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Star signs and cannabis strains: October 2020 horoscopes

Published on October 1, 2020
(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Happy spooky season, Stargazers! The month kicks off with a full moon in Aries on October 1. This is a great time to evaluate those emotions boiling just under the surface. Does what you’re feeling now align with your core values? How can you better align what you say with what you feel?

Mercury begins its retrograde motion on October 14. You can expect some tumultuous energy in both your personal and professional spheres around this time. But don’t worry, the Blue Moon on Halloween will bring some rejuvenation and good surprises.

This is a great month to set intentions and to give your energy, and your time to your community. You can and you will rise to the occasion, Stargazers.

Your October Horoscope


(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Happy Libra season! The stars are predicting an exciting month for you, Libra. It starts with a full moon in Aries on October 1. Be prepared for a ton of gregarious, social energy to flow through you. Make new friends and open yourself up to new hobbies during the beginning of the month. The new moon is in your sign on October 16. Freshen up your living space. Consider buying a new plant (and watering it!). Bring as much life into your home as you possibly can.

The hits will just keep coming when your ruler, Venus, enters your sign on October 28. Libra’s diplomatic energy should pair well with the passion of Venus. Speak from the heart and invest real time in your romantic relationships. With all of this action overhead, you are bound to feel unstoppable this month. Own your power, Libra!

October strain: Get spooky with some Ghost Train Haze. This Sativa strain is known for its cerebral effects and mood-boosting benefits. Don’t let old ghosts dictate what you do with your future! Things aren’t so scary when you turn on the light.

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The month might start out a little rocky, Scorpio. No use in lying. Both of your rulers are in retrograde. Fortunately, Pluto returns to direct motion on October 4. But, the first couple of weeks of October are probably going to feel a little bit like a deep spin cycle. Hang tight because things look brighter as the month progresses.

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Scorpio season kicks off on October 22. Alignment is achievable, especially in the second half of the month. That work/life balance you’ve been trying to strike? It’s yours for the taking. On October 28 Mercury leaves your sign which should also free up some mental energy you’ve been desperately missing.

The Blue Moon on Halloween offers up the chance to assess old ghosts and skeletons that have been haunting your emotional closet. Don’t hang on to things too tightly this month, Scorpio. Everything is transient — the good and the bad. Learning to go with the flow will serve you well.

October strain: Celebrate the blessed Blue Moon by sparking up some Blue Diesel. This powerhouse hybrid strain is well known for melting away stress, and its sweet taste. Enjoy something sweet and stay true to yourself this month, Scorpio..  

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

You have some luck coming your way this month, Sagittarius! On October 12 your ruler, Jupiter forms a sextile with Neptune. This is a particularly powerful aspect that brings good fortune and hopeful energy. Don’t go out and buy 10 lottery tickets (okay, you’re an adult do what you want), but do be prepared to be the recipient of good will during the beginning of the month.

The new moon is in Libra on October 16. Clear your living space for some fresh perspective. Fluff up the pillows and spend time in a part of your home you don’t typically retreat to. This should generate some creative energy you’ve been craving. The Blue Moon on Halloween is a special occasion for all Stargazers, but for you, it may very well mark the beginning of your next big adventure.

Be open, curious, and see where the month takes you!

October strain: It’s fall! Roll up something sweet like Apple Fritter. Apple Fritter is a hybrid that the High Times ranked one of the strongest strains of 2016. Users report it’s uplifting with a sweet, smooth taste. It hits quick and lingers so pack a big bowl and treat yourself to a down day!

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Capricorn is the most ambitious sign in the Zodiac, and once you set your mind to something, Cap, that’s it — it’s a done deal. This month, however, you are going to want to practice letting others take the lead. Being the designated hype person in your group can be draining. You’ll learn this October that things won’t fall completely apart when you’re not at the helm.

There’s a full moon in Aries on October 1. You’ll be especially tempted to speak your mind during this time, thanks to this Ram energy. But, be discerning about who you vent to, especially at work. It’s possible you might be placing your trust in the wrong confidant.

The Blue Moon on Halloween will offer a reset. Address old spooks in your closet before they come back to haunt you later. Clean your house, let some nature in, and take time to watch others succeed as leaders. You’ll be back in the driver’s seat soon enough.

October strain: Roll up something tasty and sweet this month, Cap. Try Purple Punch for a delicious, fruity aroma and its softly sedating effects. Listen, you probably hear this a lot, but it’s truly time to relax. Pack a bowl and forget about your troubles, even if it’s just for a few hours. You’ll be stubbornly grateful you did.

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Stay hydrated and rested, Aquarius, because the stars are calling on you to do the work this month. Your ruler, Uranus, is in retrograde all of October. Hiding away from your friends and family would be a mistake during this period. Use the full moon in Aries on October to set your intentions and align your words with your actions.

Scorpio season begins on October 22 which should embolden you to get absolutely real with the people in your life. If you’ve been tolerating harmful behavior simply to keep the peace, you need to dig deep and start calling people out on their bad behavior. You’ll be rewarded with more authentic relationships. The Blue Moon on Halloween isn’t just a highly celebrated event — for you, it means approaching the skeletons in your closet with self-compassion and a willingness to learn from the past. Start November feeling fresh with great spiritual alignment.

October strain:  Celebrate the Blue Moon on Halloween by sparking up some Blue Cheese. This strain is known for its herbal profile and happy, euphoric effects. Pick up a great book, listen to a new album, and take care of yourself while you navigate this spooky season.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

You’ve been making a lot of hard, big decisions lately Pisces. Being an empathetic sponge that so readily soaks up other people’s feelings gets old pretty quick. This month your ruler, Neptune, is in retrograde. Take this as an opportunity to pull into yourself a little. Consider starting a journal so you can chart your moods and energy shifts as the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

Mercury begins its retrograde on October 14. Avoid making any big decisions for the rest of the month. The new moon is in Libra on October 16. Freshen up your workspace for a clearer outlook on your professional affairs. If you stay out of the noise this month should be fruitful for you, Pisces.

October strain: Consider celebrating candy’s holiest holiday by sparking up some Candyland under the Blue Moon on Halloween. Sure, you might summon some unexpected spirits, but that’s half the fun right? This sativa strain was a Gold Medalist at KushCon 2012 and many users report it’s their favorite bud.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

October starts out with a bang for you, Rams. On October 1 there’s a full moon in your house. This celestial activity typically produces feelings of alignment and inner peace. It’s a great time to reflect on whether or not you’re saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Your ruler Mars is in retrograde for the month of October. On October 19 Mars forms a square with Jupiter which might having you feeling extra playful and flirtatious. Lean into a little good chaos at the end of the month, Aries. Your love life will feel especially abundant if you do.

October strain: To celebrate the blue moon on October 31, why not spark up some Blue Dream? Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant strain that carefully balances full-body effects with cerebral highs. Users enjoy Blue Dream for its sweet aroma and pain-relieving effects.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

This is an action-packed month for you Taurus. On October 2 your ruler, Venus, enters Virgo. Around this time you can expect to feel empowered to make important decisions in your personal life. You’ve chosen your friends wisely and you can trust their sage counsel on a number of issues this month.

On October 28 Venus leaves Virgo and enters Libra. Invest time in strengthening your romantic partnerships towards the end of this month. The Blue Moon on Halloween is in your sign and not only will this usher in new, romantic energy, it may also unearth some old ghosts you weren’t expecting to see again. Trust your relationships, trust timing, but most importantly trust yourselves, Bulls.

October strain: To celebrate the Blue Moon in your sign this month, fire up some Blue Cookies. Blue cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is known for its comfortable highs and pain relieving effects. Users report that this heavy hitter also has arousing effects, so maybe consider making it part of your Halloween date night.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Twins, there’s some good news and some less-great news where this month is concerned. The good news is that your ruler, Mercury, is in direct motion for the first half of the month. The less-great news is that it goes into retrograde on October 14. Be ready for some turmoil.

The new moon on October 16 will hopefully generate some more stable energy in your personal circles. Fortunately, most of this month’s drama will not directly impact you. But, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t at risk of getting sucked in to other peoples’ issues. Put up an “out of order” sign on the door to your psyche and call it a month. The Blue Moon is in Taurus on Halloween which could bring a very unexpected cast of characters (or just one) into your life at the end of this month. Ride out the spooky roller coaster, Gem. October is going to get weird.  

October strain: Load up on some Jet Fuel to rocket through the emotional garbage this month, Gemini. This hybrid strain is known for its strong, uplifting, mental effects, and body highs. Relax and listen to the leaves start to crunch on the pavement. Enjoy yourself!

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

This is shaping up to be a spectacular, spooky month for you, Cancers! Your ruler, the moon, has an action-packed October planned for you. It starts with a full moon and Aries on October 1. You might feel inclined to dole out a lot of advice around this time. That Ram energy is hard to resist. However, you’d be best served to choose your words to your friends, wisely. The wrong thing said in haste might leave bad blood in your friend group.

On October 16 the new moon is in Libra. This is a powerhouse combination that will probably have you scrambling to find balance in order in both your personal and professional spheres. Before you can get thrown too out of sorts, the second full moon — a Blue Moon — will be in Taurus on Halloween. This blue moon should bring fresh perspective and new, positive mental energy; however, it also has the potential to bring up old ghosts and old wounds.

But! There is no better time to dig in and address these skeletons in the back of your very crowded closet. The end of the month is the perfect time to go minimalist on your emotional baggage.

October strain: Indulge in something sweet this Halloween without having to ring a ton of doorbells to get it. Pack a bowl of Peanut Butter Breath. This hybrid strain is fruity with hints of pepper and it offers euphoric, relaxing effects.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

What a month ahead, you golden Lions! The full moon in Aries on Oct 1 will start things off with a bang. You might feel particularly strong-willed around this period, which is great! Trust your instincts. Take on a new project and watch it flourish. On October 16 the new moon is in Libra. This is a powerful combination that has the potential to influence your relationships, particularly romantic relationships, in big ways. Be extra good to your love interest(s) around this time. Be quick to forgive the small stuff.

On October 22 your ruler, the sun, enter Scorpio. Scorpio season is notorious for the powerful emotions that water signs tend to dredge up. Scorpio season also includes Halloween and Election Day, so it’s an important time to align your values and address any skeletons left in your closet early in the month so you’re prepared for the months ahead.

October strain: Take a mental holiday with a sativa-dominant strain like White Buffalo. White Buffalo is an especially peppery bud that is known for its mood-boosting effects and very strong highs.

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(Gillian Levine for Leafly)

Buckle up, Virgos! It’s shaping up to be a spooky October for you. Venus enters your sacred sign at the beginning of the month, on October 2. This is a powerhouse combination of passion and romantic alignment. Celebrate your love in big and small ways.

The new moon is in Libra on October 16. Enjoy some calm before the storm because it’s also around this time (October 14) that your ruler, Mercury, goes into its retrograde while in Scorpio. Be ready to defend yourself against some unfair attacks on your character during this period. Scorpio, like all water signs, can bring out the best and the worst in a Stargazer’s emotions. Just try not to take anything too personally.

The Blue Moon on Halloween will offer a chance to address the old ghosts that haunt us, while energizing us to be the best version of ourselves as we move forward into shorter days and longer nights. Sit with yourself a while at the end of the month. How much emotional baggage are you carrying? How much of it is even yours to carry?

October strain: Celebrate sugar’s holiest of months with some Orange Cookies. Orange Cookies is a hybrid strain known for its quick effects and potent body highs. Enjoy the mysteries of the month and be ready for some surprises to come your way.

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