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Welcome to APPS

Free Delivery & No Minimal Order

First time patients always receive a free gift. we welcome you to enjoy our great options for your first time experience. Welcome to APPS..

First Time Patient Deals (FTP)

Fat Friday Special - 1/8 = 4.5 grams (Flowers Only and can't be combined with other deals)

Smoking Dragon + 1g of Co2 wax = 50

3 Punch bars of your choice = 45

1 Platinum vape cartridge and 1 Jetty Gold Cartridge = 100

Please Check Our Specials Daily

MAD Monday - Receive a extra .5g with a $35 donation

Tasty Tuesday - Receive $5 off any single edible.

Wednesday - DAB Day!! Get $5 off concentrates. (does not include specials;$5 is taken off the total order.)

Thirsty Thursday - Receive 5$ off your favorite item. (includes: tinctures, edibles and E-juice)

FAT FRIDAY - 1/8 = 4.5 grams (Flowers Only)

Super Saturday - Heavy Hitter 1/4 = 8 grams (Flowers Only)

Long Term Patient Deals (LTP)

LTP - $5 off all edibles

LTP - Upgrade your Pre-Roll for Free

LTP - 5$ off cartridges. Doses not apply to deals

LTP - You Choose your Fat Day

Long Term Patient Deals can only be used once a week.

APPS Recycling

We will be recycling your containers! For Every 25 bottles turned in we will give you $5 off your order(limit one recycle special per order). Please let us know when you place your order. Thank You!.

Only one deal or special per order, per day.

---Sorry discounts do not apply.---

By request only. Thank you for understanding

HATE TO WAIT?!? Fast Track it - Snap a picture of your Doctors Recommendation and CA ID. Please include your address for delivery and the items you are interested in. We will process your order and respond with a time or if their is a issue. We look forward to receiving your text. Thank You! 619-339-9281

Can't decide? Want to try two flavors in your eighth or quarter?

Go ahead, pick two flavors and the donation will be the greater of the two.

We have senior Discounts.

Vet discounts. (Conditions Apply)

We offer free delivery with no minimal order. When you wright a review please let us know and we will include a pre-roll in your next order free... We also have a program for referrals. We look forward to helping you... Thank You

:) Get 2 free grams, on the day of your Birthday!!
(no exceptions, conditions apply)

APPS Inc. operates in strict compliance with Prop 215 & SB 420.

We Require all patients to have a valid California ID and a valid California MMJ Certificate or Card to become a member. Thank You!!

We have the right to refuse service from anyone.


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Flower Starter - 100

We are running a special for one glass water piece. Nice simple bong to help you get started. comes with a 1/8 of flower of your choice...we will also throw in a lighter and some free stickers.

limited supplies

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“Pain eraser is the best topical I have ever used! It has lasted me my whole work week! Fast delivery and awesome prices! I approve!”

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“The first I donated, my order was late and was told that they would hook me up for the delay, tried donating yesterday and the person never got back to me, tried calling when they opened, and the phone is disconnected...I guess, they use to be so good two years ago, now I have to find a better place.”

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