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Strains You’ll Want to Enjoy on 4/20

The cannabis community is massive, varied, and growing, containing unique people and plants thriving in legal cannabis states around the country, and now, around the world (way to go, Uruguay!). With 4/20 right around the corner, Leafly wanted to take a closer look at what strains the collective cannabis community sought after on the dankest day in question.

Top 10 Strains Viewed on 4/20/2016

  1. Blue Dream, Hybrid
  2. GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies), Hybrid
  3. Sour Diesel, Sativa
  4. GG4 (f.k.a Gorilla Glue #4), Hybrid
  5. OG Kush, Hybrid
  6. Green Crack, Sativa
  7. Granddaddy Purple, Indica
  8. White Widow, Hybrid
  9. Jack Herer, Sativa
  10. Pineapple Express, Hybrid

Top 10 Strains Viewed on 4/20/2015

  1. Blue Dream, Hybrid
  2. GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies), Hybrid
  3. Sour Diesel, Sativa
  4. OG Kush, Hybrid
  5. Green Crack, Sativa
  6. Granddaddy Purple, Indica
  7. White Widow, Hybrid
  8. Jack Herer, Sativa
  9. Bubba Kush, Indica
  10. Northern Lights, Indica

As you can see, not much has changed, but a few strains climbed the ranks year over year while some others jumped ship. GG4 (f.k.a Gorilla Glue #4) made some big moves and Pineapple Express continued to solidify its position in the cannabis cannon (with the help of and shameless self-promotion by Seth Rogen and pals),

These lists indicate the inherent popularity of certain strains, but they also define strains that dispensaries readily stock to deliver what the cannabis populous craves. If you gather a few grams of these 4/20 crowd-pleasers, consider pairing them with the following activities.

Leafly Jack Herer sativa cannabis strain  Jack Herer, on the way to a 4/20 party:

Jack Herer is a clear-headed sativa that can stimulate the body and mind with motivating energy. This invigorating cross is more than welcome during all manners of pre-function celebration. A small hit can easily carry the consumer to their destination with a clarity-driven buzz that can prompt conversation without being too heady.

Leafly OG Kush hybrid cannabis strain  OG Kush, because sharing is caring:

OG Kush is the go-to crowd pleaser. This evening, balanced strain is chocked to the brim with euphoria while its physical effects remain mid-level and functional. This strain can still rock newbies, but not so much as to knock them out or blow their mind. Expect smiles and giggles with an ever-so gentle warmth that caresses the limbs. If you have an opportunity to dance, take it; OG Kush is a great dance.

Leafly Granddaddy Purple indica cannabis strain  Granddaddy Purple to lean back and bring the party home:

GDP is a knockout. The weighed physical effects start in the head and melt down over the limbs, relaxing the consumer and adhering them to whatever piece of furniture they are sitting on. Order take out or a pizza because the likelihood is that you’d love to eat food, but preparing it is out of the question. Sleep is not far behind, so plan accordingly.

My Picks for 4/20 Celebrations

Personally, I recommend picking up one of the following options if they’re available at a dispensary near you:

Leafly Jillybean hybrid cannabis strain  Jillybean, for the bliss ninny:

Jillybean is a gleeful sativa-dominant hybrid strain. This sweet, upbeat cut enhances everyday activities by smoothing out rough edges and changing the weather in any room to sunny. Usually accompanied by high doses of limonene, Jillybean’s bright terpene profile juxtaposes well against its luminous euphoria.

Leafly Remedy indica cannabis strain   Remedy, a strain for any season:

This indica-dominant CBD strain has been known to produce 20:1 CBD/THC ratios and offers up a kind, functional buzz. With an herbaceous, skunky aroma that adds complexity to the overall experience, Remedy can help settle stomachs, abate minor pain, and lessen anxiety without much in the way of psychoactive effects.