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Celebrate Space Exploration Day With These Cannabis Strains

Space: the final frontier. The massively empty wonder which has tantalized the imagination of mankind since first gazing upwards to witness the brilliance of the celestial. Whether for discovery, in reaction to climate change, or because you’re an overly excited core that wants to go to space, exploration is more relevant and possible than ever. With private space companies reigniting the torch of space travel and helmed by incredibly smart and innovative individuals (like Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, or Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic), it’s not hard to believe we are entering a golden age of cosmological discovery.

On the shoulders of giants we stride forward into a future not grounded on Earth. Here at Leafly, we’d like to reengage the booster switch and combust a little propellant in honor of the men and women around the world making the dream of space exploration a reality. We’ve compiled a list of outer space-themed cannabis strains to help you celebrate the scientists, star formations, conspiratorial UFO hunters, Apollo missions, and others on this Space Exploration Day.

Leafly hybrid Project Blue Book cannabis strain tile  Project Blue Book

Originating in 1952, Project Blue Book kicked off a series of studies conducted by the U.S. Air Force to determine if UFOs were a threat to national security. Its strain counterpart is a sativa-leaning hybrid offering a serene body high and calm, focused effects that are perfect for star-gazing.

Leafly Sputnik sativa cannabis strain tile  Sputnik

This rocket was used by the Soviet Union to perform the world’s first satellite launch in 1957. Strain-wise, the spunky Sputnik sativa (say that three times fast!) has hints of sour and diesel, perhaps from that rocket boost of uplifting effects you may experience.

“2 hits to liftoff. Decent buzz out of the launchpad. mid buzz nice and headize, no burn out at the end. good strain to kick back, and rate strains.” – sonofabrokenman

Leafly hybrid Apollo 11 cannabis strain tile  Apollo 11

The first space flight that brought humans on the Moon, Apollo 11 is the reason we’re celebrating this date today since it occurred on July 20th, 1969. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. The strain, meanwhile, offers strong cerebral effects that are good for treating stress and moderate pain.

“I love this strain. It takes you on a cosmic journey while leaving you grounded on planet earth. –symbol9991

Leafly indica Stephen Hawking Kush cannabis strain tile  Stephen Hawking Kush

The iconic theoretical physicist brought us predictions on black holes, gravitational singularity theorems, and cosmology. His strainsake, Stephen Hawking Kush, is an indica-dominant offering that helps with pain, nausea, and relaxation.

“Healing codes from the universe immediately came to me when I smoked a hit of this high 11.4 CBD strain. Absolutely Smiles and TOTAL RELEIF are endrenching me in this dream. My love of indica just got greater because I have had a crush on Stephen Hawking and now I can smoke bud named after his fine ass and mind. WOW I think this strain will make me more intelligent. It is so much stonier and higher than I thought it …” – StellarStoner

Leafly Apollo 13 hybrid cannabis strain tile  Apollo 13

The seventh manned mission in the Apollo space program, Apollo 13 was the United States’ third intended Moon landing. Unfortunately, an oxygen tank exploded and crippled the Service Module. The crew managed to cobble together some makeshift repairs and return safely to Earth on April 17th. Not only did this historical event result in a blockbuster film of the same name, it also inspired the popular Apollo 13 hybrid strain featuring cerebral, energizing effects and an appropriately earthy scent.

“WOW! Such an appropriate name, because I’m blasted light years past the moon. Light speed ahead, on a rocket ship I said, catch me if you can, I’m your spaceman…” –NunoFreak

Leafly sativa Cosmic Collision cannabis strain tile  Cosmic Collision

This sativa collided Cosmic Charlie with Piña Collision to create a fusion that’s out of this world. Enjoy the pineapple-kiwi flavors of Cosmic Collision and its uplifting, euphoric effects while you ponder exactly how far the universe extends.

Leafly hybrid Carl Sagan cannabis strain tile  Carl Sagan

The American astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, and astrobiologist dedicated his efforts to researching extraterrestrial life and sent the first physical messages into space. His Carl Sagan strain counterpart offers balanced effects and relaxation.

Leafly sativa Outer Space cannabis strain tile  Outer Space

Defined as the void that exists between celestial bodies, the mystery of outer space will keep scientists hunting for answers well into the next millennium. The sativa Outer Space is widely touted for its creative, uplifting, and energetic effects.

“Really makes you feel like taking off into space. More of a head uplifting feeling and focus.” – robmorales

Leafly hybrid Nebula cannabis strain tile  Nebula

A nebula is an interstellar cloud comprised of dust, helium, hydrogen, and other ionized gases. Its hybrid Nebula strain version twinkles with THC coating and offers intense, almost psychedelic effects.

“Out of this world!” – hermantheworm420

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