1841 El Camino Ave - Sacramento

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“I have only been here a couple of times. The staff is pretty polite and the facility is clean. My biggest complaint with this place is, their prices are ridiculous. The best Buds go in the sample jar. I went and got some MKUltra which was very cheaply priced but looked very nice in the sample jar. What my 8th looked like was dog poop shake with a very few teeny tiny basically worthless buds. I have been smoking weed since 1979 and I swear I have had better crappy brown weed back then this particular strain. Also, everything is pre weighed into eighths. I prefer to see what I am getting and have the budtender weigh it in front of me and choose buds from a big jar instead of just tossing me a package with crappy looking pot in it. Honestly, I might go here in a DIRE emergency because it is near my home, but otherwise I am sticking with the delivery service I use. This store isn't worth it.”

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“If you haven't been into this dispensary do yourself a favor and check it out. They follow stringent guidelines, but once you get those right you are treated like family. The staff is amazing and they go out of there way to help you and they are gratified that you are their customer! They back their product 100%. Thx so much again... Sally”

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