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At LiveGreen, we care about your wellness which is why we strive to offer only the finest cannabis products for your health and enjoyment. From the careful cultivation of our plants to the selection of quality products in our stores, our mission is provide a positive and personal cannabis experience for everyone who walks through our doors. With four locations to serve you, we offer a dispensary experience like no other. How? We cut through the hype. Every person is different which means the effect of cannabis can vary for each person. Our knowledgeable staff will ask the right questions and guide you to the right products, making you feel confident about your purchase each time. At LiveGreen, we want to help you feel your best. We invite you to experience the difference, to elevate your life, to LiveGreen.


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Strain of the Day $20/eighths, Tasty Tuesday 25% off edibles, Wax Wednesday $20/gram wax, Thirsty Thursday 25% off drinks, topicals and tinctures, Shatter Day Saturday $20/gram of shatter, Shakedown Sunday $100/oz of shake

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“My worst experience ever , first let me say I’m not a novice at this. Walked in nice environment, the guy who took care of us having a really bad day. I let it go everyone has bad days including bud tenders! I asked a few questions since it was my first time with them , I got short rude answers. There was a technical issue with there computer and he starts slamming my bud that I’m about to but around . Apparently there wasn’t enough bud so he had to include a different strain to equal out the amount I was buying. Meanwhile he became very angry starts to curse and throw more shit around , slams the register and meanwhile the other budtender is just staring. I still bought the pot it’s not , it’s good but I honestly don’t know if he was having a bad day or I was being discriminated against....😐🤔”

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“I think the bud tenders here need to learn their product. I had a friend go in their store to buy some Blue Dream. The bud tender proceeded to tell my friend that they did not have Blue Dream but that they had Blueberry Headband and that it was a similarly comparable strain. The only thing similar between these 2 strains is the fact that they have Blueberry genetics. The Blue Dream has Haze as part of It's genetic build though, unlike the Headband in the other. Headband is essentially comprised from the Kush family side of strain genetics and for and average marijuana consumer you would know that there is a DRASTIC difference between Kush and Haze strains. I cannot believe that this store is having their employees feed false strain information just to make a sale.”

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