Star Signs + Strains: August 2018 Horoscopes

Published on August 1, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

The theme for August: Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

We’re nearing the finish line on eclipse season with the third and final eclipse of the summer happening at the New Moon on August 11. The Universe is asking us to really look at our sh*t in this eleventh hour of power. What have you been putting off or avoiding in the name of summer fun? It’s now or never, Stargazers. And you’ve gotta feel it to heal it. Thankfully, both Mercury and Mars will station direct by the end of the month so relief is on the way. Balance is key, so for every hard truth you face this month make sure you’re rewarding yourself with a little summer magic. It is Leo season, after all!


Happy Birthday, wildcat! Overall this month should find you feeling like yourself, and feeling the love as well, but with Mercury stationed retrograde in your sign through August 19, it would be best to think before you speak, especially where unsolicited opinions are concerned. It’s your party, we’d hate to see you cry if you don’t want to. The solar eclipse on August 11 could shake your mane in a bad way. Just remember, it may be your month to shine but it’s never just all about you. Everyone knows the best bashes are the ones where everyone feels included, so let that be your motivation this month and you’ll never find yourself far from your beloved spotlight.

August Strain: Maintaining an even keel is key this month so you’ll need a strain that lets you enjoy your birthday bounty without bringing anyone else down. Kali Mist, a mild, earthy strain famous for its glorious trichomes, is an everyday strain meant to inspire motivation and mental clarity.

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Your ruler Mercury is still stationed retrograde for the first half of the month, so stay on top of your self-care game! Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Any physical or financial challenges from last month could still be working themselves out through August 19, so lean on that new summer romance you started up in July or, better yet, your ride-or-die friends. By the end of the month you should be feeling more grounded, centered, and in control of the little things, a.k.a. in your comfort zone.

August Strain: Be kind to yourself in the form of Triniti CBD Citrus Tincture. 99% CBD mixed with 100% organic MCT oil, Triniti is designed to produce a warming and euphoric effect. This is a great natural mood stabilizer and perfect for winding down into a more productive sleep.

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Venus moves into your sign on August 6, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself the object of more than one person’s affection this month. In general, this will be a good time for all things sensual and fancy, which, let’s be real, you won’t have any problem with. The hottest days of summer are going to make for some steamy (and dreamy) times, especially with Mars and Mercury going direct by the end of the month. If any sign was ready for their glow up, it’s you, so indulge in the fantasy.

August Strain: Finally, Libra! You’ve got hot summer action in the forecast. Turn those sexy times up to 11 with Cherry Skunk, a blissful hybrid built for lovin’. Hunger and arousal are equal effects of this strain, so bring a little food (fruits and popsicles have lots of potential) into your play and you’ll achieve Libra-worthy sensual balance.

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The solar eclipse on August 11 could really rock your party boat, so beware of any booze cruise offers—both literally and metaphorically. Remember the basic rule: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Thankfully you are an expert at uncovering hidden truths and working with your keen intuition, so put it to good use this month. And don’t be afraid to work that stinger if someone is disrespecting your boundaries or taking more of your energy than you’re willing to give. You’re the captain of your own vessel—more yacht energy, less tugboat!

August Strain: This month is about being alert, positive, and pushing through the tough stuff. Wildly popular strain Grapefruit produces an uplifting, energetic, euphoric buzz. You’re required to be both citrusy and sweet this month, so enjoy some Grapefruit while you escort your haters to the left so politely they don’t even notice.

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You are all about the adventure vibes this month, archer, and the solar eclipse on August 11 could bring some long-buried desires to the surface for you. Aim with your heart and you will surely hit your target. Overall, August is a good time for you to explore parts of yourself that were perhaps overlooked or pushed aside due to other people’s expectations of you in the past. What is it that you’ve always wanted to do but have been afraid of? Harness that big Leo season energy and level up. The time is now.

August Strain: Energy, creative thinking, and controlled anxiety are just what the universe orders this month. Super Jack is here to deliver—the notes in both scent and palate are sweet, stinky, and divine. It’s the weed equivalent of smoking a New York summer day.

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Mars will be retrograde in your sign for a large chunk of August, so expect your temper to be tested and your boundaries challenged. Be mindful of how you respond to conflict this month. Listen more, charge at your opponents with those big horns of yours less. With Mercury retrograde until August 19 you could find yourself with an unnecessarily sharp tongue. Don’t say something that’s impossible to take back. Lean on that earthy nature of yours for extra support. You got this.

August Strain: Now is the time to take the focus off yourself, perk up those goat ears, and act with your heart. A relaxed, happy, euphoria is the perfect mental state to accomplish this. Green Dream, the lovechild of famous strains Blue Dream and Green Crack, is the star’s prescription for you this month.

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Your ruling planet Uranus goes retrograde on August 7, so expect your all-consuming need for freedom (both existential and physical) to be put through the fire this month. Don’t be surprised if friends or family start placing heavier expectations on you, if a new crush starts exhibiting possessive behavior, or if you get swamped with more responsibility at work. The solar eclipse on August 11 combined with Mercury retrograde could cause you to overreact, so let patience be your greatest virtue this month. Connect into some of that air-energy that rules your sign and breathe your way through the tough spots. Like a warm summer breeze, this too shall pass.

August Strain: Water child, you will have much to bear this month. If ever there was a time to naturally self-medicate, this would be it. Go easy on yourself, avoid situations (or people) known to cause you anxiety, grab at least an eighth of Northern Lights and a nice slice of cake … Or three. Northern Lights, a universally beloved strain, was born in Washington State but bred to perfection in Holland. This month, you will need to be both a little bit Seattle and a little bit Amsterdam, so act accordingly.

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Feeling a little singed by summer’s fires, aquababe? The full moon in your sign on August 26 will give you a much-needed energy boost after a rather tumultuous eclipse season. Your naturally empathic and psychic self has likely felt the collective struggle of everyone around you a bit more than most this summer, especially with the retrogrades of Mercury and Mars throwing misdirected shade left and right. Hit up an outdoor music festival and release extra energy by dancing the night away under the stars. A twin flame connection could emerge where you least expect it.

August Strain: Fight fire with fire Pisces, in the form of Blue Dragon. A slightly giggly strain, it’s earthy with hints of blueberry, and boasts an uplifted, happy, relaxed buzz that helps deflect negative energy. This hybrid of Sour Diesel and Blueberry is an intense heavy-hitter with a high THC count, so if you’re a casual smoker, go slow and take it one hit at a time.

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Sorry to break it to you, fire spirit, but this month’s astrology is asking you to continue your pattern of conscious restraint. Your ruling planet Mars is retrograde until the end of the month and moves into earthy, responsible, and (in your eyes) boring Capricorn on August 12, which probably feels like the party police are shutting down your summer games at every turn. Soak up the kindred and regal Leo-season energies while you’re sitting on the sidelines, and get ready to be a late-summer firecracker at those end-of-season bashes that showcase your sparkle.

August Strain: When your sun sign is prescribed a break, lean in. It’s too hot to be outside dealing with the world, so crank up the AC then Netflix and chill—literally—with something refreshing. The universe demands it! You aren’t going anywhere, anyway, so settle in with Quality Infusion Edibles craft sodas in a flavor like Orange Kush or Black Cherry Bomb. Sip responsibly—these bevs boast 50mg of THC per bottle.

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Your ruling planet Venus moves into alluring Libra on August 7, which means a hot and heavy late-summer romance (or some other x-rated romp) could be headed your way. The solar eclipse on August 11 will ask you to lean into your intuition this month, especially around your physical and energetic boundaries. If warning bells go off, don’t ignore them! Your body knows what is best for you. Trust that and you’ll be on solid, secure ground (just the way you like it).

August Strain: You are the sexiest beast in the solar system this month, Taurus. Lucky you! Stock up on product that will make the most of it. HerbaBuena Elixirs’ “Quiver” Sensual Cannabis Lubricant tastes good, is holistically produced, and poooooooooootently effective. As always, oil and condoms don’t mix, so keep that in mind while you have a good time.

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Your ruling planet Mercury will be retrograde until August 19 and it’s going to be one heck of a rocky road for you, especially around communication in your interpersonal relationships. Word of advice? Be honest. You don’t need to manage everyone’s experience of you, you just need to show up. If you can hang with your true self until Mercury goes direct, your relationships will surely reap the benefits. And you might even find that some of your anxiety and overactive thinking takes a permanent vacation in the process.

August Strain: You deserve a treat Gemini, in fact, both of you do. For coping with the rough patches thrown your way this month, indulge in Sweet Tooth, a relaxing strain with berries, cola, and  super-sweet notes. Its uplifting and anxiety-reducing effects are just what you need to activate your ultimate twin powers.

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The moon is going to be your best friend this month, water baby, but when is it not? You are a crab out of water in Leo season, so make sure you are tending to yourself in kind and loving ways this month. The solar eclipse at the new moon on August 11 will give you an opportunity to reset and rejuvenate, and the full moon in aquatic Pisces on August 26 will soothe any scorched bits you may have incurred earlier in the month. What is your heart asking from you this month? Operate from that place and all will be manageable.

August Strain: Get back in touch with the water lil’ crab and you’ll feel like yourself again. Frequent soaks in Heavenly Hash Bath by Mary Jane’s Medicinals are the perfect cure for off-kilter Cancers (in CO only). Containing a blend of cannabis with lavender, peppermint, and chamomile, this soak provides self-care and rejuvenation whenever needed and is a lovely way to wash away the day’s stress before bed.

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Original zodiac illustrations by Kaela Graham for Leafly. IG: @kaelagraham

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