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Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb! Check Out These Delicious Cherry-Tasting Strains

August 14, 2018
(Elysse Feigenblatt/Leafly)
Cherry pie, cherry sorbet, cherry cake, cherry strudel…cherry’s luscious and diverse flavor profile has found an elevated twist in cannabis. Mostly grown on the West Coast from Washington to California, cherries are a summertime staple meant for indulging.

Craving Sweet Cherries?

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Whip up a divine batch of infused cherry granola, load up your pipe with a decadent cherry tasting strain, and ease into your day with a little extra sweetness.

Cherry Bomb

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Boasting mentally alert effects that will rev up your focus, Cherry Bomb delivers a rush of energy on its fruity finish. Musk and berry blend into an uplifting strain that will keep you going all day long.

Why People Love It:

“Tried this strain last week and it was amazing. Very flavorful, I felt like I was eating cherry pie. As for the high, I was still able to get things done. It wasn’t an overpowering high. I would definitely try more.” —nicole010  

Cherry AK-47

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Smooth with a touch of cream, Cherry AK-47 will make you dream of cherry ice cream. Roll up a joint and start a creative venture with this cerebral and imaginative strain.


The best cannabis strains for sparking creativity

Why People Love It: 

“Mmmm…cherry indeed. This is hands down the best smelling weed I have ever had. If I had my eyes closed and were to smell this in a bottle, I’d bet my bottom dollar it were a basket of chocolate covered cherries … “ —essploded

Cherry Pie

Find Cherry Pie Nearby

Lightly tart with devilish sweetness, lighting up Cherry Pie will feel like you’re taking a bite of the real deal—almost. A popular dessert-like option, Cherry Pie brings on giggly effects, leaving you grinning ear to ear.

Why People Love It: 

“Tastes amazing. Prominent cherry taste. Some hits reminded me of cherry Kool aid. Makes me lethargic. To be fair, I am recovering from a motorcycle accident. My broken bones and road rash were somehow focused on and the pain just radiated away. I slept for almost 14 hours after 3 bowls of this wonderful stuff.” —GunstarHero

Black Cherry Cheesecake

Find Black Cherry Cheesecake Nearby

Cherry cheesecake has got to be at the top of every dessert list. But, if not, at least Black Cherry Cheesecake can take the spot. Cherries and sugar permeate the room when you open a jar of this ultra-indulgent yet clear-headed strain. Grab a gram—or three—for a late-night candied toke.

Why People Love It:

“The best strain I’ve ever had. For some reason my friend and I thought it actually tasted like black cherry cheesecake. yummm” —HoneyBadger2830

Black Cherry OG

Find Black Cherry OG Nearby

The name fits the vision with this purple-hued strain. Black Cherry OG may have a dark look, but it grants wonderful pain-relieving effects. Like a steaming cup of tea, Black Cherry OG will start at the head and settle into a blanket of warmth at the end of your session.

Why People Love It:

“Highly recommend this to any OG lovers out there. Very uplifiting high, while still retaining a relaxing indica effect. Buds were sticky with a nice lighter green and smelled like kush and black cherries… Always love when the name ain’t a claim…. Flavor while smoking also stayed true to the name. Definitely a new favorite of mine and I’m sure yours as well. Don’t sleep on this one.” —GrimReefer604

Cherry Kush

Find Cherry Kush Nearby

You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a cherry grove with this cherry strain boasting woody undertones. Cherry Kush stands out as a powerful relaxant with a subtle visionary edge. It’s the best strain for popping on a thought-provoking film or before hitting up an art museum.

Why People Love It:

“Comes on fast. Feels good entire time. Tastes and smells absolutely delicious! Gets rid of headaches, nausea, and a lot of stress. Total relaxer. Uplifts your mood a lot, from also not stressing anymore. Easier to laugh. Calm, chill, functioning high.” —alittlewierd7

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Hannah Meadows is an associate editor at Leafly, where she contributes to lifestyle content.

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  • Steve Miller

    Has anyone heard of cherry ambrosia? Does it have a skunk or kush smell or flavor?