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ALL 1/8's ONLY $25 Home Grown Provisions is a key link in the community. When we look into the faces of our customers, we see patients not profit. We pride ourselves in bringing many sought after genetics to our people at down to earth prices. We help all capital area residents acquire safe, top-shelf quality medication. Likewise, feel free to stop by and talk shop. Commitment & excellence. We Accept Credit/Debit Cards NO FEE! $ 25 1/8's $ 5 Strain Specific Pre Rolls! $ 8 Quality Grams! $10 Premium Grams! $30 Half Ounce Shake! https://twitter.com/homegrown517


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“Love this place. Great quality flower and edibles. Awesome prices. A+++”

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“A lot of reviews boast Homegrown as "for budget shoppers". Forget that; their meds are top notch regardless of how cheaply they price 'em. I'm honestly a little shocked, I've paid almost 3 times as much (upwards of $20/gram) for dried flower at other Lansing dispensaries that were half as effective. Still, while the quality of their flower is out-of-space, there are some hearty issues that keep HomeGrown from getting 5 stars and they are worth mentioning. Firstly, they don't have a lot of flower to choose from. It makes sense they've gone for quality over quantity but there's not a lot to choose from. This may actually be a plus for some people as variety of 'flavors' can be a bit overwhelming, but I like to have as many options as possible (and I would love to see some other choices at this level of quality). Some people have complained about the vacant storefront and I agree, it's not a super welcoming or warm location but on the opposite side, the two young ladies who run the place are super personable, super friendly, and just the right amount of enthusiastic (not overly bubbly, pushy, or 'edgy' like some budtenders I've come across). Solid, professional, and with just enough personal touch you can't help but want to come back. Better yet, neither of the ladies said anything about leaving reviews for the shop on Leafly or Weedmaps. It really is understated how personal the medical industry is; a bad budtender (even by a small margin) can completely wreck your experience. Another potential issue I noticed was that some of their bud was extremely seeded. I could see seeds just looking into the glass jars (and found more than a couple whole and crushed seeds in my grinder when I got home). I actually prefer to get seeds (as I like to grow) but getting seeds in your bud ranges from negligent to dangerous; the potential use of colloidal silver, plants that have herm'd through poor care, or simply bad separation between male and female plants. Still, with the cheap prices and amazing quality of flower a few seeds isn't worth taking points away. Really, HomeGrown isn't what I would call 'budget', more like 'niche'. High quality, specifically grown flower at a price that attracts. Not to mention they take CC without fee. A few suggestions if I can add them: their $5 pre-roll cones are amazing, if not packed a tad too tight, but avoid their 'bowl filler' (basically trim, and not quality smoke at that). Cheers.”

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