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Arrrr, Matey! 10 Seafaring Strains to Help Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 19, 2014

Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day, a period of 24 hours where it is technically appropriate to grunt, drool, and “yar” your way through a conversation like a bonafide sea rover. Seeing as how we’re owned by Privateer Holdings, we figured we’d get into the marauder spirit and highlight 10 swashbuckling strains that will help ease you into that pirate state of mind.

Without further ado, here are 10 hidden treasures we recommend you (legally) plunder from your nearest dispensary or retail shop. Naturally, each description has been translated into pirate speak, so enjoy, ya filthy landlubbers.

Leafly Grapefruit sativa cannabis strain tile  1. Grapefruit

Stave off scurvy wit’ this citrus-y sweet sativa, ’cause even pirates could use a lil’ vit’min ‘C’annabis ev’ry now ‘n then.

Leafly OG's Pearl indica cannabis strain tile  2. OG’s Pearl

A true treasure indeed, ye won’t have t’ wrangle this indica out o’ an oyster’s gapin’ maw. Dissolve yer seafarin’ stresses wit’ this happy heavy-hitter that delivers strong body-focused effects.

Leafly Morning Star hybrid cannabis strain tile  3. Morning Star

Lookin’ t’ expand yer mind while navigatin’ t’ seas waitin’ for sunrise? This sweet-tastin’ hybrid be a perfect pairin’ for catchin’ a glimpse o’ its celestial counterpart (also known as Sirius), which appears in t’ sky just beferr dawn.

Leafly Shipwreck sativa cannabis strain tile  4. Shipwreck

This mellow sativa can deliver t’ lift that’s needed t’ steer yer ship away from jagged rocks or a sandbar. Make aye ye guide yer vessel t’ safety before t’ strong body effects kick in, or ye’ll find yerself hitchin’ a ride wit’ yer crew down t’ Davy Jones’ Locker.

Leafly Lifesaver hybrid cannabis strain tile  5. Lifesaver

Man overboard! Throw a lifesaver t’ yer mate, then once ye’ve fished Smee out o’ t’ water, bust out this Lifesaver t’ help yer shellshocked bucko relax and feel euphoric after his brush wit’ drownin’.

Leafly Northern Lights indica cannabis strain tile  6. Northern Lights

A true beacon o’ beauty, this famous indica will relax and lull ye t’ sleep as ye drift towards t’ Aurora Borealis into t’ Northern Hemisphere.

Leafly Shoreline hybrid cannabis strain tile  7. Shoreline

Land ho! This sativa-dominant hybrid will help ye get yer land legs aft as ye prep yer crew t’ dig their toes into warm sand. When it comes t’ feelin’ happy and euphoric, this strain’s a ‘shore’ thin’.

Leafly Great White Shark sativa cannabis strain tile  8. Great White Shark

Yar, this sativa packs a bite! Should ya find yerself fendin’ off a shark attack, celebrate yer victory wit’ this sweet, fruity strain t’ take t’ edge off t’ pain yer feelin’ from t’ area that used t’ be your port leg. (At least you’ll finally be able t’ rock t’ wooden peg look!)

Leafly Blue Moonshine indica cannabis strain tile  9. Blue Moonshine

Too much grog in yer belly? Moonshine got’ya feelin’ blue? Sleep off yer hangover with t’ help o’ this potent indica that tastes like blueberries and will relax yer body until t’ rum’s out o’ yer system.

Leafly Dreadlock hybrid cannabis strain tile  10. Dreadlock

This energizing hybrid be great for socializing, meanin’ when it’s time t’ climb up t’ t’ Crow’s Nest and have yer first mate style yer hair into t’ tried ‘n true nubby pirate ‘do, ye’ll have plenty t’ chat about.

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