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“This is not my first review of these guys. They deserve the second review. This is a shop whose product quality and service are as good as it gets in this neighborhood, and far better than many around here. I have been visiting this shop as well as the others in the Gateway/Montevilla neighborhood for over a year and these guys have consistently delivered the finest flower with the best trim. Bear in mind, there are shops in this area whose "top shelf bud" is equivalent to Rooted NW's "b-grade bud". I guess someone has to sell the stems and leaves, but it ain't these guys. Hell, I have seen stuff in a fresh purchase from other shops that Rooted NW wouldn't sell as B-Bud. Just sayin'. Yes, I am a fan of Rooted NW. Be aware that I haven't even touched on the best that this place has to offer, No, I'm not gonna tell you what the surprise is, that would ruin the thrill. Also, there is more than one surprise. So, go already. Its a little off the beaten track but there is treasure waiting for the intrepid adventurer.”

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“Thanks Tyler for your patience, knowledge, advice and friendly service. ”

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