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Best Cannabis Strains for Fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder

Published on December 20, 2015 · Last updated July 28, 2020

This coming Tuesday, December 22, is the Winter Solstice for the northern hemisphere, also known as the shortest day of the year. The sun is arriving late to the party and leaving early, taking with it all of that glorious vitamin D, warmth, and positive vibes. For many of you susceptible to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), today sucks. The good news is that there are plenty of cannabis strains that can help you cope with the darkening days.

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Leafly Chocolope cannabis strain tile
Leafly Chocolope cannabis strain effects

This strain is the hand that helps you up out of bed when the dark sky tricks you into chronic napping. As someone who struggles with fatigue whether the sun is shining or hiding, this sativa has become a medicine cabinet essential. Driven by the uplifting qualities of Thai and Haze genetics, Chocolope is one of the few strains I’ve found that actually lends energy rather than lethargy.

Leafly ACDC cannabis strain tile
Leafly ACDC cannabis strain effects

If THC causes you anxiety and paranoia, ACDC is one strain you should definitely add to your shopping list. ACDC is a high-CBD, low-THC strain, which means that it delivers pain and stress relief without making you feel high or overstimulating your appetite. Instead, ACDC’s mellow effects relax the mind and body without launching you into an altered state of consciousness.

Leafly Super Silver Haze cannabis strain tile
Leafly Super Silver Haze cannabis strain effects

Not only is Super Silver Haze a fantastic sativa for depression and fatigue, it’s easy to find in most major markets. Citrus flavors lead the delivery of lightweight, blissful effects that give your mood and energy some vigor.

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Leafly Afgoo cannabis strain tile
Leafly Afgoo cannabis strain effects

Not everyone experiences chronic fatigue when the darkness rolls in – insomnia can also be a related symptom in many individuals. If I just described you, check out Afgoo. This hashy, resinous indica strain has a way of inspiring creativity when you have the energy to tend to it, while also helping to lull you to sleep once your head hits the pillow.

Leafly Cinex cannabis strain tile
Leafly Cinex cannabis strain effects

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more therapeutic than holing up with some art on those dark, depressing winter days. Cinex wakes up your creativity, focus, and engagement, and can help you find motivation to pick up that guitar, pen, or paints.

Leafly Chernobyl cannabis strain tile
Leafly Chernobyl cannabis strain effects

I remember the first time I tried Chernobyl years ago – it’s impossible for me to forget a strain that helps alleviate so many symptoms at once. Stress, depression, fatigue, appetite loss…all of those commonly experienced seasonal affective disorder symptoms go up in smoke with Chernobyl. As if that wasn’t enough to sell me on this strain, Chernobyl also has a mesmerizing aroma that manages to capture notes of lemon, lime, orange, and wildflowers.

Leafly Grapefruit cannabis strain tile
Leafly Grapefruit cannabis strain effects

One sniff of Grapefruit’s flowers is enough to bring the smile back on your face as aromas of sweet and sour citrus fill your nose. Once inhaled, the weightless cerebral sensations take effect and let you float away from those winter blues.

Leafly Pineapple Express cannabis strain tile
Leafly Pineapple Express cannabis strain effects

It might be cold and dark outside, but hop aboard the Pineapple Express for a tropical escape. Inheriting potency from its Trainwreck parent and flavor from a Hawaiian sativa, Pineapple Express offers both euphoric energy and flavors reminiscent of sunnier places.

What’s your strain for staving off the winter blues? Tell us why in the comments section! And be sure to check out our list of strains that are good for combating anxiety:

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