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We are located in a basement suite. There IS ramp access available, just call ahead so we can let you in!

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“Granted, BOTH collective was only my second visit to a dispensary, but I found their staff friendly and knowledgable, the menu vast and the place itself clean and well-run. ”

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“I visit B.O.T.H. collective on occasion (it's in my neighborhood) when I don't feel like hiking over to Apothecary on Broadway. Generally, the meds have been quality and the service, acceptable (semi-attractive girls with minimal knowledge and a couple of chronisseur gentlemen). Lately, I've noticed a serious decline in the overall experience at B.O.T.H., which has been echoed by several other of my patient/friends. My last trip to B.O.T.H. will be my final one. Open scene: I purchase some of the Hawaiian Northern Lights and a couple of edibles. Here's where everything becomes incredibly effed. I found out from the female budtender (Ashley? it was an A name), that from my tips (I always tip a Lincoln because budtenders are heavily exploited by their owners), half went to the B.O.T.H. owners. This is not why I tip. I tip for quality, knowledgeable service, not so the owner's receive more money from their already overpriced medicine. Is this even legal? I went home, unsure how to register the greediness of the B.O.T.H. owners, Corey and Stacey. I needed to relax, so (naturally) I loaded a bowl of the Hawaiian Northern Lights from B.O.T.H. (I was informed it was a "house" strain, so I assume it's grown by a B.O.T.H. employee). Guess what? MILDEW! The bud tasted awful and after close inspection, there was evidence of mildew everywhere! I threw the bud out and decided to look at my medible. MOLD! WTF is going on with this dispensary? Suffice to say, I will not return to B.O.T.H. and I recommend that you don't either. This collective does not give a damn about their employees, nor their patients. It's fueled by pure greed, plain and simple. (Edit: I've heard similar accounts from many patient/friends about ditchweed purchased and foul medibles, so this wasn't an isolated incident).”

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