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If improving your health is your primary motivation for using this medicine, the way it is grown is of paramount importance. We are one of only three dispensaries in the entire Pikes Peak region that grows biodynamically in soil. As a result, we produce the highest quality cannabis that it is possible to obtain anywhere in the world. Biodynamically grown cannabis is ultra-pure and ultra-potent! To understand why, keep reading. We are also the region's only facility staffed by medical professionals. If you are ill and use cannabis as medicine, you will want to know what we offer: • Complete naturopathic medical services • Body chemistry balancing programs • Seizure control for children and adults • Advanced cancer protocols • Pain management • Treatment for addiction to narcotics, alcohol and tobacco • Biodynamically grown bud that is ultra-pure and potent • Conventionally grown bud at value prices • One of the region's largest selections of concentrates and edibles. • Great selection of medical-quality clones **WE HAVE THE MOST COMPLETE SELECTION OF HIGH QUALITY HEMP MEDICINES AVAILABLE ANYWHERE!** Biodynamic growing goes beyond organic. No bottled nutrients are ever used. No man-made fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are ever used. Biodynamic growing is a labor-intensive process where various microorganisms are cultivated in the soil. These microorganisms then set up a symbiotic relationship with the plant roots. We don't feed the plants because the microorganisms feed the plant what it wants, exactly when it wants it - no matter the strain. This results in cannabis that is completely clean, chemical free, hormone free, and noticeably more potent. **IF YOU HAVE CANCER, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, OR NERVOUS SYSTEM PROBLEMS, DO NOT CONSUME CANNABIS GROWN WITH BOTTLED COMMERCIAL NUTRIENTS. THESE CONTAIN PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS (HORMONES) THAT CAN EXACERBATE INFLAMMATION AND CAUSE CANCERS TO EXPLODE!** Our owner is Lono Ho'ala. He is an accomplished biochemist, a master herbalist, and practitioner of natural medicine. If you are ill, he can meet with you personally and tailor a program to fit your individual case. Come in and give us a try. Our healing programs and protocols work effectively and reliably. We know because we've used them for over 25 years at the various healing and retreat centers we've operated to help thousands of people reclaim their lives. When you do business with us, you support a family of people dedicated to loving our world. All proceeds of our operation are donated to the Ho'ala Huna Foundation in support of its holistic wellness programs. Medical only

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“I love this dispensary. Awesome staff that is friendly and really informative. Quality products from quality people. My favorite by far!”

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“What can I say? They grow right there at the shop and without chemicals!! That's super important to me as a holistic person :) The people who work there are so kind and knowledgeable. I switch dispensaries on my first visit even though it is 30 out of the way. I just love them that much!!”

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