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7 Strains to Calm Your Nerves Before a First Date

Have you ever blown a first date because you were so nervous that you did or said a bunch of spazzy, off-putting things in an unnatural effort to present your coolest self? If so, you aren’t alone. First dates can be stressful situations—you could be sitting across from the potential love of your life, and the pressure to succeed can leave you feeling incredibly uptight and tense.

Luckily for you, there’s a little thing called cannabis that can be pretty helpful in times where you need to mellow out and drop your shoulders. I’ve compiled of list of seven great strains that socially anxious people can smoke before a first date. Check it out, smoke a lil’ something, and get out there and woo those potential suitors like the sex symbol you truly are.

Blue Dream

Of course Blue Dream’s on this list—why wouldn’t it be? It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s great for an energy boost and creative spike. Additionally, this classic strain is hella relaxing and smile-inducing. A few hits of Blue Dream and you’ll feel both a head and body high that’ll put a little pep in your step and a little swag in your conversation.

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ACDC is damn near a no-THC/all-CBD type of strain (1:20 THC:CBD ratio), so if you’re looking to feel relaxed without really being high, this is the strain for you. While producing the smallest amount of intoxicating effects, it’ll still knock your anxiety out of there, so if you’re stressing about your first date, load a little bowl or vape some ACDC oil and you’ll be good to go.

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Island Sweet Skunk

Last time I smoked Island Sweet Skunk, ya boy was in a whole different world of feel-good vibes. Colors were brighter, the air was crisper, and it was 100% impossible to be stressed or in a bad mood. If you smoke this before a first date, you’ll go into it already feeling like yourself, which will make it easier for you to spread that same type of positive energy to your date. They’ll be like “Damn, who invited Mr/Ms. Enjoys Everything About Life?” The answer: Island Sweet Skunk, that’s who.

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Cannatonic is another low-THC/high-CBD strain that’s used pretty heavily to treat pain, muscle spasms, and anxiety in medical marijuana patients. It’ll have you uplifted and powerfully relaxed, but won’t leave you so stoned that you blow your first date by being an awkward little toad.

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Agent Orange

Agent Orange looks and smells exactly like its name sounds—it’s a sativa-dominant strain covered in orange hairs and dripping in trichomes (legit reminds me of Eliza Thornberry). Its effects are uplifting and motivating in a way that treats down spirits and depression, so if you want to roll into your first date on a high note, take a couple bong snaps of Agent Orange beforehand and diddy bop your way into the restaurant with all smiles and limited anxiety.

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Harlequin’s a sativa-dominant strain that also has a high amount of CBD (5:2 CBD:THC ratio). It’ll have you up and alert like most sativas, but it also provides relief for stress and anxiety, which makes it a quality strain to enjoy before a first date.

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Lamb’s Bread (Lamb’s Breath)

Lamb’s Bread, aka Lamb’s Breath, is another great sativa that’ll give you a boost of energy and have you at your highest point of social aptitude. A few hits of this and you’ll be feeling so good that the conversation and chemistry will instantly flow between you and your date (unless your date sucks). Just don’t overdo it, or you’ll go from being anxious and stressed to mellow and comfy to all the way goofy, which isn’t always the best when trying to act cool.

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