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Your Guide to Seaside, Oregon Dispensaries & Cannabis Hotspots

Published on September 11, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Planning a trip along the Oregon coast? Cannabis isn’t always easy to find out here, but this guide to Oregon’s coastal cannabis dispensaries will make it a breeze. Explore your cannabis options by city or plan your road trip through each city for the full experience.

Located where the 26 meets the 101, Seaside is populated by bare-essential utilities of the Safeway and McDonald’s type, alongside quirky, small-town independent businesses and family-friendly entertainment features like the go-kart raceway at Captain Kid Amusement Park and a retro gaming gauntlet at the Funland Arcade.

Seaside amounts to one of the last opportunities for contemporary commerce before the coast’s limited-infrastructure sprawl of state parks and KOAs, bait shops and independent grocers—the varied and spotty accommodations to be found to the south before hitting Tillamook. It’s a place to stock up: food supplies, bags of ice for your cooler, cryptocurrency, and, if you’re reading this, cannabis.

For several years, Seaside upheld a moratorium on recreational cannabis commerce—an unfortunate regulatory decision, given Seaside’s close proximity to the 26 where much of the Portland-to-Astoria traffic lets out onto the 101. Good news is, now that the moratorium has been lifted, cannabis shops have sprouted up left and right.

Widest Flower Selection: Canna Beach Junction

84834 Highway 101, Seaside, OR

Oregon coast dispensaries & cannabis hotspots in Seaside: Canna Beach Junction

(Matt Stangel for Leafly)

If you’re visiting Seaside from Portland, the first stop on the 26 is Canna Beach Junction, a shop that functions as something like an all-purpose outpost for weed stuffs, stocking a wide range of products in all categories.

View Canna Junction’s Menu

I was particularly taken with their flower selection, where I found the elusive and storied Sirius Black: a deep-purple, citrus-and-grape-flavored heritage strain created by the Oregon Breeder’s Group. Because Canna Beach Junction is the only spot on the coast where you’ll find the rare cultivar, we’d recommend stopping in if you’re on the hunt for unique flowers.

And while you’re there, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up one of Winberry’s extraordinarily flavorful Traveler pens—a disposable concentrate vape in a familiar e-cig form factor that you can toss at the end of your vacation, should you be leaving the state.

Best Top-Shelf: Oasis Cannabis

1111 S Holladay Dr, Seaside, OR

Oregon coast dispensaries & cannabis hotspots in Seaside: Oasis Cannabis

(Courtesy of Oasis)

Offering a flower menu that zeros in on top-shelf options, Oasis Cannabis packs their shoebox showroom with big, loud cultivars.

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View Oasis Cannabis’ Menu

I couldn’t resist the peppery fuel that is Zookies, produced by none other than Koma The Grower’s Vth Element Farms. But it wasn’t easy passing up on the remarkably nose-heavy offerings from Resin Ranchers and Bull Run Craft Cannabis—or any of the other flowers that solidify Oasis as a destination for those seeking designer-grade, ornamental funk.

Added bonus: since my visit, Oasis slashed their prices, creating some of Seaside’s most competitive, top-shelf value propositions, with their best-in-class herbs topping out at $13.80 per gram, tax included.

Best House Flower: Cannabis Nation

550 S Roosevelt Dr, Seaside, OR

Oregon coast dispensaries & cannabis hotspots in Seaside: Cannabis Nation

(Matt Stangel for Leafly)

Cannabis Nation is an Oregon dispensary chain that vertically integrates much of its flower from its sister farm, Cannabis Nation Farms.

View Cannabis Nation’s Menu

Curating a menu that’s unique to the family of shops, Cannabis Nation divides their menu up into various tiers of quality, separating b-buds from the head nugs and pricing things accordingly. This means you can get the same chemovars at varying price points, opening up the indoor quality to at-times outdoor prices.

I snatched a gram of their Jazz—a personal favorite that offers a happy high—but I still regret passing up on their Violet Delight, which smelled exactly as I remember it from Oregon’s medical-only era.

Best Glass Selection: Highway 420

1803 S Roosevelt Dr, Seaside, OR

Oregon coast dispensaries & cannabis hotspots in Seaside: Highway 420

(Matt Stangel for Leafly)

Given that Highway 420 survived Seaside’s dispensary moratorium by stop-gapping as a head shop, it makes sense that they’ve got the widest selection of paraphernalia in town.

View Highway 420’s Menu

You’ll find locally blown glass, plus dab rigs and other essentials presented alongside a full-service cannabis menu that culls many of the best options to be found from Oregon’s wholesalers.

For flowers, highlights include popular, heavy-hitter producers like TKO Organics—see their fantastic Sherbinski-certified Mochi Gelato. Also on deck are breeder-selected examples from Dynasty Genetics’ celebrated stable, coming by way of Dynasty’s recreational production arm, Deep Creek. Should Deep Creek’s Salmon River OG be in stock, don’t pass it up if you want a unique, Oregon-bred flavor winner.

Edible confections include artisanal fruit chews from Wyld in flavors like pomegranate and strawberry, industry-leading chocolates from Grön, and powerful gummies in fun shapes from Squibs. Also available are concentrate options from Winberry, Golden Oil, and Avitas (who grow a sizable chunk of Highway 420’s flower menu).

Lead image by AndrewSoundarajan/iStock

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