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Green Bee Collective was founded in 2014 on the sole basis of a need for a safe and affordable cannabis distributor right after the Ventura City Council carelessly voted on banning store-front dispensaries in the visionary city of Ventura. This negligent action led to many Ventura locals having to dangerously obtain untested, unlabeled, and inconsistent medicine from an illegal market or go through costly, time consuming measures just to obtain their rightful medication. After several months of careful planning Green Bee Collective stepped in to solve this problem and fulfill the needs of Ventura locals by establishing itself as a not-for-profit association who specializes in the non-store distribution of cannabis products by ground transportation. To accompany the newly founded company, we developed a mission statement that goes beyond simply delivering cannabis products. It includes a commitment to safety, honesty, and integrity which continues to this day. Members immediately took notice of our low prices, short wait times, and quality products. Since then the company has grown to encompass several employees and hundreds of loyal members in all of Ventura County. Green Bee Collective continues to lead the way in redefining cannabis distribution, and is now among the most trusted and recognized cannabis companies in the great state of California. Our Mission • Help every individual member who acquires our services feel truly cared for, valued, and respected. • Protect medical cannabis patients by providing a safe and affordable alternative to the dangerous circumstances of the illegal drug market. • Honor the trust provided by our fellow citizens by faithfully and rigorously observing and enforcing the laws of the progressive, visionary city of Ventura and the great state of California. • Protect the safety, tranquility, and cleanliness of our immediate neighborhood. • Provide an extraordinary service of medical care, honesty, and friendliness. Ordering Once membership registration is complete you will be able to call or text us to place your order, request our menu, and ask any questions you may have. *You must place your order by 9:59pm, any orders received later than that time will be delivered the following morning after 10am. Membership Become a member of California’s most community/patient-centered collective and access holistic herbal medicine in a safe manner. Pre-Verification: Please send the following documents to our phone number or email • Legible photo of your California ID. • Legible photo of your Cannabis Recommendation. Membership Requirements: • Have a Valid California ID • Have a Valid Medical Cannabis Recommendation • Sign our Membership Agreement Membership Benefits: • Confidential and Secure Delivery • Member Loyalty Rewards • 100% Guarantee • Premium Medical Grade Cannabis Products *Read our reviews, see what our patients have to say, and take a look at how greatly we give to our local community — you might be surprised! Member Rewards The following rewards are always available to all of our members. New Member Reward: • GBC Glass Herb Jar ($10 Value) Five Star Review Reward: • GBC Clipper Lighter ($1 Value) *Rewards are credited to your account immediately after the approval of an application or a positive review. Delivery Fees and Minimums The following fees and minimums are required to be able to place an order for delivery. Please do not confuse these fees with the tip. Tip your driver as you normally would for their excellent service. The fee is a surcharge on your bill for the store, not for the driver. Local Delivery: Delivery Fee = $2.99 Order Minimum = $30 Coverage = Ventura Distance Delivery: Delivery Fee = $3.99 Order Minimum = $40 Coverage = Oxnard Long Distance Delivery: Delivery Fee = $4.99 Order Minimum = $50 Coverage = Port Hueneme, Oak View, Santa Paula, Camarillo Extra Long Distance Delivery: Delivery Fee = $6.99 Order Minimum = $100 Coverage = Ojai, Fillmore, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks *Deliveries are usually completed within the hour. We strive to get to you promptly and our wait times very rarely exceed an hour but several unexpected conditions or events could cause a delay in the estimated delivery time. Cannabis Delivery Our delivery service is a safe and affordable way for those in Ventura County to receive medical cannabis in compliance with California law. Now you can have medical cannabis, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and topicals delivered to your doorstep! Green Bee Collective offers a low fee and low minimum delivery service to Ventura County. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can receive this alternative medicine that will improve your appetite, decrease anxiety, ease pain, and more. We deliver medical cannabis products to Ventura, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Oak View, Ojai, Camarillo, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Moorpark, and Thousand Oaks. Product Overview Green Bee Collective strives to provide patient-members with holistic wellness solutions, which includes safe access to medical cannabis. Products from Green Bee Collective are lab-tested to ensure potency and safety, including the following cannabis products listed in our online menu. Cannabis: Cannabis can be smoked using a pipe, joint (or cigarette), or water pipe (bong). For most patients, the effects of smoking dried cannabis are felt almost immediately, but subside within 90 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the individual and cannabis strain. Concentrates: Resinous trichomes are extracted from the cannabis flower using different techniques. Modern technology has enabled more refined methods of creating products with a very high THC percentage. Concentrates are extremely potent. Some concentrates test at 87% THC content and 93% CBD content. Concentrates come in many different forms ranging from kief, hash, oil, crumble, shatter, and pre-filled vapor cartridges. Edibles: Cannabis is infused into butter or oil that is cooked to form savory pretzels, cookies, brownies and other morsels. Once ingested, edibles take 20 minutes to an hour or more for you to feel the effects. Tinctures: Cannabis is dissolved in an alcohol solution to make a tincture. These highly concentrated tinctures require careful dosage levels. They are consumed under the tongue or mixed into beverages. Topicals: Cream, bath salts, lotions, sprays and other non-psychoactive, topical cannabis medicines that you apply directly to the skin or muscles. Topicals are effective for restless leg syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, and skin conditions like psoriasis. *Our California cannabis delivery orders are backed by a 100% guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your order after it arrives, you can return it within 24 hours for a credit or exchange using our delivery service. Service Overview Green Bee Collective respects patient privacy. Here’s what you can expect when we deliver to your home, office, or hotel: • Our drivers wear dark green uniforms and drive unmarked vehicles. • Your order is packaged in a paper bag. Learn what makes Green Bee Collective the most trusted resource for California medical cannabis delivery. Contact us to schedule your delivery service. Experience the ease of ordering and receiving medical cannabis from the comfort of your home. • Driver Safety and Policies • Drivers carry a limited amount of change. • Abuse of the service or our staff will result in denial of service. • Driver vehicles have security cameras and are tracked via GPS through security headquarters. • Drivers retain the right to refuse service to anyone. • Drivers are randomly and anonymously followed by our trained safety personnel to ensure best practices. Guarantee Green Bee Collective stands behind our products. In order to ensure patient satisfaction, Green Bee Collective offers same day exchanges of purchase, with the exception of clones and seeds. Store Credit in the amount of the price paid is provided for defective products without warranties and on unused merchandise in its original condition and packaging. Partial credit will be issued for partially consumed items. There are no cash refunds on any returned products. Patients returning/exchanging non-medicine products that come with warranties will be directed to the manufacturer that offers the warranty. Returns and exchanges are processed on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the manager on duty *No exchanges, refunds or returns can be processed on clones or seeds! Green Bee Collective is not responsible for anything that happens to clones or seeds or any related cultivation while in a patient's possession! Additional Delivery Guarantee: At time of delivery, you have the right to inspect your order. Prior to breaking any seals, if you are not satisfied for any reason, you will receive a 100% refund! A Message from our CEO/Founder As medical cannabis patients, we have all had to endure the fear and stigma imposed upon us by nearly seventy years of cannabis prohibition. Despite the recent legalization of medical cannabis in California and other states, the fear and stigma persist. Green Bee Collective is dedicated to healing the pain that stems from these destructive attitudes and feelings by providing a sensible alternative to the hysteria surrounding cannabis and by honoring you as a progressive and courageous force of change. We believe one way we may do that is to be conscious and respectful in all our interactions with our neighbors. Green Bee Collective believes each patient acts as an ambassador for the entire medical cannabis community. We want our fellow patients to feel cared for, to be recognized as important members of society, and to feel inspired to be positive ambassadors for medical cannabis. Society is watching all of us to determine if medical cannabis is safe and sensible. If we dedicate ourselves to being such positive ambassadors for medical cannabis, our communities will begin to embrace us instead of being suspicious of us. The perception of medical cannabis will then be transformed, and the stigma associated with it will be eliminated. Green Bee Collective sees this as the key for achieving safe and legal access to medical cannabis for all suffering and sick Americans. We invite you to join us in building a kinder and more compassionate world, and thank you for your efforts. FAQ Q: Is medical marijuana delivery legal? A: Yes, state law has no explicit provision for delivery services, they can be justified on the grounds that many patients lack transportation and cannot grow for themselves. We operate in strict compliance with California State Law, Health and Safety Code 11362.775, Senate Bill 420, Proposition 215, and Proposition 64. Q: Are your services discreet and confidential? A: Yes, all of our records and service history are 100% confidential. We will never give your personal details to anybody for any reason. All information is encrypted and stored securely for your protection. Our staff is experienced in dealing with high profile clients that require an extra degree of anonymity. Q: Can I meet the driver somewhere other than my home, office, or hotel ? A: No, deliveries will be delivered directly to the door of the given address. We are unable to meet at or near businesses, public areas, schools, parks, etc. Q: Can I place an order in advance? A: Yes, but we can only hold your order for a maximum of 24 hours. Q: Are you hiring? A: As we continue to expand we are always looking for new talent to join us. Please submit a resume to one of our staff members or send us an email.


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