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Moving to Canada Post-Election? Try These Canadian Strains When You Get There

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Moving to Canada Post-Election? Try These Canadian Strains When You Get There

A Canada flag moving in the wind on the back of a vessel close to sunset.

Since the presidential nominations of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, record numbers of people have been searching Google for “How to Move to Canada.” The grass may be greener on the other side, whether we’re talking about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or Canada-grown bud. So for those of you seeking democracy to the North, allow us to point you to a few memorable cannabis varieties with Canadian roots for you to enjoy after your grand escape.

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Leafly OG Shark cannabis strain tile
   OG Shark

A strain so potent, it’ll make you forget all the woes you left back home. OG Shark is a powerful hybrid strain that knocks out stress, depression, headaches, and many other symptoms the 2016 election may have left you with. True to its OG roots, this hybrid reeks of lemony fuel with hints of forest pine that’ll keep you coming back to the bowl for more.

Leafly Nuken cannabis strain tile

Nuken is an indica strain that strikes a balance between relaxation and invigoration, giving your body escape from pain and tension while the mind soars with upbeat euphoria. Weaving together genetics from the widely cherished parent strains Shishkaberry
and God Bud
, Nuken was destined for success. Herbal, woody aromas come together to create an organic flavor profile that brings the mind a little closer to nature and the peace it provides. We know you need it.

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Leafly Black Tuna cannabis strain tile
   Black Tuna

This BC native mixes old school indica genetics from Herijuana
and the Jamaican sativa Lamb’s Bread to build a unique hybrid named for its original packaging: sealed tuna cans. The days of Black Tuna’s secretive marketing may be no more, but Black Tuna lives on, offering powerfully sedating effects that can help you hibernate until the 2020 election.

Leafly Island Sweet Skunk cannabis strain tile
   Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk is a sativa strain from Vancouver Island that offers sweet-tasting freedom from stress and anxiety alongside its creative effects. Sour skunky notes intermix with tropical orange and grapefruit to create an intricate composition of flavors that no doubt helped bring this strain fame and prosperity far beyond the borders in which it first grew.

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Leafly Chemo cannabis strain tile

As the story goes, Chemo was developed in Canada in the early 1970s at the University of British Columbia to treat the side effects of chemotherapy. Maintained by Canadian cannabis breeders Jordan of the Isles, Chemo remains an indica staple, showing itself off with a woody, earthy aroma. Its effects sink deep in the body, relaxing muscles while simultaneously backhanding nausea, insomnia, and appetite loss.