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6 Cannabis Strains With Mexican Heritage

May 5, 2016
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Sativa strains have long flourished in Mexico’s hot climate, and these heirlooms have since propagated countless hybrids with their genetics. Here are just six of those descendants. To find out if they’re available at a nearby shop, simply click the strain tile to navigate to its strain page and check its “Availability” tab.

Acapulco Gold

Said to have originated in Acapulco, Mexico, this sativa is a colorful tangle of gold-orange pistils. With a sweet fruity flavor counterbalanced by earthy and spicy notes, Acapulco Gold provides a high-energy cerebral buzz that keeps you feeling stimulated throughout the day’s festivities.

Mexican Sativa

The breeders at Sensi Seeds managed to hunt down a sativa from Oaxaca and cross it with a Pakistani indica and the high-energy African sativa Durban Poison. The result was Mexican Sativa, a robustly uplifting strain with a fresh aroma of sandalwood and pine. The strong cerebral euphoria can verge on too trippy for some, but get to your happy place (at home, out for a hike, a grassy spot in the sun) and you’re more likely to experience the rich sensory experience this sativa has to offer.

Cannalope Haze

Cannalope Haze descends from Haze and a landrace strain from Mexico. Cherished for its weightless euphoria and tropical flavors, it’s the perfect strain for staying social and giggling. With aromas of sweet melon and wildflowers, Cannalope Haze is perfect for pairing with fresh fruits and floral cocktails.


This hybrid mutt descends from Mexican and Thai sativas as well as Afghani indicas, creating a well-balanced experience that relaxes the body while lifting the mood. High in the citrusy terpene limonene, Trainwreck carries a pronounced lemon aroma with woody, earthy overtones. For those susceptible to social anxiety, this strain might be a better choice than the heady, racy sativas on this list.


Maybe you’ve never tried the original Haze, but if you’re a fan of sativa strains, you’re likely to have tried one of its hybrid progeny. Developed in the 1960s as a result of crossing Mexican, Thai, Colombian, and South Indian varieties, Haze has since become a cornerstone of sativa breeding. Spicy in flavor and energizing in effect, it’s not hard to see why Haze belongs in your stash jar.


Though in no way Mexican by name, Nirvana Seeds’ NYPD descends from a Mexican landrace strain known as “Eldorado” and Aurora Indica. Funky diesel flavors are made sweet with dominant flavors of sweet lemon, and this sativa-dominant strain is known to provide a cerebral rush to keep your mind humming alive throughout the day’s celebrations.


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