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LaCroix and Chronic: Strain Pairings From Fizzy Heaven

Published on June 15, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Non-caloric, non-caffeinated, and highly carbonated, LaCroix is the cure for any case of cottonmouth. It’s no surprise the resurgence of this sparkling staple and the uptick of legal bud on a national level go hand-in-hand. Hotly debated by flavor haters and devotees alike, the 21 current flavors** of LaCroix are steeped in controversy.

**Editor’s note: We’re pairing strains with the classic 12-oz cans of LaCroix today. Apologies to the Cùrate and NiCola faithfuls. We’re braced for your rightful rage in the comments.

No matter if you’re cuckoo for Coconut or you tango for Mango, we aren’t here to judge, baby. We come with the strain to enhance the sizzle of your swizzle.

Here’s our list of perfect chronic pairings when you’re about to crack that can (or six).

Apricot LaCroix—Tropical Tang

An opening of citrus that gives way to a wave of apricot, Tropical Tang gives a bit more complexity to this heavily (for LaCroix) flavored water. This “get up and go” type strain is a heavy-hitter with an extended buzz.

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Cran Raspberry LaCroix—Panama Punch

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

A bold mix of flavors and a hearty kick are what every good “bowl” of punch needs. You’ll get plenty of both when this happy strain (with a taste chain of orange, tropical fruit, and a sweet finish) meets your can of CranRaz.

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Berry LaCroix—Cotton Candy Kush

With sweetness and floral hints followed by natural berry flavor, Cotton Candy Kush gives your water a better berry boost while keeping you in a happy, relaxed mood. Perfect for putting on some records and making mundane chores fun.

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Coconut LaCroix—Pineapple Thai

If you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in rain…Welcome to Seattle, enjoy your stay. To ‘Escape,’ mix a Coconut LaCroix with the CBD leaning Pineapple Thai. It puts your body in a relaxed place and leaves your mind in the present. Great for pain management, anxiety, and SAD as well.

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Key Lime LaCroix—Ultimate Trainwreck

LaCroix turns up the tartness with its latest release, Key Lime. Ultimate Trainwreck, with its tropical, spicy, and mint progression compliments the lime’s brisk bite. To be blunt, ahem, this strong  strain gets you very high, so plan (to do absolutely nothing) accordingly.

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Peach Pear—Peaches and Cream

(Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

A great flavor hybrid is “peared” with an amazing strain that keeps you on task while keeping your cool, Peaches and Cream is a special blend that’s pure magic for a daytime smoker. The tasty essence of sweetness, peach, and citrus make for a strain of terrific flavor and focus.

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Lemon LaCroix—Honey Bananas

Happy and calm with a bit of pep, Honey Bananas is a sweet strain all on its own. Couple it with zesty Lemon LaCroix and your taste buds will beg for it daily. Maybe around 4:20?

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Lime LaCroix—Blueberry

This sparkling lime fave is an infamous mixer with alcohol, so why not make a blueberry mojito right in your mouth? No hangover necessary. Blueberry starts off sweet, leading to blueberry bliss and a final hint of mint. Arousal wouldn’t be a weird side effect. Hubba hubba!

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Mango LaCroix—Hindu Skunk

For a heavenly and heavily scented strain, you need a heavenly and heavily flavored LaCroix. Mango is the ideal match for Hindu Kush when you’re in the mood for a peaceful pairing. Relaxed and euphoric, it tastes earthy with notes of tea and sweetness that follow, letting that fruity burst of mango blend magically.

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Orange LaCroix—Wedding Cake


A relaxing smoke, the sweet and vanilla notes of Wedding Cake—when combined with a strong pop of orange—will remind you of a creamsicle. But don’t let the candy-like flavors fool you, this a truly potent strain best for regular smokers.

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Pamplemousse LaCroix—Grapefruit

Intensify your grapefruit experience to the max with this on-the-nose pairing. A refreshing and sparkling strain, Grapefruit has notes of grapefruit, citrus, and a spicy finish that adds an unexpected depth to this combo.

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Pure—Grandpa’s Breath

We get it. Back in your day you didn’t have water with that fancy flavoring business, and you liked it. You’re a purest. You still call it grass, man. For you, we recommend Granddaddy Purple, a pungent, berry-scented relaxer that will keep you calm and focused while you keep those damn kids off your lawn.

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Tangerine—Lemon Larry Lavender

Nothing says summer like “citrus,” and this LaCroix and chronic coupling can take you somewhere tropical all year long. Lemon Larry Lavender sports notes of lemon, citrus, and lime that—when combined with a heavy tangerine essence—will have you ready and refreshed for a day of creative productivity.

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Passionfruit LaCroix—Love Potion #1


Make sure you’ve grabbed a 12-pack (or 2), because this naughty strain—with a sweet, citrus, and grape palette—is the kind you pick up to lock yourself in a bedroom for the weekend. Trust us, you’re going to be, well, realllll thirsty, as this Love Potion #1’s main effects are energy and arousal. Hubba hubba!

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