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These Cancer Survivors Share Their Preferred Cannabis Strains

The fortitude demonstrated by cancer patients and survivors is truly remarkable. With numerous reviewers on Leafly using cannabis to combat the effects of various types of cancer, chemotherapy, and related medications, we’re constantly inspired by the positivity, bravery and determination that shines through their stories.

We honor these individuals by sharing a small sampling of the strains that have helped cancer patients deal with the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of their condition as they fight toward joining the ranks of hundreds of thousands of cancer survivors across the nation and around the world.

Cannabis and Cancer

Leafly AK-48 hybrid cannabis strain tile AK-48

“AK-48 has helped me in so many ways with respect to my cancer. My appetite has resumed as normal, I sleep GREAT, less depression, moments of bliss, less pain and increased level of hope for survival. It is, without a doubt, my personal favorite.” –Good-juju

Leafly Ingrid indica cannabis strain tile Ingrid

“The first strain I tried for chemotherapy-induced nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite. After first use I went from nearly heaving at the thought of any food to craving – and eating – Mexican food (peppers and all).” –gobby

Leafly ACDC hybrid cannabis strain tile ACDC

“No brain fog, no paranoia, and doesn’t make me want to eat all of the things. I am in remission from cancer and this helps with remaining painful side effects.” –kamina

Leafly Harlequin sativa cannabis strain tile Harlequin

“This is, by far, one of my favorite medicinal strains…there is a complimentary THC content and effect that I find helpful as opposed to purely CBD strains. Mix it with some Sour Diesel (not enough to kill the CBD effects), vape away, and it’s my ‘morning coffee’ when on chemo.” –bravo2kilo

Leafly Blueberry Kush indica cannabis strain tile Blueberry Kush

“Every time I get this strain, I specifically save it for my friend with cancer. She says it’s her favorite for the pain.” –HebiMidori

What are the Best Cannabis Strains for Cancer Symptoms?

Leafly Flo hybrid cannabis strain tile Flo

“My left breast was diagnosed a couple months ago with breast cancer. Flo has me feeling better than I have in the two months…my body is relaxed. I did not realize how much tension I have been holding. The future looks better and easier at the moment. Wow.” –dataqueen11

Leafly Mr. Nice indica cannabis strain tile Mr. Nice

“Using this for my back pain and for my golden retriever who has cancer. Works great for both of us!” –dyeager105

Leafly Jack the Ripper sativa cannabis strain tile Jack the Ripper

“Absolutely fantastic sativa! One of the best strains I’ve had in the past 10 years. The high THC content will knock your socks off and the high lasts for 3-4 hours solid. I have brain cancer so I deal with different health issues…and this strain works extremely well controlling pain, nausea, and vertigo.” –jfu5129

Leafly Blueberry indica cannabis strain tile Blueberry

“Super relaxing, pain relieving, joyful, floaty. I am a cancer survivor, have fibro, serious anxiety, and advanced degenerative disc disease and 17 herniated discs in my spine paired with scoliosis, and I feel like a carefree kid.” –DabaDharma


Leafly Chemo indica cannabis strain tile Chemo

“My mom is going through chemotherapy…She suffers from extreme appetite loss, nausea and abdominal discomfort from the chemotherapy. She says this strain is incredible for nausea, probably the best she has ever used and induced a great appetite for her instantly. I haven’t seen her in that much relief regarding nausea in ages.” –rachels95

Leafly Black Jack hybrid cannabis strain tile Black Jack

“This strain has been like a little miracle in my life. Cancer treatment related pain keeps me from sleeping most nights. I literally was pain free for the entire evening allowing me to finally sleep for the first time in weeks. I’m grateful for Black Jack!!!” –karmagirl

Leafly Sour Diesel sativa cannabis strain tile Sour Diesel

“I love this strain a lot. I find myself in my own little creative world, giggling, always forgetting what I was doing then remembering…zoning out to music by Soundgarden (“Black Hole Sun”)…I always smoke with my dad because he gets real funny when he’s medicated. He has cancer so it’s better seeing him happy then depressed and in pain. Speaking of, I think he is lost in the kitchen wondering about which entrée he should devour next. I’m gonna go stop him before he eats us out of house and home, or most likely, I will end up eating a tub of ice cream along side him.” –Thecode007

Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

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