Indica Cannabis Strains

About Indicas

Indica plants are short, usually under six feet, and have fat deep green leaves. Indicas originate from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the surrounding areas. The high from a quality indica strain leaves you relaxed and social. The stronger varieties will numb your body and put you to sleep. Great for relaxation, stress relief, and couchlock.

Indica 3x 3X Crazy
Indica 8bk 8 Ball Kush
Indica 9lb 9 Pound Hammer
Indica A10 A-10
Indica Abu Abusive OG
Indica Ace Ace of Spades
Indica Abb Afghan Big Bud
Indica Afk Afghan Kush
Indica Afs Afghan Skunk
Indica Afg Afghani
Indica Abr Afghani Bullrider
Indica Afy Afghooey
Indica Afo Afgoo
Indica Af Afgooey
Indica Adg Alien Dawg
Indica Alk Alien Kush
Indica Aog Ancient OG
Indica An Anesthesia
Indica Aur Aurora Indica
Indica Ban Banana Candy
Indica Bar Barbara Bud
Indica Bno Berry Noir
Indica Bw Berry White
Indica Bbg Big Bang
Indica Bb Big Bud
Indica Bcs Black Cherry Soda
Indica Bdi Black Diamond
Indica Bdm Black Domina
Indica Bck Black Label Kush
Indica Bbk Blackberry Kush
Indica Bbr Blackberry Rhino
Indica Bwr Blackwater
Indica Chz Blue Cheese
Indica Bgd Blue God
Indica Blm Blue Moonshine
Indica Bry Blueberry
Indica Blk Blueberry Kush
Indica Bwz Blueberry Waltz
Indica Bk Bubba Kush
Indica Bog Bubba OG
Indica Bc Bubble Cheese
Indica Bgk Bubblegum Kush
Indica Bus Buddha's Sister
Indica Bsc Butterscotch
Indica Cac Cactus
Indica Cad Cadillac Purple
Indica Ccn Candy Cane
Indica Cap Capers
Indica Cq Cheese Quake
Indica Chs Chem Scout
Indica Chm Chemo
Indica Cka Cherry Kola
Indica Chy China Yunnan
Indica Chk Chocolate Chunk
Indica Chu Church OG
Indica Cfc Confidential Cheese
Indica Cpk Copper Kush
Indica Cor Corleone Kush
Indica Cre Cream Caramel
Indica Cri Critical Kush
Indica Cm Critical Mass
Indica Dnk Danky Doodle
Indica Dks Dark Star
Indica Dv Darth Vader OG
Indica Dbb Death Bubba
Indica Ds Death Star
Indica Dth Death Star OG
Indica Dep Deep Purple
Indica Dvm Denver Maple
Indica Df Devil Fruit
Indica Dia Diablo
Indica Dg Diamond OG
Indica Dig Digweed
Indica Dsb DJ Short Blueberry
Indica Dm Domino
Indica Db Dream Berry
Indica Dyn Dynamite
Indica Eg Early Girl
Indica Eeu Eastern European
Indica Ede Edelweiss
Indica Ej El Jeffe
Indica End Endless Sky
Indica Eni Enigma
Indica Era Eran Almog
Indica Fks Frankenstein
Indica Fz Freezeland
Indica Fro Frosty
Indica Fck Fucking Incredible
Indica Fm Funky Monkey
Indica Gsr G Stik "RED"
Indica Gsv G Stik "Violeta"
Indica G13 G13
Indica Gar Garlic Bud
Indica Gbd God Bud
Indica God God's Gift
Indica Gb Godberry
Indica Gog Godfather OG
Indica Gdz Godzilla
Indica Gma Gog & Magog
Indica Goo Goo
Indica Gra Grand Doggy Purps
Indica Ghi Grand Hindu
Indica Gdp Granddaddy Purple
Indica Ga Grape Ape
Indica Gcr Grape Crush
Indica Grk Grape Krush
Indica Gox Grape OX
Indica Gsk Grape Skunk
Indica Gvt Gravity
Indica Gdr Green Dragon
Indica Gnk Green Kush
Indica Gp Green Poison
Indica Gmc Grimace
Indica Gui Guido Kush
Indica Gmb Gumbo
Indica Hao Haoma
Indica Hdc Hardcore OG
Indica Hp Hash Plant
Indica Hbr Hashberry
Indica Hd Hawaiian Delight
Indica Hj Herojuana
Indica Hk Hindu Kush
Indica Hg Hog
Indica Hog Hog's Breath
Indica Hh Hollands Hope
Indica Ing Ingrid
Indica Jm Jagermeister
Indica Jed Jedi Kush
Indica J15 JT15
Indica Juk Jupiter Kush
Indica Jup Jupiter OG
Indica Kt K Train
Indica Kch Kali China
Indica Kdh Kandahar
Indica Kng King Louis XIII
Indica Kin King's Kush
Indica Kos Kosher Kush
Indica Kry Kryptonite
Indica Kdl Kushadelic
Indica Kb Kushberry
Indica La LA Confidential
Indica Lao LA OG
Indica Log Larry OG
Indica Lar Lavender
Indica Lg Lions Gate
Indica Liq Liquid Butter
Indica Lv9 Love Potion #9
Indica Mag Madagascar
Indica Mgo Mango
Indica Ml Maple Leaf Indica
Indica Mar Mars OG
Indica Mbb Master Bubba
Indica Mjd Master Jedi
Indica Mks Master Kush
Indica Mat Matsu
Indica Mis Mazar I Sharif
Indica Mog Mercury OG
Indica Msk Misty Kush
Indica Mk MK Ultra
Indica Mon Monster Cookies
Indica Mos Mossimo OG
Indica Mr Mr. Nice
Indica N44 Negra 44
Indica Npl Nepalese
Indica Nk Neptune Kush
Indica Nog Neptune OG
Indica Nex Nexus OG
Indica Nor Nordle
Indica Nl Northern Lights
Indica Nug Nuggetry OG
Indica Oba Obama Kush
Indica Edd OG Eddy Lepp
Indica Ola OG LA Affie
Indica Opl OG's Pearl
Indica Ogr Ogre
Indica Ook Opal OG Kush
Indica Ok Orange Kush
Indica Ort Ortega
Indica Par Paris OG
Indica Pen Pennywise
Indica Pez Pez
Indica Pha Phantom OG
Indica Pit Pitbull
Indica Pbk Platinum Bubba Kush
Indica Plk Platinum Kush
Indica Plt Platinum OG
Indica Psh Plushberry
Indica Plu Pluto Kush
Indica Pop Popcorn Kush
Indica Pog Pot of Gold
Indica Pow Power Kush
Indica P98 Pre-98 Bubba Kush
Indica Prs Presidential OG
Indica Pl Punky Lion
Indica Pua Pure Afghan
Indica Pur Pure Kush
Indica Pug Pure OG
Indica Ppa Purple Afghani
Indica Prb Purple Berry
Indica Pb Purple Buddha
Indica Ppc Purple Candy
Indica Pc Purple Cream
Indica Pdd Purple Dragon
Indica Pe Purple Elephant
Indica Pg Purple Goo
Indica Pk Purple Kush
Indica Pmn Purple Mr. Nice
Indica Pn Purple Nepal
Indica Pok Purple OG Kush
Indica Prp Purple Passion
Indica Pst Purple Star
Indica Ppt Purple Tonic
Indica Pu Purple Urkle
Indica Pwr Purple Wreck
Indica Pvc PVC OG
Indica Rsk Raspberry Kush
Indica Rd Red Dwarf
Indica Rey Red Eye OG
Indica Rk Redwood Kush
Indica Rem Remedy
Indica Rbd Rockbud
Indica Rck Rockstar
Indica Rom Romulan
Indica Sb Seattle Blue
Indica Sen Sensi Star
Indica Sfk SFV OG Kush
Indica Srk Shark Shock
Indica Shi Shishkaberry
Indica Sh Shiva Skunk
Indica Sig Silverback Gorilla
Indica Sky Skywalker
Indica Sdo Snoop Dogg OG
Indica Snm Snow Monster
Indica Som Somango
Indica Sbb Sour Bubble
Indica Sas South Asian
Indica Sla South Central LA
Indica Sdg Space Dawg
Indica Sbr Star Berry Indica
Indica Skl Star Killer
Indica Sgk Sugar Kush
Indica Sdd Sunshine Daydream
Indica Sup Super Kush
Indica Ssk Super Skunk
Indica Smg Superman OG
Indica Slf Sweet Lafayette
Indica Swi Swiss
Indica Tbp Taliban Poison
Indica Tan Tangerine Kush
Indica Blc The Black
Indica Tb Tora Bora
Indica Trk Triangle Kush
Indica Tru True OG
Indica U2k U2 Kush
Indica UW UW
Indica Van Vanilla Kush
Indica Vio Violator Kush
Indica Wat Watermelon
Indica Wdr White Dragon
Indica Wk White Kush
Indica Wog White OG
Indica Wr White Rhino
Indica Wil Willy's Wonder
Indica Wdw Wonder Woman OG
Indica Wok Woody Kush
Indica 420 XXX 420
Indica Xog XXX OG
Indica Yod Yoda OG
Indica Yum Yumboldt
Indica Zog Zombie OG
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