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New Strains Alert: Dream Lotus, Juicy Jack, Buffalo Bill, Silver Kush, and More

New Strains Alert: Dream Lotus, Juicy Jack, Buffalo Bill, Silver Kush, and More

Bailey Rahn
March 20, 2015

Friday has arrived, and you know what that means: time to kick back and relax with a bowl of your favorite strain! We've just added some new strains to the Leafly Explorer
, so if you feel like branching out and trying something new, keep on reading. Maybe you've tried one of these. Maybe you're an overachieving champion and have tried ALL of these. If so, go get started on those strain reviews!

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Leafly Bandana cannabis strain tile
   1. Bandana

Characteristics of Bandana

Bandana is a hybrid
strain that combines Banana OG
and 707 Headband
, inheriting from its parents a sweet
banana aroma and the buzzing cerebral sensation that first lent Headband its name. On the exhale, Bandana unleashes its fruity
flavor over subtle earthy
and sour notes. Powerful, heady euphoria
awakens blissful relaxation
in the mind while leaving the body feeling light and free of couchlocked sedation. It should be noted that AlphaKronik Genes bred a 70% sativa
variation of Bandana that combines 707 Headband with a backcrossed Snowdawg.


Leafly Buffalo cannabis strain tile
   2. Buffalo Bill

Characteristics of Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill is a sativa
-dominant cross between Willie’s Wonder
and Killer Ken bred by New House Seeds and grown by Doc and Yeti’s in Washington State. A blanket of crystal resin envelops the dense buds, almost hiding its interweaving green and lavender hues. Though 70% sativa by genetics, Buffalo Bill can hit with a force that leaves you anchored to your seat while the mind freely roams blissful euphoria
. A sweet
, earthy
aroma floats from its kief
-caked jar, sending your senses straight to a wintery tundra.


Leafly Dream Lotus cannabis strain tile
   3. Dream Lotus

Characteristics of Dream Lotus

Dream Lotus by Bodhi Seeds is a hybrid
strain that was designed to recreate the widely cherished qualities of Blue Dream
, but with an accentuated chunky bud structure. This rendition combines a Santa Cruz cut of Blue Dream with Bodhi’s Snow Lotus, resulting in a strain that maintains uplifting
< effects and a fragrant blueberry
aroma. Hashy spice and sweet herbal
notes can be detected on the exhale in a flavor that ushers in blissful effects perfect for stress relief
any time of the day.


Leafly Silver Kush cannabis strain tile
   4. Silver Kush

Characteristics of Silver Kush

Silver Kush is a sativa
-dominant mix of Silver Bubble
and OG #18
genetics bred by DNA Genetics under their Reserva Privada label. The uplifting
effects of Silver Bubble blend with the potent relaxing
force of OG #18 to create a strong sativa-driven hybrid
that won’t overstimulate you with a heady buzz. Instead, you should find yourself happy
, giggly
, and balanced as your stress
dissipates. It should be noted that a genetic variation of Silver Kush is marketed by some as a cross of Super Silver Haze
and OG Kush


Leafly Arjan's Ultra Haze #1 cannabis strain tile
   5. Arjan's Ultra Haze #1

Characteristics of Arjan's Ultra Haze #1

Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1 is a Dutch sativa
bred by Green House Seeds, who combined Neville’s Haze
with landrace strains
from Cambodia and Laos. With mellow effects that stay cerebrally centered, this strain is perfect for those seeking introspective, meditative moments or a light, active
buzz. Four Cannabis Cup placements have won Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1 a sterling reputation, but growers will have to wait with agonizing patience for its buds to finish their 13 weeks of flowering.


Leafly Alpine Star cannabis strain tile
   6. Alpine Star

Characteristics of Alpine Star

Alpine Star, often labeled as Alpine OG, is an earthy
, citrus
mix of Tahoe OG
and Sensi Star
genetics. Zesty lemon
flavors lead Alpine Star’s wave of relaxing
effects. The pain
relieving properties of Alpine Star radiate from the head and neck, calming anxieties
and muscle tension as the effects descend to the lower extremities.


Leafly Juicy Jack cannabis strain tile
   7. Juicy Jack

Characteristics of Juicy Jack

Juicy Jack combines the tropical
flavors of Juicy Fruit
with the therapeutic attributes of Jack Herer
. This hybrid
is balanced between its indica
and sativa
heritage but its effects lean towards the creative
, uplifting
buzz associated with sativas. Juicy Jack creates a flavorful mouthful of sweet
notes that mingle with a spiced
, earthy
musk to usher in a euphoric
burst of heady effects.