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***CALL Alternative Patient Care (APC) at 619-794-7395 for the 5-star experience you deserve!*** $60 CAP Exclusive Shelf 1/8's (30%+THC), Less $ w/ Bulk Donations of 1/4's and 1/2's etc, Mix N' Match Strains OK! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! We PRICE-MATCH Against Other SD Delivery-Only Services on Industry Standard Products! Verification as Easy as A-P-C Timely, PROfessional Delivery From Trained Staff __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ **Alternative Patient Care is HAPPY to Accept New Patients.** We offer prompt, free delivery to most areas of San Diego County with a $55 donation minimum. Always offering great FTP deals and return patient specials!!! Specializing in pest-free, verified clone genetics and TOP-shelf medicine!!! We are a collective FOR THE PATIENTS! Lower $ donation for bulk orders - we don't price gouge our patients :) Check out our daily specials in various outlets for the ultimate savings! --- APC's core focus is to offer valid Proposition 215, Senate Bill 420, and CA HSC 11362.5 patients relief from all of their various medical discomforts. **We are confident our collective will be your first and last stop, a non-profit you can rely on** LOW PRICE TOP-SHELF MEDICINE ALWAYS! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Specials we ALWAYS honor: *We PRICE MATCH against other San Diego DELIVERY SERVICES on all industry standard products for an equal donation price at the time of your order, or APC credit on a future order. Note: We cannot price match competitors' coupons and/or specials. Please inquire with APC for more information. *REVIEWS/REFERRALS: APC always gives away FREE TOP-SHELF pre-rolls for 5-star reviews OR referrals with verification of the user name on our review page, and/or patient's name whom you referred. Please also try and have the patient say who referred them at the time of their first order. TOP-SHELF pre-rolls are chosen by the staff and will not be listed on our regular $10 pre-roll menu ... these pre-rolls will be from our $20 gram menu and are well worth the effort! *STUDENTS: $5 OFF your entire donation order every SUNDAY with proof of ANY valid college ID. *VETS: 10% OFF every donation order up to $10 off total! *SENIORS: $5 OFF your entire donation order every SUNDAY (Valid 60 years and older). *COMPASSIONATE DISCOUNT: 10% OFF your entire order up to $10 total for those patients who suffer from terminal illness, disability, or endure another form of chronic medical condition. *FIRST TIME PATIENTS (FTPs): A free gift with every order updated regularly on our menu page! Usually it's a free gram of the flower we are offering at the time, but if you don't smoke, we do have edibles too! *GIFT CERTIFICATES: Yes, you are reading correctly ... APC offers gift certificates for patients who would like to buy credit for other patients at our delivery service. These are valid certificates logged and recorded. We also provide one copy for you and we hang on to the other copy. *RETURN PATIENTS: Free extra gift included with every donation, every time! *FREQUENT DONOR CARDS: An APC tradition, we like to reward our return patients, too! With your first order your will receive a frequent donor card attached to your bag with a stamp already on it. Show your card with each returning delivery for a total of $30, NO RESTRICTIONS. After 10 stamps on your 11th visit the reward is yours! Treat it just like CASH towards ANYTHING! We even combine punch cards later if you misplace your original at the time of our returning delivery! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Can I combine strains (Mix N' Match) and get the discounted larger quantity price? YES! EXAMPLE: Let's say you want two different strains of a half ounce each, totaling a full ounce in quantity for your donation. Some collectives charge per half ounce a la carte ... but not APC!! We apply the "bulk discount" price to various combinations of patient donations. If the prices vary between desired strains, APC uses a formula suited to give YOU, the patient, the best and most importantly, fairest donation price! Do you offer any veteran or senior discounts? YES! Veterans receive 10% off up to $10!! Seniors can enjoy SENIOR SUNDAY! Anyone over the age of 62 qualifies for $5 off their entire order EVERY sunday! ** Please note, for all special discounts valid proof is required, thank you!* Do I need a California I.D. to be a member with APC? No, you do not need a California I.D., however, proof of residency IS required in lieu of a CA I.D. This can be in the form of: A lease agreement, any DMV document, or utility bills. Student I.D.'s are not acceptable forms of residency. Do I need a doctor's recommendation to order from APC? Yes! PLEASE have ALL of your information handy before placing your call. This includes your current CALIFORNIA doctor's recommendation, as well as your driver's license and proof of residency if you are an out-of-state patient. Unfortunately, state law forbids us from accepting patients with out of state doctor's recommendations (Ex. Arizona). We can refer you to local San Diego doctors, though! What Should I Order? APC's up to date offerings are online here on WeedMaps under the menu tab. Having a general idea of your order doesn't hurt when placing your call, although, our office staff is happy to help with any and all of your questions or concerns. We strive to offer you the best recommendation based on your medicinal needs. We take pride in our expertise on cannabis. Do you have clones? Often we do, updated regularly on the menu! We typically have many clones at various life-cycle stages available for same-day delivery! Please note however, that the availability of certain strains depends on popularity at the given time and some strains may require a pre-order. Placing a call to APC never hurts though, so feel free to phone in with any questions about clones. How far is your delivery radius? Why the charge? APC has a 15 mile delivery RADIUS. Any patient wishing to place an order outside of that 15 mile radius can still be serviced with the same great quality medicine, however the donation of a variable delivery fee applies (based upon mileage). This fee goes towards the driver's gas for the minimum 30+ mile round trip from our office, to you, and back, to bring you the same great meds we offer to most of central san diego county. Again, we are a collective working TOGETHER towards the same goals. ________________________________________________________ *****Effective September 5, 2016: In order to maintain 100% compliance with CA state taxes and fees, APC will be accessing a mandatory 7.75% CA Sales Tax to all patient orders. We have tried to keep our prices as low as possible for three years, and unfortunately, legislation requires that we make this inevitable change in order to continue providing safe access to medical cannabis for our patients. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your cooperation and support!***** By contacting APC, you the patient are acknowledging the following: ``` I am a California resident age 18 or older. I have a written recommendation for the use of medical cannabis from my doctor under Prop 215. I am not a law enforcement officer, nor a postal inspector, or operating under an assumed name or in cooperation with any criminal investigation; nor am I seeking out evidence which may serve as the basis for any charge of violating federal, state, or local laws. I will not use the medication provided for any non-medicinal purposes. Anyone who uses the provided medication for any purposes what so ever, will be assuming their own liability, and are responsible for their own actions. Any donations requested are only compensation for time, nutrients, electricity costs and other factors involved in the process of producing and delivering medical grade marijuana and not toward the sale or purchase of the medicine itself. This information is intended for doctor recommended patients in compliance w/Prop 215 and S.B. 420, California Health and Safety Code Section 11362.5 and 11362.7 et seq. and all local regulations. APC has the right to refuse service to anyone, and may request additional verification details prior to delivery. It is in your best interest to remember that APC is a working collective and together we must be tolerant and patient of each's others questions, concerns, and otherwise rights of individuality. * * * * * ```


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Return Patients: Always Receive Staff Surprise Gift With Every Minimum Order, Plus... _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ **** HAPPY HOURS **** 2pm-4pm, 7-8pm, **** EVERY DAY **** >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Donate (2) Bhang Stick Pure Oil Cartridges, Get (1) Pure-Oil Cartridge Absolutely FREE! ($50 Value!) ---------- APC Shake Ounces: $50!!! ($25 Instant Savings!) ---------- Bhang CBD Pure Crystalline: $5 OFF Half Grams, $15 OFF Full Pure CBD Grams!! ---------- $5 OFF $110 Quarters! ---------- $10 OFF Any Ounce! ---------- 8G Quarters of Calm 102! ---------- Donate (2) Bhang Stick All-Natural Cartridges, Get (1) Bhang Stick Vape Pen 1/2 OFF! ---------- Call And Ask For Details! ---------- _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PLUS -------- ALL DAY, ANYTIME, and EVERY DAY SPECIALS INCLUDE: Donate: $75, get a FREE Pipe. Donate: $115, Get 1 FREE 1/8th of APC House Shake. Donate: $200, Get any $10 edible! ---------- APC Shake Ounces: $65 ($10 Instant Savings!) ---------- EDIPURE medibles: 15% OFF! THE CLEAR Concentrates: 10% OFF (UP TO $10 max)! ---------- 4-Gram 1/8ths of AOTA ---------- 8-Gram 1/4s of APC Shake ----- (3) for $25 on ANY $10-shelf medibles (Mix N' Match!) ***Must Mention Specials on Phone. Limit ONE Special Per Order.*** _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On Your Birthday, or For Sending Us a New Patient Referral = Choose ANY Free TOP-Shelf Pre-Roll! >>>>>>>>>> Vet/Senior/Student/Compassionate DISCOUNTS Honored - ASK US! >>>>>>>>>> MUST Mention Specials On Phone With Budtender! Rules & Restrictions May Apply. >>>>>>>>>> _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We provide frequent donor cards! Get a stamp with each delivery and before you know it, you’ve got $30 of extra “APC bucks” in your pocket to spend as you wish! We don’t make you get a gram from our left-over shelf, or give away some below-par free eighth … You make the choice on how you spend your credit! *Please note, punch cards are the patient's responsibility to keep track of and APC does not re-issue stamps for lost cards, thank you for understanding.* _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Veterans: 10% OFF every donation up to $10-off total every day, all-day! + STUDENTS & SENIORS: On SUNDAYS get $5 OFF your entire order with valid ID! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ APC PRICE MATCHES on all industry standard products against other SD delivery services for equal price at the time of order, or for APC credit on a future order ☺ Please ask us about the details, we're happy to tell you! (We cannot price match against another collective's coupons, promotions, or specials.) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ APC puts a top-shelf CAP on ALL medicine! We will NEVER overcharge the patients because that’s just darn greedy! APC perpetuates the movement for safe access to top-quality medicine! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *****Effective September 5, 2016: In order to maintain 100% compliance with CA state taxes and fees, APC will be accessing a mandatory 7.75% CA Sales Tax to all patient orders. We have tried to keep our prices as low as possible for three years, and unfortunately, legislation requires that we make this inevitable change in order to continue providing safe access to medical cannabis for our patients. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your cooperation and support!*****

Must mention specials on the phone! Call 619-794-7395 for more details!

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Alternative Patient Care

Check out our NEW ARRIVAL: Canndescent's Calm 103! With 26.2% THC, this gem is already one of our most popular strains! Call 619-794-7395

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“Five Stars are not enough gor the great service this company provides! Top of the line quality extract and edibles, and not to mention their Candescent strains. A must try over and over again!”

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“This is exactly what I've been waiting for. I've been around with quite a few collectives and delivery services in 3 cities of CA, and I must say that APC is my favorite. Not only is the quality of their flower impeccable, they are extremely professional and knowledgeable. But most importantly they do an amazing job at providing the patient w/ the info. they TRULY NEED. None of the lofty language, "fluff" descriptions provided by some other collectives where every strain seems like it does the same thing. Or the description is flat out nonsensical. At APC, each strain is scored numerically and number ranges given a name which basically sums up aspects of the sort of day/moment you're looking to achieve (calm, create, connect, cruise, charge). APC provides a card that describes each day/moment categorized strain accurately, yet succinctly. THAT, my friends, is critical to successfully using this product medicinally so one can live OPTIMALLY. So THANK YOU APC and Canndescent. You've got a new fan. Only things I would suggest for potential improvement are: -Get your delivery drivers to loosen up a bit. Being professional is great, but try not to be too rehearsed or stiff. Feel out the patient and cater to their needs as much as possible. Talk to them like a normal human being. Some people may need rigid...but some like a few genuine chuckles lol. -It's not really cool to buy people's reviews. It defeats the purpose of a review. ”

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