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6 Cannabis Strains With Mexican Heritage

May 5, 2016
Mexico City

Sativa strains have long flourished in Mexico’s hot climate, and these heirlooms have since propagated countless hybrids with their genetics. Here are just six of those descendants. To find out if they’re available at a nearby shop, simply click the strain tile to navigate to its strain page and check its “Availability” tab.

Acapulco Gold

Leafly "Acapulco Gold" sativa cannabis strain tile Leafly "Acapulco Gold" sativa cannabis effects bar

Said to have originated in Acapulco, Mexico, this sativa is a colorful tangle of gold-orange pistils. With a sweet fruity flavor counterbalanced by earthy and spicy notes, Acapulco Gold provides a high-energy cerebral buzz that keeps you feeling stimulated throughout the day’s festivities.

Mexican Sativa

Leafly "Mexican Sativa" sativa cannabis strain tile Leafly "Mexican Sativa" sativa cannabis effects bar

The breeders at Sensi Seeds managed to hunt down a sativa from Oaxaca and cross it with a Pakistani indica and the high-energy African sativa Durban Poison. The result was Mexican Sativa, a robustly uplifting strain with a fresh aroma of sandalwood and pine. The strong cerebral euphoria can verge on too trippy for some, but get to your happy place (at home, out for a hike, a grassy spot in the sun) and you’re more likely to experience the rich sensory experience this sativa has to offer.

Cannalope Haze

Leafly "Cannalope Haze" sativa cannabis strain tile Leafly "Cannalope Haze" sativa cannabis effects bar

Cannalope Haze descends from Haze and a landrace strain from Mexico. Cherished for its weightless euphoria and tropical flavors, it’s the perfect strain for staying social and giggling. With aromas of sweet melon and wildflowers, Cannalope Haze is perfect for pairing with fresh fruits and floral cocktails.


Leafly "Trainwreck" hybrid cannabis strain tile Leafly "Trainwreck" hybrid cannabis strain tile

This hybrid mutt descends from Mexican and Thai sativas as well as Afghani indicas, creating a well-balanced experience that relaxes the body while lifting the mood. High in the citrusy terpene limonene, Trainwreck carries a pronounced lemon aroma with woody, earthy overtones. For those susceptible to social anxiety, this strain might be a better choice than the heady, racy sativas on this list.


Leafly "Haze" sativa cannabis strain tile Leafly "Haze" sativa cannabis strain tile

Maybe you’ve never tried the original Haze, but if you’re a fan of sativa strains, you’re likely to have tried one of its hybrid progeny. Developed in the 1960s as a result of crossing Mexican, Thai, Colombian, and South Indian varieties, Haze has since become a cornerstone of sativa breeding. Spicy in flavor and energizing in effect, it’s not hard to see why Haze belongs in your stash jar.


Leafly "NYPD" sativa cannabis strain tile Leafly "NYPD" sativa cannabis effects bar

Though in no way Mexican by name, Nirvana Seeds’ NYPD descends from a Mexican landrace strain known as “Eldorado” and Aurora Indica. Funky diesel flavors are made sweet with dominant flavors of sweet lemon, and this sativa-dominant strain is known to provide a cerebral rush to keep your mind humming alive throughout the day’s celebrations.


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  • michael grosser

    I have recently experimented with planting Mex seeds from weed purchased here in Mexico. (Yes, I am retired and live full time in Mex) My experience with planting south of the border seeds in Nor /Cal as been that they are tall and spindlley and take FOREVER to even flower much less bud. OK, these seeds here I first threw into soil as a goof around the end of Dec….by Feb they had sexed…March had fairly respectable buds. (Not es

    pecially fragrant nor sticky nor stoney but “sorta” OK) I’m wondering, “Gee. have these Mexicans moved on to an auto flower?”

    It’s possible, I guess. Anyone have any experience/feedback on this? Anyone growing in Mexico? Soundz crazy to Gringos but actually here in Baja (which is Not the same as mainland where most weed is grown (to my knowledge) weed is really hard to find and is usually sold only in l;ittle 100 peso (5$) bags. Yeah weird. AND you can get in pretty serious trouble dealing with it and the dealers are even flackier than in US.
    So, I have a question regarding this auto flowering thing (they didn’t have this back in the day when I grew heavily) is does it also “auto die” Seems like this stuff here reaches a point and then just sorta craps out…the buds only so large…no re veging with extra light.
    Anyway I am getting up the courage to order some good quality seeds. Want something skunky, indica like. Need something that can handle heat as well as being forgiving both indoors and out. Any suggestions as to strain, anybody? How about a seed broker? This has to get across the border eith through horrible slow Mexican mail or through a remail service I have at the border..I am very concerned about concealment and don’t know what tri9cks the vendors might have to keep things secure. OK guys, that’s it. I would truly appreciate any feedback/sugestions. Mil Gracias, mg

    • Jose Carlos Ramirez

      dude i will try to write the best i can, the problem is that we cant know for sure what seeds you are growing, i know that they are from regular weed but even in mexico in the sierra parts, you cand find landraces, theres a lot of potent weed here, im growing weed but im in sonora we have landraces here like “cola de borrego” or “verde limon” both very potent cola de borrego is hybrid and verde limon is sativa the plánts i been growing they are smelly and sticky .. cola de borrego has a more of a skunk smell and verde limon like skunky with lime, i dont know if they have auto flower plants.. but i dont think so, what i know for sure its that in the sierra parts of sonora, sinaloa, chihuaha, oaxaca they were several sativa landraces plants but it took forever to grow and to flower and they would lose a lot of plants when the soldiers found the crops so to solve that problem back in the start of the 70’s cartel start crossing the plants with indicas that they brought from afghanistan and india to reduce the time cuase as you may know it takes less time an indica to flower than a sativa,

      i dont think i would be a problem if you bring seeds from de USA to MEXICO crossing the border if you hide them very well, plus if you want you can get them shipped from a lot of websites i know a lot of people that does that with zero problems, sorry for my english keep growing man im sure you will find a nice plant! there are very beautiful plants here, there are a lot of purple color plants genetics in oaxaca and in michoacan too, i’ve seen even pink ones i mean the buds, and some purple ones that are almost black!

      • michael grosser

        Mil Gracias Amigo, yeah I know it’s a vague subject because there are so many variables. Here in Baja it is so effing hot that nothing grows in summer except cactus. When it cools down I will try again as well as a small indoor scene. II continue to buy these crappy little bags of mediocre stuff. Not sure I want to plant this….it may be improved slightly by better care but my experience sadly is that the genetics are what is most important. I would love to go to mainland Mex to learn more but I am frankly afraid to travel the hyways. Thank you for you time, I appreciate any and all advise. Saludos!

      • Daniel Méndez Pérez

        Hola Jose Carlos, una pregunta, aun sigues cultivando? Actualmente estamos desarrollando un protocolo científico para la protección de las variedades “landraces” de México que pudiesen seguir existentes en lugares recónditos de la sierra, en donde la erradicación por la estúpida guerra contra el narcotrafico llevada a cabo por Calderón no llego a afectar.

        Me gustaría poder ponerme en contacto contigo, te dejo mi numero para que me mandes un whatsaap, yo me encuentro en la CDMX, un saludo.


        Mi correo:

      • Daniel Méndez Pérez

        @disqus_8hWEKjIL0i:disqus muy buen día, disculpa aun te encuentras cultivando?

        Actualmente nos encontramos realizando un protocolo de investigación científica y botánica, para salvaguardar las posibles genéticas landraces mexicanas que pudieran existir en las partes recónditas de las sierras de nuestro país y que pudieron no haber sido alcanzadas por la erradicación desde la estúpida guerra contra el narcotrafico, actualmente como sabes dichas genéticas se encuentran en grave peligro debido a la introducción de tantas variedades hibridadas provenientes del país del Norte y de Europa, dichas variedades carecen de otros fitocannabinoides que no sean THC y CBD y las genéticas mexicanas podrían estudiarse para saber si cuentan con otro quimioperfil distinto. Yo me encuentro ubicado en la CDMX.

        Ojala te encuentres interesado en platicar más a fondo, un saludos.

        Mi numero personal por si gustas mandarme un whats al 55 2322 3081

        Mi correo:

  • randon rr

    I brought 5 seeds from mexico City, 2 of which went to grow, they grow fast and stay at least short.
    They get 9days veg under 300w clf, now they are 12/12 under 400hps in 3.5litres pot. I’m going to take cuttings of these babys and hope they are females and not hermies, becouse it was really hard to get those back to my country after 3 different airport security stops etc..