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Best-rated dispensaries in Massachusetts 2022

Published on May 23, 2023 · Last updated July 12, 2024
Best dispensaries in Massachusetts

These are the must-stop legal weed shops across the state

Massachusetts residents voted to legalize medical cannabis in 2012, and then adult-use in 2016. The recreational market opened in 2018 with the East Coast’s first legal dispensaries, and the market has grown rapidly since. But finding the best dispensaries in the state’s maturing market can be difficult at times.

According to the state’s Cannabis Control Commission, “Since Massachusetts’ first two Marijuana Retailers opened in 2018, 163 more (dispensaries)…are in the process of opening.” The site adds “another 205 (dispensaries)…are completing the Commission’s inspection and compliance procedures,” suggesting that there could soon be over 350 licensed retailers statewide.

To save you the trial and error, we dug into real Leafly reviews and data to rank the best weed dispensaries in Massachusetts as of 2022. Keep reading to see the top 10 medical providers, as well as the top 10 recreational dispensaries working to keep the good people of the Baked Bean State properly baked.

The best-rated weed dispensaries in Massachusetts 2023

Highest-rated recreational dispensaries in Massachusetts 2022

The recreational cannabis market in Massachusetts is blooming fast. After becoming the first state to decriminalize marijuana in 2008, anyone 21 years old or older can have up to one ounce in their personal possession or up to 10 ounces of weed stored at home.

Whether you’re new to the state, or simply looking for a new shop, we crunched the numbers to find top notch dispensaries across all regions of MA. Let The Leafly List guide you to the best dispensaries in the state across cities like Worcester, Lynn, Fairhaven, and beyond.

253 Farmacy

253 Millers Falls Rd. – Turners Falls, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.8 star rating out of 166 dispensary reviews

Anyone who is new to buying legal cannabis will appreciate 253 Farmacy’s knowledgeable and attentive staff. And even the most seasoned users will be blown away by their wide selection of high quality products. The sprinkles on top are a “great location, large parking area, and nice building,” according to a Leafly reviewer who is high on this dispensary. All elements of the customer experience provided by 253 Farmacy show why it is the state of Massachusetts’ top-rated recreational dispensary according to Leafly users.


16 Pearson Blvd. – Gardner, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.6 star rating out of 457 dispensary reviews

Sanctuary is making a name for itself across Massachusetts thanks to their wide array for flowers, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and more. A Leafly verified shopper raved about Sanctuary’s “knowledgeable staff friendly atmosphere amazing products” after visiting, and the staff is known to go out of their way to offer great deals, including an incredibly-generous veteran’s discount. According to another Leafly reviewer’s testimony, this is “the best dispensary in MA! The staff is so happy and helpful, always looking to educate me more about the products and the different strains. I love the wide selection of products.”


645 Park Ave.Worcester, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.7 star rating out of 38 dispensary reviews

You don’t have to be a pilgrim to appreciate the pioneering work this Worcester dispensary is doing in Worcester. As the legal market continues to evolve, the trailblazers at Mayflower are pushing the dispensary experience forward by specializing in great customer service and product knowledge. The beautiful facilities are extremely clean and comforting for any first-time or veteran buyer. One Leafly reviewer says, “I’ve been going here for about a month and the people who work here are so knowledgeable and accurate about their products.” Reviews add that Mayflower’s budtenders are always “very genuine” and put in the effort to get to know their customers needs.”

Gage Cannabis Co.

38 Littleton RdAyer, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.8 star rating out of 498 dispensary reviews

The professional and modern feel of Gage Cannabis Co. will install confidence in any first-timer that they are about to have the bud-buying experience of a lifetime. With a near perfect rating after almost 500 Leafly reviews, Gage rarely has unsatisfied customers walking out of its doors, thanks to a primo selection, top flight security, and the kind of attention to detail that would impress the most meticulous among Leafly nation. One reviewer felt obligated to give “praise where praise is due,” after multiple visits.

“Countless times I’ve been incredibly satisfied with customer service and respectful greeters,” said the reviewer. “As a person with sometimes extreme social anxiety, I feel relaxed and welcome here, and recommend this dispensary where the quality of products is top notch, and easy to talk to staff if you’re sill learning which particular brands or products that might benefit you the most.” In addition to the great customer service, also expect to enjoy an impeccable atmosphere for cannabis consumers from all walks of life.

United Cultivation

601 Fitchburg State Rd. – Ashby, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐5 star rating out of 6 dispensary reviews

This impressive dispensary is already leaving an impression on shoppers thanks to its beautiful facility and unique vibe. One Leafly reviewer called United Cultivation “The best dispensary I’ve been to in years,” adding positive notes about the “Very cool building and friendly staff.” Another visitor appreciated that there was “Plenty of parking, a gorgeous show floor, friendly service, (and) high end products.” From the fantastic selection to the party-like atmosphere, you will not want to leave United Cultivation after your very first experience.

Garden Wonders Cannabis

1 Buxton St., MillvilleMillville, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.9 star rating out of 15 dispensary reviews

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of laid-back and knowledgeable from your budtenders, Garden Wonders will blow you away. One verified Leafly shopper swears by their “Wonderful staff, selection, assistance and all around experience.” Another shopper who frequents dispensaries in the Millville area called this their “Go-to pot shop.” The say, “the big difference for me is the staff. They are friendly and just in general nice. I feel comfortable here.” Another happy customer held no punches when giving Garden Wonders Cannabis their props stating they have the “Fucking (best) staff ever… These people are so laid back (and) chill but professional all in one.” The final verdict for most visitors is this: “Best vibe ever recommend to everyone great people great price boom smoke!”


2 Pequod Rd. – Fairhaven, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5 star rating out of 38 dispensary reviews

This beautiful location is known for having some of the best quality products in the area. Massachusetts smokers are coming to expect a wide range of top shelf products in every category, as well as a quick and seamless buying experience from this booming Fairhaven location. One Leafly reviewer explains, “Service is always very quick and kind. Product is always phenomenal as well.” What more could you ask for?

In Good Health

1200 W Chestnut St. – Brockton, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5 star rating out of 191 dispensary reviews

This Brockton dispensary is building a reputation for fast service and welcoming atmosphere, which can go a long way for many customers and patients. One Leafly reviewer writes, “Service is super fast, but they don’t rush you to get out. Easy to social distance inside during covid. Security guards for safety. Very solid establishment!” If you are a first-timer who would appreciate a staff that loves to answer questions, this is an ideal shop to visit.


491 LynnwayLynn, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.6 star rating out of 198 dispensary reviews

No matter how many dispensaries you’ve visited in your days, this location is sure to surprise you with an amazing look and feel to match it’s selection of grade-A flower, concentrates and edibles. Both medical and recreational patients agree that this Lynn dispensary has the right stuff to last in Massachusetts’ highly-competitive dispensary market. This shop made it to the top of the heap by consistently delivering great experiences that include consistent smiles and a staff that will go out of its way to help you find exactly what you need. “I’m a medical patient and they made I was well informed,” said one reviewer who raved about the exceptional service they got from their Apothca budetender.

Highest-rated medical dispensaries in Massachusetts

Medical cannabis has been legal in Massachusetts since 2012, when 63% of residents voted to become the 18th US state to do so. The first dispensary opened in the summer of 2015 in Salem, Massachusetts and as of 2021, the state has over 76 medical dispensaries. According to review data from The Leafly List, medical patients have ranked these medical dispensaries among the best in the state.

Mayflower Medicinals

230 Harvard Ave.Allston, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.6 star rating out of 317 dispensary reviews

The Mayflower is the first ship you want to hit if you’re looking for a highly-rated patient experience in Massachusetts. Leafly users say that you should expect great online deals, a welcoming atmosphere, and one of the widest selections of medical products in the state.

Commonwealth Cannabis Co

255 Turnpike Rd. Route, 9Southborough, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.8 star rating out of 213 dispensary reviews

This medical facility serves the greater good by providing incredible quality, selection, and patient care. frequent buyers on Leafly say it’s “hands down the best medical dispensary” they’ve been to. They specialize in getting their hands on exclusive brands and products, and they go out of their way to give you the best bang for your buck.


70 Industrial Ave. ELowell, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.4 star rating out of 986 dispensary reviews

Other Locations:Cannabist – Boston

The providers at Cannabist have carved a lane as one of Massachusetts’ most popular dispensaries for a good reason. And that’s quite the accomplishment with so much competition packed into the state. With nearly 1,000 verified Leafly reviews, this location consistently delivers what patients are asking for. Good luck smoking your way through their endless supply of premium buds. Just try to time your visit around the large crowds that can bulrush this dispo at peak hours.

Northeast Alternatives

999 William S Canning Blvd. – Fall River, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5 star rating out of 532 dispensary reviews

If you’re looking for dispensaries in Fall River or nearby, Northeast Alternatives medical dispensary has the charming look, feel, and dedication to exquisite care that will earn a special place in your heart. Visitors confirm a wide array of the best buds and brands on the East Coast, as well as a seamless buying experience. After one visit, this will become one of your primary medical cannabis resources, whether it’s for information, accessories, or top shelf legal gas at a fair price.

The Botanist

65 Pullman St. – Worcester, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.8 star rating out of 1,456 dispensary reviews

Other Locations:The Botanist – Shrewsbury

The Shrewsbury location of The Botanist specializes in helping medical patients find the perfect potion for their needs. “Everyone is very kind and helpful at both locations,” says one verified Leafly buyer. They treat weed with both a scientific and artistic eye that combines to create a fantastic atmosphere that is both peaceful and invigorating.

Happy Valley

38 Great Republic Dr. – Gloucester, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.6 star rating out of 30 dispensary reviews

Visitors to Happy Valley in Gloucester consistently leave with smiles on their faces and huge hauls of premium trees in their stash. Whether you prefer flower, concentrates, or edibles, the knowledgably and passionate staff will be happy to talk you through the best effects and price range for your situation. According to, Leafly buyers, Happy Valley is so efficient and well-stocked that it’s been compared to an Apple Store.

Central Ave Compassionate Care 

31 Central Ave. – Ayer, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5 star rating out of 279 dispensary reviews

The Compassionate Care dispensary on Central Ave in Ayer is a beacon of hope for medical patients who rely on its pleasurable staff and deep selection of dank. Perusing the menu will reveal fair prices for the high quality medical grade buds and concentrates. Their budtenders are also known for going above and beyond to educate and empower patients who need help selecting the right product.

Nature’s Medicines

482 Globe StFall River, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.8 star rating out of 449 dispensary reviews

It’s hard to find a dissatisfied customer or patient leaving this top Fall River dispensary. That’s because the Nature’s Medicine team is all about helping their patients achieve maximum levels of self-care and fulfillment. They do their part by going above and beyond to meet steadily increasing demand. As word of mouth spreads about their excellent selection, consider ordering ahead online to skip the lines. This MA dispo has maintained a nearly perfect rating after serving hundreds. That should be proof enough that they know what they’re doing when it comes to the green.


130 Commerce WayWoburn, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.7 star rating out of 148 dispensary reviews

Sanctuary lives up to it’s name if you’re looking for a safe and comfortable place to shop and learn. The plants they keep on deck are known to knock even the most tolerant patients out of their boots. But you can trust the staff and security team to help you find and access the perfect strains, accessories and more. Massachusetts dispensaries like this continue to set the standard for the state’s rich legal market.

Triple M

29 Echo Rd.Mashpee, MA

⭐⭐⭐⭐4.5 star rating out of 108 dispensary reviews

Mashpee residents rely on this highly-rated medical marijuana dispo because of its well-earned reputation for delivering the goods for a great price. Their discreet storefront, safe location, and easy parking make it worth the drive for many patients. Expect a pleasant and professional experience that includes friendly staff, clean facilities and fire supply.

Honorable dispensary mentions in Massachusetts

Don’t sleep on our honorable mentions, either. Dispensaries with this designation typically serve as both a medical and recreational dispensary. These select dispos have often already ranked within this list either in the recreational or medical category.

Leafly is proud to recognize the following businesses for being a top-rated dispensary in both the medical and recreational category and consistently providing visitors and residents in Massachusetts with safe access to legal cannabis.

Selection Criteria for Leafly List

To calculate the highest-rated dispensaries in Massachusetts for 2022, our Leafly List team uses a methodology based on quantitative and qualitative review data of dispensaries listed on Leafly, as well as other quality indicators, like reorder rates and deals availability (in markets where discounts are legal). Our teams are dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of highly-rated medical and recreational dispensaries.

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