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602 5734030 We Deliver Valley wide all areas, We are a small group of care givers & patients helping patients to receive the meds they truly need.This is a patient to patient only delivery service we only take donations.All prices are recommended Donations nothing is for sale. All drivers are volunteers, tips are gladly accepted. We take pride in helping others . minimum $45 donation. Free delivery. We also make appointments for cupcakes or cakes tell us what your looking for an pre order call for details birthday cakes etc We follow all prop 203 laws ARS title 36 ARS title 38, an must provide Drivers license an valid medical card. Before & upon delivery.We do not except expired cards no exceptions.


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1 shatter 1 eighth $90

any 1gram shatter an any $45 dollar eighth for $90 bucks

Valid from 1/1/0001.


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“AZ's Best Meds is the only dispensary that's got my loyalty any day of the week rather than just catching my attention sometimes with special strains or deals. I can call them anytime, they deliver all over the valley, all the drivers are wonderful and kind and their selection can't be beat! Great value strains every day but also some very nice top shelf. When I say this place has top of the line volunteers, I really mean it. Every single one of their drivers makes a better impression than most entire dispensaries! Younger, older, male, female and from all walks of life, the people you meet from AZ's best meds all have a couple of things in common-they care about you as a customer, and they know their meds! Some of them sit down on the couch with us and chat about their week or how we're doing. I'm ashamed to say, as a very independent and prideful person, that I've even availed one of the drivers as one does a bartender: tearful and with the woes of the world weighing me down: I was given the full bartender treatment... as in, they sat with me for a bit while I cried, talked to me about how I was worthwhile, let me imbibe and did not imbibe themselves, and left me feeling better than a therapist probably would have. Heh. (I love you Bobbi! You're a hero!) I got a free eighth on my birthday, and I've had AZ Best Meds deliver to locations over an hour apart and they didn't even bat an eye about it. I could probably talk for an hour about how much I love AZ Best Meds! They've worked around my weird schedule for my job and they gave me a surprise gift on 420. Even their value grab bags, which they call "Skittles", are worth it when you're pinching pennies on your check. I cannot recommend AZ's Best Meds enough! Give them a shot! You'll be glad you did and you'll call them again and again.”

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“Good customer service and good meds.”

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