alliances — they aren’t serving you anymore.

On November 15, your ruler (Venus) enters Sagittarius. Your romantic intentions will be compelling a clear. This is a time to follow your intuition and trust it. If it’s telling you that you are pursuing someone that cannot reciprocate love in the way that you need, it’s time to consider other options. But if you feel like the romantic relationship(s) you are pursuing are meshing well with your intentions, go for it, babes. Above all, you deserve happiness.

On November 22, we enter Sagittarius season. Let all of that Archer energy round out your month with a spirit for adventure and excitement. You’ve got this.

November strain: This month probably won’t have much lounge time, so you’d do best to find a strain like Khola that lets you stay on your feet and get things done. This is a hybrid strain with spicy, earthy scents and more cerebral effects than physical ones. Still, users love it for watching old, favorite comedies. Get to laughing, it’s good medicine.

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