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Tweed is a Canadian company established to supply an unmatched selection of premium medical marijuana to treat symptoms such as chronic pain, seizures, muscle spasms, nausea and loss of appetite. We believe in providing only reliable, high quality products, and strive to do so with the utmost empathy, compassion, professionalism and integrity.

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“Over the last 6 months Tweed's supply has almost become non existent even though every answer from their customer service ends by stating how proud they are to offer more strains than any other LP. Apparently they have not checked around because that statement is completely false at this point. Current offerings are very sad. LP says they have expanded their production and should have more available in a few weeks but this is what they said 3 weeks ago and a month before that. Most of their products smell and taste similar for some odd reason. They did just add Leaves by Snoop but the one high THC strain sold out the afternoon it was listed. The mid THC strain tasted horrible. They started charging for shipping recently which is also a negative. You would think with the number of people they are disappointing the last thing they would do is add to the price. Many of their strains are $12/gr with no break for quantity which comes out to $379.68 an oz plus shipping. They were great in the beginning but have gone down hill fast. Hopefully they can turn this around and become half the LP they boast they are.”

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“as an everyday smoker for years and as a marijuana patient, tweed is awesome! great varieties of strains that meet my needs”

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