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7 scary strains for a haunting Halloween

Published on October 26, 2022

Skip the tricks and treat yourself to these scary strains on Halloween.

October 31st is just around the corner, and we know plenty of boos and ghouls ready to smoke their way through All Hallow’s Eve. To make Halloween night and weekend even more enjoyable, we put together this list of seven strains ideal for putting the final touches on your costume, hosting a seance, staying home to watch scary movies, or creating your best jack-o-lantern yet.

Whatever your plans are for celebrating the spookiest time of year, check out these scary strains to help you have a wicked good time.

1. Witches Weed

Witch in the halloween night, Concept halloween.

What is Halloween without its unofficial ambassador, the witch? Witches Weed is a lesser-unknown hybrid waiting to pleasantly surprise anyone lucky enough to find it at their local dispensary. The slightly sativa dominant strain features uplifting, creative effects and, for some, delightful, closed-eye visuals. Break it out at your Halloween party for a spooky groovy time with friends.

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2. Ghost OG

Screaming ghost faces

Boo! Don’t worry; there’s nothing scary about this popular strain. Ghost OG (aka Ghost OG Kush) is a hybrid with relaxing effects and a citrusy profile. With this strain in your pipe, you’ll be vibing in no time – the perfect excuse to throw on some white sheets with friends and have a ghostly photoshoot or film a ghoulish Tiktok.

3. Scary Cherry

If your vibe is more whimsical Halloween rather than horror night, Scary Cherry is an indica-dominant hybrid strain standing by to delight.

This cross between Cherry Sauce x Night Terror OG delivers soothing, euphoric effects that perfectly complement a night of pumpkin carving and sipping hot apple cider.

4. Frankenstein

Unknown person with creepy horrible latex mask looking out from old wooden ghost house window.

This heavy indica strain may leave you stumbling around like a misunderstood mutant, too…but in a good way. Frankenstein is a potent strain that even high-tolerance consumers can enjoy, and its appetite-enhancing effects will be perfect for hitting the snack table at your friend’s Halloween party.

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Just make sure you leave some treats for everyone else!

5. Zombie OG

Speaking of stumbling, ambling creatures, how about some Zombie OG for your fright-filled night?

If you’re more of the stay-home-and-hand-out-candy type, this strain is just what you’re looking for this Halloween. Zombie OG is a heavy indica with strong sedative and pain-relieving effects. Pop on a scary movie and sink into the couch with this strain to make the most of it.

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6. Alien Nightmare

One Leafly reader described this strain as the “mother of all creepers,” and while they may not have meant that in a scary sense, a strain that slowly creeps up on you while producing euphoric effects is perfect for Halloween night festivities.

Alien Nightmare may have an eerie name, but this hybrid will leave you relaxed, not terrified.

7. Monster OG

Portrait of a scary Jack-lantern with a pumpkin on his head. Halloween legend.

Finally, don’t let the name scare you. Monster OG is nothing to be afraid of.

This hybrid strain with a spicy, herbal profile is heavy in THC and has both relaxing and arousing effects. Break it out when you return from the festivities with your sweetie and enjoy round two of the evening with your costumes still on.

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Rae Lland
Rae Lland
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