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FTP GET 25% OFF ENTIRE DONATION !! For delivery in Santa Monica, Venice, the Westside call: (310) 756-5476 For Delivery in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Cheviot Hills call: (310) 602-0026 HAPPY HOUR: M-F 11AM-3PM 15% OFF ENTIRE DONATION !! OUR EIGHTHS ARE ALWAYS 4G! QUARTERS 8G !! HALFS 16G!!! OZ 32G !!!! FREE EDIBLE OR PREROLL ON YOUR BIRTHDAY !! NEW PATIENTS SIGN UP IN SECONDS ONLINE: HIPAA PROTECTED 15% off for seniors, vets, the disabled, cancer/HIV patients. We have a $40 Minimum for most of our coverage area. Some areas require a higher minimum. Deals and discounts cannot be combined. Benny’s Farm is a quality-focused cannabis concierge service. We are cultivators, connoisseurs and activists for patients' rights and safe access to quality cannabis. Members of Benny’s Farm are treated to a curated menu brought to their home by a kind, knowledgeable volunteer who will bring a heightened dispensary experience to the comfort your home. At Benny’s Farm, we believe your medicine should help, not hurt your body or mind. Unfortunately, not all cannabis is created equal. Lack of regulation leaves patients vulnerable to harmful chemical nutrients and foliar sprays. Our strict standards and cultivation best practices ensures everything on our menu exceeds patient expectations. Benny’s Farm aspires to a higher standard of cannabis that will mold to our members' preferences. Our in-house cultivation uses NASA technology developed to grow food in space. We use this tech to grow cannabis on Earth. Our patent-pending aeroponics method & nutrient recipe creates pharmaceutical grade cannabis that tests negative for heavy metals, mold or pesticides. Rockwool is a popular medium commercial growers use. The cubes become like batteries saturated with nutrients by the end of the cycle. Our dumps and landfills are being polluted by this method of growing cannabis. The system we use is environmentally friendly as we use 1/8 of the water & nutrients compared to a traditional grow. We recycle all of our materials. Nothing is wasted. Benny’s Farm works with award-winning cultivators, extract artists and edible companies to curate our menu for our discerning members. In 1996 our chief cultivator collected more than 6,000 signatures for Prop. 215 when he was 18 years old. He worked for Jack Herer for a year, for free, for one prized OG clone. All the while trimming & cleaning the same plants, throwing out perfectly good clones. Less than 35 people in Los Angeles received that cut from Jack. There's more to the story behind our movement. Give us a call and we'll share the rest in person. Many of our strains are grown locally. We serve Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, West LA, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Palisades and Malibu. LEGAL: Our collective is a legal non-profit mutual-benefit corporation with an EIN and seller's permit. We operate in strict accordance with the California Medical Marijuana Health and Safety Code. 11362.5(B)(I)(A) & 11362.7(H) CA Prop. 215 and SB420. This website and all services offered to be used by persons over the age of 18 who are covered by Proposition 215 only. All donations requested and received are appropriated to recover the expenses incurred for obtaining and delivering medical marijuana to qualified members of this collective. Services offered are to be used strictly for medicinal purposes only, and users of this website acknowledge they hold a valid and current doctor’s recommendation for the use of medical cannabis. Benny's Farm holds no liability for persons who use this service for any purpose.

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