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9 Cannabis Subscription Boxes Worth the Price

May 15, 2017
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(Courtesy of Daily High Club)
You can find a subscription box for pretty much anything—beauty, fitness, food, pets, you name it and it most likely exists. If you’re unfamiliar with the practice, subscription boxes are delivered to your door each month chock-full of goodies and samples catering to a variety of tastes and markets.

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So, what could be better than a cannabis subscription box? Though no flower or products containing THC are included in most of these subscriptions (unless you’re in California, in which case scroll down to the end of the article), they’re still bursting with other items of interest for canna-connoisseurs across the states.

Below, we take a look inside nine cannabis-friendly boxes worth subscribing to. Already subscribed to monthly canna-boxes? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Daily High Club

(Courtesy of Daily High Club)

For one dollar (no, that’s not a typo) and up, you can receive a subscription box from Daily High Club (previously Dollar High Club) with everything from bare essentials (papers, hemp wicks) to top-shelf accessories. Their boxes range from “All-Natural” to “El Primo” depending on your level of consumption.

Price Range: $1 to $30 per month


(Courtesy Hemper)

Hemper offers a few options when it comes to their subscription boxes—Bare Essentials Box, Glassentials Box, and the classic Hemper Box. Each comes with their own appeal for both beginners and long-time consumers.

Price Range: $12 to $30 per month


(Courtesy SensiBox)

SensiBox is unique in that it offers “His” and “Hers” subscriptions. Not only will you lift the lid to find cannabis-oriented products, you’ll also come across jewelry, socks, and other items from pro-cannabis businesses that don’t fall into the typical flower or glass realms.

Price Range: $12 to $27 per month


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420 Goody Box

(Courtesy 420 Goody Box)

Not only will you be indulging in some great product finds with the 420 Goody Box—including glass and papers with almost every order—you’ll also open your subscription to find some delicious eats to cure the munchies.

Price Range: $10 to $80 per month



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Hippie Butler

(Courtesy Hippie Butler)

Hippie Butler caters to a wide variety of consumers: It’s up to you to choose what kind of products and smoking styles stand out to you most, and Hippie Butler will do the rest! Whether you’re most into flower, concentrates, or rolling, think of it as a personalized sampler pack delivered to you on the regular.

Price Range: $12 to $140 per month


Monthly Stash is the perfect stoner care package for people who prefer paper

If you’d rather wrap your green than pack it, MonthlyStash is right up your alley. Each box contains rolling papers, lighters, and blunt wraps with the hope that customers will never run out of supplies. No more late night drives to the shop for last-minute wraps—sounds perfect to us!

Price Range: $20 per month


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(Courtesy PufferBox)

PufferBox comes packed with a dependably awesome assortment of products and goodies—each month you’ll get a hefty mix of glass, munchies, papers, gadgets, and other accessories.

Price Range: $23 to $25 per month


(Courtesy Club M)

ClubM is steeped in luxury with each box containing premium supplies, including plenty of top-shelf flower. If you’re lucky enough to get in off the waiting list or are already subscribed (you must be invited first) be sure to hang on to this one, since an invitation isn’t guaranteed.

Price Range: $97 per month

Only available in California


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(Courtesy AuBox)

If you’re looking for the gold standard in subscription boxes, you’ve found it in AuBox. They offer a variety of subscriptions such as edibles boxes, pet boxes, and intimates boxes, and have more coming soon. Loaded with gorgeous cannabis products, you can trust us when we say the price tag is worth it.

Price Range: $99 to $140 per month

Only available in California

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