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3 Strains, Products, and Pieces of Advice for Viewing the Total Solar Eclipse

Published on July 28, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020
3 Strains, Products, and Pieces of Advice for Viewing the Total Solar Eclipse While High | Leafly
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Summer 2017’s total solar eclipse is America’s celestial event of the century. The first eclipse to fully cross the contiguous United States since 1918, it will mobilize millions of travelers on (and to) the North American continent. Happily, the eclipse has decided to include a rec-legal state in its path of totality.

As many as a million visitors are expected in Oregon alone on August 21st, and a good many of them will be marveling at the solar phenomenon in an elevated state of mind. The following are three strains and three products we recommend for viewing the event, as well as three pieces of advice for getting high while the world goes dark.

Best Cannabis Strains for Viewing the Eclipse

Sunset Sherbet

The name alone brings this one to mind right away, but its effervescent cerebral effects and feel-good full body high are what make this strain a perfect eclipse-viewing pick. The indica-leaning hybrid is potent but won’t put you under, and offers a jolt of imaginative energy that will have you in awe over everything going on up above.

Mt. Hood Magic

An Oregon-born hybrid cross between Durban Poison and Northern Lights #5, Mt. Hood Magic can be found in Portland, Seaside, and Bend, and begets a bubbly, euphoric, social high and a delectable dose of citrusy flavor. If you want to get extra-local, this is your pick—just be sure to check whether the dispensary you’re hitting will have it, as it’s rarer than either Sunset Sherbet or Super Silver Haze.

Super Silver Haze

This earthy sativa is the perfect way to fully appreciate the natural beauty of the eclipse—as a Haze, it’ll leave you feeling happy yet relaxed and fully at peace with the world around you. Where Mt. Hood Magic can be tricky to track down, Super Silver Haze products and pre-rolls are everywhere, so you can definitely find this strain no matter where you end up watching the event.

Best Cannabis Products for the Eclipse

D!PPER by Dipstick Vapes

You’ll be camped out ready to watch the eclipse for awhile (it starts coming on around 9:00 a.m. and reaches totality right about 10:20), so you’ll want something portable with a solid battery life. This concentrate vape is the way to go: It includes a unique Vapor Tip Atomizer attachment for actual dabs, or a Quartz Crystal Atomizer that can be loaded in a more traditional manner. Remember to clean it out thoroughly if you’ll be flying home—no transporting cannabis across state lines.

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Wana Jewels

There’s a good chance you’ll be near a ton of people while you’re watching, so be considerate with smoke, vapor, and smells, particularly if you’re around families. Edibles are the most discreet way to do it. We recommend low-dose edibles so you can slowly tailor your high to the perfect level as the eclipse comes on. Wana Jewels are delicious and ideal for this kind of dosing, as they contain less than 2mg per candy.

Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Gel Pen

This purchase is an investment in comfort—you’re going to be craning your neck for hours watching the sun. A transdermal topical is the perfect thing to have on hand: Rub it between your wrists for a subtle mental buzz, or massage a few pumps into your neck for localized relief and minimal psychoactive effects.

Advice for Watching the Eclipse While High

Be wary of dry eyes.

Smoking or vaping in particular can cause them, which won’t make for an enjoyable viewing experience. Solution: Stay hydrated, bring eye drops, and if you want to be extra-careful, close your eyes when you exhale a lungful of smoke or vapor. And speaking of eyes, don’t forget your shades—meaning eclipse viewing glasses, which you’ll need to safely look at the sky (no, regular sunglasses won’t work).

Pack a survival kit.

Include munchies, water, eye drops, sunscreen, an extra lighter, those eclipse viewing glasses, a camera or your phone, a blanket, a pillow—and don’t forget your cannabis. It’s far better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Speaking of preparedness, set multiple alarms on the morning of the eclipse, and stake out your preferred viewing location in advance.

Make a trip of it.

Want to spend more than a day in Oregon? Good plan, because trying to arrive at a viewing location anywhere close to Monday morning is going to be your worst nightmare in terms of traffic (we’re talking standstills, not a crawl). What to do: Check out our complete Oregon cannabis road trip itinerary, which zig-zags between the state’s cannabis hubs before ending up in the path of totality in time for the eclipse. That way, if untimely clouds ruin your viewing plans, you’ll still have had a fantastic time in this beautiful state.

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