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Leafly List

Leafly List: The Best Cannabis Locations in North America, Spring 2018

March 15, 2018
Every quarter we update the Leafly List in an effort to answer a question we hear all the time: “Can you recommend a great dispensary near me?” The list is a snapshot of the most talked-about medical cannabis dispensaries and retail locations in 10 major cannabis markets across North America. The top locations are determined using an indexing system that ranks locations across a variety of customer engagement metrics like reviews of each location’s quality, service, and atmosphere.

Click on your state or province below to find the most relevant Leafly List for you. Remember, if you don’t see your favorite dispensary on the list, make sure you follow, rate, and review your favorite cannabis locations to let the world know where you find your favorite cannabis.



More on the Leafly List

The Leafly List index score is a proprietary statistic created by Leafly to measure the performance of medical cannabis dispensaries and retail cannabis locations across Leafly’s digital platform. It is designed to be a comparative metric that offers context as to which locations are generating the most positive buzz and pushing the cannabis industry forward through exceptional service and digital engagement. Check out the Leafly List FAQ for more information on how dispensaries are ranked.

The Leafly List is based on 100% objective customer feedback and data collected by Leafly. Businesses CANNOT pay for a spot on the list.

The Leafly List is by no means a comprehensive list of your options when it comes to cannabis access points. You can use Leafly’s Find Nearby tool to see the complete list of dispensaries or recreational stores in your area. The Leafly List is designed to let you know which locations are being reviewed, followed, and have their Leafly menus visited the most, and it also provides other web-based engagement factors. Simply put, these are the places that the Leafly community is talking about, so if you don’t see your favorite location listed, make sure you follow, rate, and review your local dispensary to let others know it’s the best.

Lead image by OpenRangeStock/iStock

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  • CLK1

    AGAIN, WTF IS your Bias Leafy??? You don’t list every state that has Medical MMJ but you do list some, really don’t get you guys….

    • Jeffrey Avery

      probably ,they only list the onse that are operational/ark,louisana..are still not avtive,,,ark is waiting for law suits to be settled and supreme court has to deside between judge griffin/injunction,and state attorney general,,who has filed suit6-9 months,,just for that one…then all the fore mention onse…theres a bunch,,just gummin up the works

      • CLK1

        There are Several States around Michigan that are Active MMJ States but they don’t list them but do list MI. My thought is that someone from Leafy is from MI but hates the surrounding states so thus the bias and they only list something on any of those states when they absolutely have to…

        • Jeffrey Avery

          very likely,,,,who knows,,,your hunch is as good as any other,,,maybe they’re just bad at research,,,ha,ha,,,i was supposed to go to work as i waved good bye,,then i got ,then i got high,then i got high……lol

          • CLK1


  • Tracey Wilkinson

    Curaleaf St. Petersburg, FL great place, so open visually, you don’t feel cramped, so clean. Professional, knowledgeable staff, you make a decision & feel good about it. Go see Mark & Alicia – they were great!

  • Alf_vin

    cloud nine dispensary in victoria B.C. de facto pays to be on this list, leafly has aknowledged this to me yet still keeps them on the list. shady shady shady… cloud nine pays people to leave fake reviews as a store policy. they will tell you this when you sign up. I’ve brought this to leafly’s attention, they aknowledged it and are still selling it to you, the public, as 100% objective knowing that it is not. why?

  • Bill Burns

    Hey you guys ever gonna update for Oklahoma???

  • Bill Burns

    several people have asked for dr refferrals in OKC area?