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Here’s Where to Find California’s July 1 Blowout Deals

Published on June 28, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020
(AP Photo/John Locher)

California’s cannabis reckoning has arrived. That means pain for the supply chain, and deals galore for consumers. Retailers have until July 1 to purge their inventories of everything not compliant with new state testing and packaging standards. We’ve stocked up on $15 eighths of flower, $40 half-ounces, and much more. Now, we thought we’d share. Prep your stash. The reckoning has arrived.

San Francisco – Bay Area

Deal: 30% off cold-water hash

Harvest medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco, California

(Courtesy of Harvest)

Where You Can Find It:Harvest

Why It’s Great: Cold-water hash can add potency to bowls and joints, but there’s tons of clean hash that lacks new state testing. Stock up on quality bubble hash and you’re set for the summer.

●  ●  ●

Deal: Buy one get one free on pre-rolls, topicals, & concentrates

(Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP)

Where You Can Find It:Berkeley Patients Group

Why It’s Great: The city of Berkeley already beat the state to clean cannabis. Now they’re almost giving it away to clear their shelves before July 1.

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●  ●  ●

Deal: $25 eighths, tax included

(Courtesy of Bloom Room)

Where You Can Find It:Bloom Room

Why It’s Great: You can get Blue Headband, Blueberry Pie, Superman OG and much more right in downtown San Francisco for $25 out the door, steep taxes included.

●  ●  ●

Deal: 70% off select brands

(Noah Berger/AP)

Where You Can Find It:Sava Delivery

Why It’s Great: Load up on microdose mints from Kiva called Petra for $15 a tin. Ditto for their Espresso Terra Bites. Current regulations make microdose products very tough to produce. Hey, it’s hard to make a weed chocolate-covered blueberry that’s exactly 5 mg THC. Also, live that best life with chic Pax Era pods for $25.

San Jose

Deal: 40% off flowers, vapes, edibles, & wellness products

(Courtesy of Caliva)

Where You Can Find It:Caliva

Why It’s Great: One of San Jose’s premier outlets already had to comply with San Jose’s strict testing requirements, so you’re getting great, tested bud at fire sale rates.

●  ●  ●

Deal: $25 eighths

Where You Can Find It:Elemental Wellness

Why It’s Great: Find half-off flower and much more from one of the South Bay’s most award-winning stores.

Los Angeles

Deal: 40% off in-house Veganic Gelato #45

Where I Can Find It:Buds & Roses

Why It’s Great: This is like getting Veuve Clicquot Champagne at discount from the French Champagne house itself. Get crackin’.

●  ●  ●

Deal: $25 eighths of OG

(Courtesy of The Joint Santa Ana)

Where You Can Find It:The Joint – Santa Ana

Why It’s Great: The Joint’s eighths start at $15 and a bunch are on sale at other low prices. Snatch ’em up.


Deal: $18 eighths of Blackwater

(Courtesy of A Therapeutic Alternative)

Where You Can Find It:A Therapeutic Alternative

Why It’s Great: Sacramento’s highly regarded outlet has a bunch of stuff on clearance to make room for compliant flower July 1.

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