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7 Freshly Harvested Cannabis Strains in Washington State

illustration of croptober - marijuana harvest season at leafly


It’s Croptober, which means those sun-grown plants are coming up out of the ground and onto the shelves of dispensaries near you. While harvest date is not the end-all-be-all mark of quality, there’s nothing quite like freshly grown outdoor cannabis.

You won’t find cannabis this fresh year-round, so don’t wait until these newly harvested strains become ash in other bowls.

Sour Tangie by CannaSolFreshly harvested weed strain in Washington: Sour Tangie

Check these Washington menus for it:

The Sour Tangie from CannaSol is some of the best flower I’ve ever smoked. The aroma and flavor are so distinctly orange, and the high leaves you stuck to the couch, but not in a sleepy manner. Instead, it’s one of those “kick-back-and-soak-up-the-vibe” type of strains. I recommend that you smoke Sour Tangie while sitting in the park with the new 6lack album bouncing off of your eardrums.

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Forbidden Fruit by Canna OrganixFreshly harvested weed strain in Washington: Forbidden Fruit

Check these Washington menus for it:

Forbidden Fruit by Canna Organix smells unbelievably fruity with berry undertones, and it’s so purple that I almost cried grape tears in honor of Prince. Canna Organix is coming off of a fresh, high quality batch of this strain, but you can also find it from other great growers. Anyone who’s looking for heavy relaxation from  should definitely snatch up some Forbidden Fruit.

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Sour Lemon OG by CannaSolFreshly harvested weed strain in Washington: Sour Lemon OG

Check these Washington menus for it:

I can’t lie, these sun-grown strains from CannaSol have crisper effects than many of the top-shelf indoor strains I’ve tried recently. Their Sour Lemon OG offers dreamy, uplifting effects that keep you upbeat and bouncy throughout the day. Add it to your daily breakfast menu if you want to start your day on a high note.

Find Sour Lemon OG Grown Near You

Tesla Tower by Lazy Bee Gardens

Freshly harvested weed strain in Washington: Tesla Tower

Check these Washington menus for it:

Tesla Tower is an electrifying strain that provides an uplifting, euphoric high. A farm-favorite from Lazy Bee Gardens, Tesla Tower won “Best Sun-Grown Sativa” in the 2018 DOPE Cup. Do you really need another reason to give it a try? Fresh out the ground and fresh onto the shelves, Tesla Tower will give you the jolt you need to get your day started right.

Find Tesla Tower Grown Near You

Do-Si-Dos by Canna Organix

Freshly harvested weed strain in Washington: Do-Si-Dos

Check these Washington menus for it:

Do-Si-Dos is a newly popular indica-dominant hybrid, and the people at Canna Organix recently harvested an extremely high-quality version of it. While I give them mad props for that, I’ve also tried Do-Si-Dos from other growers, and it has been dumb fire every single time. It’s the type of strain that’ll clear your schedule as the high dominates the rest of your evening, sending you straight towards one of those accidental naps that turns into a full night’s sleep.

Find Do-Si-Dos Grown Near You

Mickey Kush by Walden Cannabis

Freshly harvested weed strain in Washington: Mickey Kush

Check these Washington menus for it:

Walden Cannabis is a value-minded grower with a nice field of plants out in Brewster, WA. From them you can expect solid products at a price point that’s easy on everyone’s wallet. They’ve recently harvested a few strains, but out of all of their plants I saw, I’d say the Mickey Kush was the—wait for it, you’re going to like this one—cream of the CROP. In general, Mickey Kush is a great option for anyone in need of some pain relief and nausea alleviation.

Find Mickey Kush Grown Near You

Gelato by Lazy Bee Gardens & Canna Organix

Freshly harvested weed strain in Washington: Gelato

Check these Washington menus for it:

No matter who grows it, you pretty much know what you’re getting from Gelato: a THC juggernaut that operates as a serious chill pill. Of the sun-grown variety, you can catch fresh batches of it from Lazy Bee Gardens and Canna Organix. However if you’re unable to access those brands, I can guarantee that this strain is available from a reputable grower near you.

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