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12 Sugar-Free Cannabis Edibles for a Healthier High

April 24, 2018
(Courtesy of Yup!)
Infused edibles are a delicious and fun way to consume cannabis, but not everyone wants to be chowing down on saccharine candy and sugar-bomb brownies. With holistic wellness and whole foods taking center stage these past few years (does Keto, Paleo, and Whole30 ring a bell?), opting for sugar-free or no sugar added edibles is a great alternative to the sweeter classics.


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Below, discover 12 great cannabis edibles that don’t hide behind a mountain of sugar.

Cheddar Crackers by Love’s Oven

Love savory edibles? Then you’d love our #LovesOven Rosemary Cheddar Crackers; 10mg (micro-dosed) of active THC per container and 100mg of active THC per container available! #Yummy #420 #CannaButter #Savory #Edibles #Denver #Cannabis #Rosemary #Cheddar #Crackers #Infused #Marijuana #ColoradoEdibles #710 #THC #MicroDose #Baked #Love #Hybrid #WeedPorn #Delicious #GetInMyBelly #CheddarCrackers #ChemicalFree #HighQuality #MileHigh

A post shared by Love's Oven (@lovesovenbakery) on

These savory Cheddar Crackers by Love’s Oven feature only 1mg of THC per cracker, meaning you can chow down on more than just a couple before having to cut yourself off. They come with 10 crackers per package and feature delicious seasonings of garlic, salt, pepper, onion, and rosemary. Oh, and not one gram of added sugar.

Available in: Colorado

Freeze Dried Organic Strawberries by Wholest

You know we love the East Bay!#Repost @cpcdelivery (@get_repost) ・・・ Fresh drop freeze dried strawberry slices and banana slices by @wholestextracts. #VEGAN #GLUTENFREE, #NONGMO . Check WeedMaps for full menu, link in bio #wholestextracts #livewholest #MMJ #CPCdelivery #SB420 #prop215 #cannabis #realmedicine #Wholest #cartridges #CA #420 #720 #bayArea #delivery #flowers #terps #terpenes #medicated #dispensary #delivery #caligrown #dogwalkerog #sourdiesel #microdose #veganedibles #glutenfreeedibles

A post shared by Wholest Extracts (@wholestextracts) on

These Freeze Dries Organic Strawberries by Wholest are as simple as the day they were picked from the bush, with only one added ingredient—cannabis oil. They are gluten free, vegan, and have no added sugar. Featuring 5mg of full-spectrum cannabis oil per slice for a total of 150mg per container, they’re the perfect treat for microdosing or as a light snack for increased dosage. Not a strawberry fan? The company makes medicated banana slices as well.

Available in: California


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Sweet Leaf Hard Cinnamon Candy by THC Express

Sugar free candies, Soooooo Good 100mg 10 per unit……available at our retailers on website

A post shared by thcexpress (@thcexpress_kingston_wa) on

These sugar-free Sweet Leaf Hard Cinnamon Candies by THC Express feature a delicious cinnamon flavor and 100mg THC per package. They’re infused with hash oil and are perfect for low glycemic diets; even more so with the addition of cinnamon which has glucose balancing properties. THC Express also offers a wide variety of sugar-free candies, including cherry, watermelon, lemon, and peppermint.

Available in: Washington

Dark Chocolate PunchBar by Punch Edibles

Heard these things smack!!! I mean punch 🤘 @punchedibles_us . Ate half of this and had two teaspoons of the syrup currently waiting for the hazzzeee #punchbar #punchedibles #cannabis #ediblecannabis #topshelf #toostoned #eattogethigh #cannabiscommunity

A post shared by @ ryandabzzzz on

Who said chocolate couldn’t be a healthy treat? Opting out of sugar doesn’t have to mean opting out of chocolate, and Punch Edibles’ delectable Dark Chocolate PunchBar is out to prove it. These rich, dark chocolate bars are completely sugar-free and offer 25mg of cannabinoids per square for a total of 225mg per package.

Available in: California

Coava Cold Brew Coffee by Level+

cold brewin' @coavacoffee +) #chooseyourlevel #enjoylevel

A post shared by level+ (@enjoylevel) on

With a simple ingredients list featuring water, coffee, and cannabis extract, Coava Cold Brew Coffee by Level+ is a great way to combine a caffeine and cannabis pick-me-up. The 16oz bottle offers 5mg of THC, making it an excellent choice for microdosing while giving you the option to drink an entire bottle worry-free. Take it black to enjoy the full, rich flavor of cold brew, or add a little cream for a lightly sweetened version.

Available in: Oregon


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Green Tea Peppermint Mints by Swifts Edibles

Swifts all natural, sugar free mints are the discreet cannabis option that will make everyday like a day at the beach! #Swifts #AlwaysExtraordinary #Cannabis #Edibles #sativa #indica #hybrid #THC #CBD #i502 #PNW #lifesabeach

A post shared by Swifts Edibles (@greenlabsllc) on

These Green Tea Peppermint Mints by Swifts Edibles are delicious, fresh, and sugar-free. They’re an all-natural, discreet way to medicate, boasting 20 mints with 100mg THC per container

Available in: Washington

Roasted Seed Mix by Julie’s Natural Edibles

Seedmix and Steamboat Hot springs, #lifeisgood #legalizeit #bosswomen and always listening to #jerrygarcia #johnmayer

A post shared by Julie's Natural Edibles (@juliesnaturaledibles) on

This delicious Roasted Seed Mix by Julie’s Natural Edibles is pesticide-free and made with tender loving care. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are joined with sea salt and cannabutter made from organic cannabis. The result is a flavorful, simple, natural snack that is completely sugar-free. The seed mix is offered in 10mg packages for recreational consumers and 200mg for medical patients.

Available in: Colorado

Veda Chews by Veda Chews

Day or night, we’ve got you covered with our delicious high CBD chocolate caramel chews! #vegan #sugarfree #glutenfree #soyfree #nongmo #healthyedibles #healthyhigh #Indica #Sativa #THC #CBD #synergy #highCBD #diabeticfriendly #medicalcannabis #medicalmarijuana #highsociety #hightimes #topshelflife #weedstagram #sb420 #prop215 #edibles #medibles #realmedicine #legalize #cbdcures #fueledbythc #fueledbycbd #cannabiscommunity

A post shared by Veda Chews (@vedachews) on

Veda Chews are vegan, non-GMO, and sugar-free. The chews feature varying levels of cannabinoids, from the Silver CBD Veda Chews which have 60mg CBD and 20mg THC per package, to the Mega Hybrid Veda Chews which have 18mg CBD and 210mg THC per package. Each chew variety offers a different balance of cannabinoids, so you can control which ones to take to suit your exact needs.

Available in: California


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Gentle Green Whitewater Tea by Stillwater Brands

Go spend some quality time with your favorite lady today. Happy 🌏 day #relaxintolife #itsprettygreat #gentlegreen #cannabistea #greentea

A post shared by Stillwater Brands ( on

Gentle Green Whitewater Tea by Stillwater Brands has all the gentle energizing properties of green tea combined with the benefits of THC. Each packet includes 10mg of THC and organic green tea. The water-soluble THC formula ensures a delicious flavor without oil slicks, and the sugar-free ingredient list means you can customize this tea to your own dietary preferences.

Available in: Colorado

Cannabis Protein Bars by YUP

spring cleaning should apply to your ingredient list.

A post shared by YUP (@yupbars) on

An all-natural infused protein bar with no added sugar? Yup! These delicious Cannabis Protein Bars by YUP provide 12g of protein, 5mg THC, and 20mg CBD. All this without gluten, soy, dairy, or added sugar. They come in three unique artisanal flavors, including Lemon Lavender, Bacon Rosemary Bliss, and Dark Peppery Chocolate.

Available in: Oregon and Washington

Sparkling Juice by California Dreamin’

Cloudy day in L.A.? Perfect day for a hike. Perfect day for our new variety pack of California Dreamin’ too. Link in bio 👌 . . . . . . . #cannabiscommunity #highsociety #cannabiscup #420 #edibles #drinkables #marijuana #happydays #hiking #griffithobservatory #drinkyourmedicine #pot #weed #weedstagram #lifeisgrand

A post shared by California Dreamin' (@drinkdreamin) on

These Sparkling Juices from California Dreamin’ have no added sugar and deliver a potent, carefully measured infusion of 10mg THC per bottle. They are all-natural and come in four delicious and refreshing flavors including cranberry apple, grapefruit, pomegranate, and tangerine. They’re the perfect beverage for relaxing on a warm day or making a cannabis spritzer.

Available in: California


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Lori’s Potato Chips by Craft Elixirs

@diamondgreen_tacoma rocking some fresh and crunchy goodness! 👌 ____________________________________ #organic #vegan #i502 #chips #potatochips #cannabis #hightimes #highsociety #instaweed #sweetpotato #dope #massroots #cannabiscup #crunchy #seattle #cannabiscommunity #420 #staylifted #high #thc #foodie #weedporn #edibles #ganjafood #weedfood #tacoma #i502processerDisclaimer: This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Smoking is hazardous to your health. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product. Should not be used by women that are pregnant or breast feeding. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of reach of children.

A post shared by Craft Elixirs (@craft_elixirs) on

Delicious, artisan, cannabis-infused potato chips are now a reality, and Lori’s Potato Chips by Craft Elixirs delivers with three great flavors. The Roasted Garlic, Sweet Potato, and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper potato chips are organic, vegan, and gluten-free, with 10mg per bag. The moderate dose is good, because with great flavors like these, you won’t want to put them down.

Available in: Washington

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  • Jay Hansen

    I could not determine from this article what sweeteners were used as substitutes in the various products. Sorbitol, mannitol, and xylitol can all cause severe diarrhea, though they are probably your safest bets. Saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose are simply poisonous and should not be touted as “healthy” under any circumstance. Stevia is open to debate.

  • Luke

    Cool article but Cheddar Crackers are far from being sugar free! Carbs are sugars, and flour is full of carbs; so full of sugar.
    FYI, 1 regular bagel is equivalent to 7 spoons of sugar. Oh, and cheese is also sugar (and fat). 🙂

  • Kaysa

    Was hoping to find something that I could eat on a ketogenic diet but unfortunately none of these qualify. I wouldn’t mind if they were using erythritol, stevia, or monk fruit, but they’re not. It’s not too big of a deal to make my own on my days off, but it’s hard to dose those. This article is just really unfortunate.